Skip Beat: 50 First Dates

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Chapter 1: Ren and Kyoko

Two actresses came bustling into Fox's agency. They were bubbling with excitement. One of the staff members noticed and smiled,

"so Japan was fun?"

The two took that as an indication to start babbling,

"you'd never believe it! The movie that we were working on had the hottest actor!"


At the same time, another actress that had just picked up her luggage and was walking with her friend was explaining,

"I'm telling you he was smoking!"

The friend's eyes widened and asked excitedly,

"like Orlando Bloom smoking?"

The actress giggled girlishly and waved her hand,

"take Orlando Bloom, take it up about five notches and you've got this guy!"

Her friend clamped on to her arm and stared at her with shining eyes,

"tell me you got his number! Tell me you did!"

The actress pouted and shrugged off her friend,

"that's the weird thing, when I asked him for his phone number he said he:"

"didn't believe in phones."

"was married."



"in the convent."

Multitudes of different actors from around the world explained to their sympathetic friends as they gathered their luggage from the numerous airports as similar conversations revolving around this actor continued.

"but you know…even if I don't ever see him again, I don't think I'll ever forget."

"Ren Tsuruga,"

Chorused the multitude of women and men.

Little did they know that at that moment, in Tokyo airport, said actor was breaking up with another girl as she stood with her carry on at the gate,

"Tsuruga-san, why didn't you tell me you were a secret agent?"

Ren's manager, Yashiro Yukihito stifled a laugh as Ren calmly replied,

"well, I have to keep my identity secret Lisa-san."

She cocked her head in confusion,

"it's Linda…"

Yashiro giggled into his coffee cup at Ren's blunder. But Ren recovered smoothly as he replied,

"I know, I changed your identity to keep you safe."

Linda seemed to take this excuse as the broadcast came over,

"Flight 192 to Los Angeles California, boarding now."

"well, that's me…"

She fumbled with her hands for some time before looking up with a blush at Ren,

"it…it was nice-nice to work with you Tsuruga-kun. I hope we can still see each other…"

Ren looked at her and saw her beginning to lean forward expecting a kiss. Ren quickly stepped back and leaned into his watch,

"copy that breaker breaker, I'm on my way!"

Before Linda could blink, Ren had gracefully run off, Yashiro by his side.

"well, that was certainly interesting Ren."

Yashiro commented offhandedly,

"did you make up the secret agent excuse last night?"

Ren turned to him and flashed him a large smile, his eyes closed so people couldn't see the anger. Yashiro inwardly flinched at this "gentleman's smile"

"I just figured she's really dumb enough to believe that."

Yashiro nodded and they stepped out of the airport to climb in a large van,

"so Yashiro, what's on today's schedule?"

Yashiro flipped open his notebook before turning to his charge,

"do you really want to know? Or just how many girls will be there?"

Ren looked ahead with a smug smile,

"I just want to know."

He said calmly. He didn't have to know how many women would be there. They'd come to him on their own. Yashiro sighed and began to recite,

"the good news is you don't really have anything besides Ring Doh coming up. The bad news…"

Ren sighed,

"I have to work with her don't i?"

By her, he meant Matsunai Ruriko, a rising singer who was using acting to get into her next step of singing. The rising singer was about as arrogant as they came and would throw tantrums at the drop of a hat, if something wasn't going her way. Ren hated people like that.

He gave another sigh and Yashiro giggled in spite of his charge,

"you know though. If we're lucky, she'll take care of her."

A slightly glazed look overtrumped Yashiro's face and Ren smiled and said,

"be careful. You show that to her, and she'll figure it out. Then she'll drop kick you into next week. That'll be a sight."

Yashiro pouted. No matter how many times he tried to get closer to the new actress, she would brush off anything but a workman-ship and even that was pushing it.

"she is the Number 1 Love Me member you know."

Ren commented offhandedly. Yashiro rolled his eyes in annoyance. He knew. He remembered when the young actress had come into LME the first time. She had shown so much promise as an actress…the only thing that she lacked was the ability to love. Of course, in LME…with Lory as President (the King of Love) that wasn't such a good thing. She probably would've been cut had it not been for Lory's innate interest in the young actress enough to create a special section dubbed "the LoveMe section" she wouldn't be part of LME in the first place. They appeared in front of the LME tower and Yashiro gave an exasperated sigh,

"well, come on, we might as well go in right?"

Ren could do nothing but nod with a smile. As the two walked through the marbled LME halls, they spoke no words to each other, except for business.

"so when do we leave for Ring Doh to go to the location?"

Ren asked thinking of the calm hills and mountains. As Yashiro was about to answer the producer of the movie came storming out,

"really! The minute we have to do a shoot it just…UGH!"

As he reached the two men, who were staring at him in shock he gave an exasperated sigh of resignation. Ren asked warily,

"is everything alright?"

The producer was quick to vent out the anger,

"no! everything's not alright! The original location had a rockslide this morning! Everyone from the village is fine, but we have to move our location!"

Yashiro was confused,

"so…there are dozens of traditional Japanese Inns around here. I'm sure you can find one suitable."

