The Best Christmas Present

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Phase 1

Kyoko woke up in her room, fresh tears on her pillow. The night before was a little hazy, but she could remember kind arms that were wrapped around her as she cried that night.

"I don't remember ever crying that much."

She said quietly, as she gathered her clothes and went to get changed. As she passed by the door in her room, she spotted the calendar. December 9. Only 16 days before the dreaded day. She could feel bile beginning to churn in her throat, the sadness from last night now hardened into hatred.

"such a stupid holiday anyway! Why do we even celebrate it?! such a stupid holiday."

The grudges that circled her heart nodded and agreed vehemently,

"yes, such a stupid holiday! Why would we ever celebrate it! we should destroy it! yes, destroy it!"

Half-baked ideas appeared in Kyoko's head to destroy the upcoming holiday. She thought of burning down all Christmas trees, protesting outside stores and her personal favorite, going to Santa and beating him up so he would have to cancel the holiday. She smiled a wicked smile as she pulled up her skirt and boots. She skipped happily down the stairs,

"I'm going to beat up Santa…he'll never move again. Christmas won't be coming, cause' Santa will be dead."

She continued to hum happily as she cooked the miso soup for breakfast. She placed a bowl on the table and continued to fantasize with her grudges all the great things that would happen when Christmas was cancelled.

"I can just see him now,

Crying out to me,

Saying "Kyoko please stop

I'm really sorry."

Christmas is so stupid,

There really is no point,

Besides to hurt many people

All the girls and boys.

I'm going to beat up Santa,

He'll never move again

Christmas won't be coming

Cause' Santa will be dead!

Oh Santa's dead! Santa's dead,

All the children will shout,

Christmas won't be hurting anyone

Cause Santa will be put out!"

She dried the dish and put it away, while trying to think of a second verse. She called out to her tenants that she was leaving and climbed on her bike, ignoring the snow covered ground as another verse appeared in her head,

"I'll freeze him like Jack Frost

I'll beat the elves black and blue

With the hot coals he likes to give

I'll roast the reindeers too.

Never again will a tree go up

Never again will I cry

Because on this Christmas day

Santa will die.

I'm going to beat up Santa

He'll never move again,

Christmas won't be coming

Cause' Santa will be dead!

Oh Santa's dead, Santa's dead,

All the children will shout

Christmas won't be hurting anyone

Cause' Santa will be put out!"

Kyoko smiled as she finished her song. However, she didn't see in her happy singing, how fast she was going and she began to slide on the slick ice as she tried to apply the break on her bike. She could see the intersection of a street coming up fast. Fear gripped her and she tried to apply the break as hard as she could, screaming out loud as she raced down the sidewalk,


Her grudges panicked and quickly flew back inside her as she came up to the intersection. Kyoko knelt her head down and prayed silently that no car was coming. She opened her eyes to see a flash of silver before slamming into something hard, and her world going black.

*******************************Merry Christmas*********************************

Ren shook his head with frustration as Yashiro nursed the poor girl in the back of his car.

"what the hell was she thinking? Riding a bike in this weather?"

Yashiro flinched at his tone and trying to defend the young girl he weakly replied,

"well, she might've rationalized that if you can drive in snow you can ride a bike."

Ren wasn't hearing any of it,

"cars have four tires, and much more brakes then bikes do. It