The director who had joined the producer now, cut Yashrio off,

"no we cant. Unfortunately, the only place with a garden like we wanted in Tokyo is booked up with couples…we can't go or we'll cause trouble. Especially with you Tsuruga."

Ren gave a gentlemans smile that looked just a bit smug before asking,

"Himeto-san…why must we shoot in Tokyo?"

He asked it so quick, the director had to ask him to repeat it to make sure he wasn't crazy. The producer paled and began to rattle off excuses,

"well, it's the best place for Japanese inns, especially with trees and cherry blossoms. Not to mention…"

The director cut him off,

"do you have a place in mind Tsuruga?"

Ren thought as his mind flashed back. To a small little inn in Kyoto, where he met the girl that he would always remember.

He had gone there when he was upset and crying. A colleague of his fathers had been shooting a new movie with his father as the main role. He had the opportunity to play the younger version of his father because they looked a lot alike. But when Ren tried to take it seriously, and tried to make the most out of the character he was met with harsh accusations and gossip,

"we thought you'd be like Kuu but you're nothing like him!"

"at this rate you'll never be the star he is!"

"you're a failure!"

That one cut deep and the young child had run into a valley deep in the woods. While he was there, he had met a young girl with ebony black hair and bright amber gold eyes. She had stared at him with those haunting eyes and asked boldly,

"are you a fairy?"

That week with her was one of the best. He remembered talking with her about the inn and the cherry blossoms,

"every year the cherry blossoms will fall to the ground. I like to play with them when they're there. They remind me of snow."

Ren gave a chuckle as he remembered tossing the fallen cherry blossoms into the sky to make it "snow" he smiled toward the director and said gently,

"how about Kyoto?"

The train bumbled down the tracks as the entire crew of Ring Doh sat on the seats. There was miles of gossip to be heard as the train moved down through the road,

"did you hear? The reason we're being moved to Kyoto?"

"I heard Tsuruga wanted us moved here."

"no, it was something about a rockslide."

"still there had to be some place in Tokyo still open."

"Ruriko is not going to be happy about this."

She wasn't. Kenae balled her hands into a tight fist to keep from screaming as the spoiled brat continued to complain,

"it's not fair. We have to move from Tokyo to this backwater town! I don't want to be here! I'm far more popular than that! Let me work someplace else!"

Then she turned to Kenae who was her temporary manager,

"hey! You! Dog of LME, you like points right? I'll give you points if you can make them go back."

Kenae grit her teeth as she replied slowly,

"I cannot…make them…go back…Ruriko….san."

Ruriko's tantrum could be heard all the way in Ren Tsuruga's car.

Ren laughed and turned to his manager who was glancing constantly toward the door,

"you know Yashiro, if you're so worried about her…you can go back and check."

He smiled and Yashiro turned to him, his dark eyes behind his glasses wide like a childs,

"really? But Ren…what about you?"

Ren laughed,

"I'll get by."

Then he leaned by the door and gave a gentle smile, one that hadn't been seen by anyone,

"I wonder if she's still there…"

He whispered just to himself as Yashiro left the car.

Yashiro could hear Ren mumbling to himself. Ren had never mumbled, so he wanted to know desperately what was going on…but first…he had to make sure Kenae was alright. He sped-walked down the cars, passing the director, the producer, the camera crew; all heading to the last car where Ruriko had been. His heart began to pound faster as he caught a flash of hot pink. His breath caught but he called out,


Kenae turned around and furrowed her eyebrows in frustration. She had seen this manager before. She had worked with him when he was sick once, in order to help him get better. Ever since then, whenever he was around her heart would stubbornly pound faster…and she did not like it.

"can I help you Glasses-kun?"

He didn't like that name, but as long as she talked to him he was fine.

"you look frustrated Kotonami-san."

He commented, as he saw her long black hair stringing over her shoulders, limp and lifeless.

"I'm going to kill that girl Yashiro."

Kenae growled her dark grey eyes flashing beams of hatred at the door,

"I'm going to destroy her so she can't stand within an inch of her life. I'll do it all in acting too so that way she can experience what it's like to be trumped by a real actor."

She grumbled and growled as she collected two bottles of water (which Ruriko had sent her to get)

"call me a dog will you? I'll show you a dog, you spoiled little pampered…"

She walked off still mumbling as she slammed the door behind her. Yashiro froze and smiled with a goofy grin,

"she knows my name…"

He walked up to the grained glass door and placed his hand gently on the side,

"thanks for talking with me Kenae-chan."

Then he walked back to his own car, a grin still refusing to fall off his face.

It remained there the entire way of the trip. Even in the car with Ren the grin still refused to fade. As the two men drove through the winding trials of hills of Kyoto, Ren smiled,

"so…did you get some one on one time with Kotonami-san?"

Yashiro refused to answer as he turned from him. Ren didn't give up,

"did you tell her you like her?"

Yashiro gave a friendly punch,

"you choose to be a playboy and tell me all about your one night stands. But kindly leave me and my relationships alone."

They both chuckled and drove through the forests of pine and cherry blossom trees,

"it's beautiful here."

Ren nodded, a wistful smile growing on his face,

"yeah, it really is."

Yashiro raised an eyebrow in curiousity,

"okay, what's going on?"

Ren turned to him, trying to feign ignorance,


"you've been acting weird ever since you recommended this place. What's going on?"

Ren smiled and gave a gentlemans smile to Yashiro,


That was the end of it. The rest of the car ride was uncomfortably silent. a mist of secrecy had befallen the car and no one was going to release it.

It was late at night by the time they pulled into the gravel driveway of the small inn of Kyoto, and the home of the Fuwas. The group of actors entered the house and the Okami gave a deep bow, her kimono barely budging,

"good afternoon gentleman. Are you the ones that will be using our home as a movie set?"

The director nodded and returned the bow, glancing hopefully at Ruriko to see if she was watching and observing the Okami for her character…she wasn't.

She was busy ordering Kenae to hold her large umbrella over her to keep the sun from her. The director sighed and smiled to the Okami,

"thank you for letting us use your set Okami Fuwa-san."

She nodded and smiled. She gave another deep bow and turned to the luggage,

"the Taisho and our son will be back soon, but allow me to call our daughter to help you."

She turned from the men and Ren looked around the room with interest. He had heard from the little girl that she had stayed there,

'no there's no way she'll be here now. She lived with her mother. Her mother was a guest here. She's probably gone by now.'

That thought made him sad as he slumped behind the director. Yashiro nudged him,

"fake a smile!"

He whispered,

"we're guests in their house!"

Ren placed a gentleman's smile on his face like he'd done multiple times. However his eyes widened as he heard the Okami's voice ring out,

"Kyoko! We have guests!"

His heart skipped a beat as he recognized the name,

'there are probably a lot of girls with the name Kyoko. I wont get my hopes up just because there's another one.'

However that thought flew out the window as a young girl in a kimono stepped down the stairs. Her long black hair was tied up in a neat bun, with two loose strands hanging from her face, framing the pale skin and small upturned fairy nose and smile she wore. Her small physique was lithe and tiny like a ballerina, her grace was that of a cat as she stepped down the steps in her kimono, barely even making a sound.

It wasn't those features that Ren was drawn too. In fact, most people would say that for the most part, she was very pretty, but very plain; with her short stature and heart shaped face…the only thing about her (that Ren recognized and what made her unique) was her large, golden eyes.

The liquid amber eyed woman stared at Ren. He stared back and she smiled and bowed deeply,

"hello, my name is Kyoko Mogami."

Ren's heart stopped. He stepped forward and returned the bow,

"Ren Tsuruga."

He managed to choke out. He wanted to tell her right then that he knew her. But that would involve opening back up the past he had closed securely. Still, his heart pounded faster as Kyoko smiled and took the bag,

"Tsuruga-san, your room is right up this way."

He remained frozen until they reached the room. He entered it and turned around to see her smiling gently, the moon outside showing through the window, silhouetting the young girl's physique in shadow, as she stood tall in her dark kimono. Ren's first thought was less than pure, but his second was,

'I found her. I'm going to make sure this time, I keep her.'

"so Kyoko…"

Kyoko cut him off with a wag of her finger,

"Tsuruga-san, you must call me with an honorific."

Ren laughed at the déjà vu he was feeling as he remembered being chastised by her once before when they were younger. Wanting to avoid a similar situation he smiled and nodded,

"of course…Mogami-san would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

He didn't normally eat dinner, but this time he'd make an exception. As Kyoko was about to answer, the Okami suddenly rushed in,

"oh Kyoko! There you are! The other men need help so hurry! Chop chop!"

She clapped at the young girl who bowed and turned to leave. The Okami turned to Ren in false apology,

"I'm sorry Tsuruga-san, I don't think Kyoko will be able to have dinner with you tonight. She has much too much work to do tonight."

Ren felt his heart drop but sighed and waved offhandedly,

"probably better since I don't eat dinner very often anyway."

Kyoko froze, her back going nimrod straight. She turned to Ren slowly, her shoes barely making a sound on the wooden floor. She stared at him with wide, inquisitive eyes (though they were also a little accusative)

"you don't normally eat dinner Tsuruga-san?"

She asked very sweetly, her voice dripping with sugary tones. Ren warily replied,

"no. most of the time I'm too busy to even consider…"

Kyoko cut him off. she turned to the Okami in apology and bowed low,

"my apologies Okami. It's not right for an actor of Tsuruga Ren's stature to not eat. I must go with him to make sure he does."

She stared at the Okami in full seriousness and she sighed with resignation as she studied the girls determined gold eyes.

"(sigh) well, I agree with you Kyoko."

Kyoko smiled and the Okami pulled her down to her stature,

"just be careful"

She whispered. Kyoko looked at her in confusion but nodded all the same.

Ren was ecstatic as the young girl marched over and took his hand,

"we eat now!"

Was all she said. Ren couldn't stop the goofy grin that grew on his face as he felt the woman's warm hand in his. He tightened his grip on the girls hand and gave a gentle smile behind her back,

"whatever you say Mogami-san. Whatever you say."

All he could think in his mind was the same thing,

'I found you Kyoko-chan. I found you.'

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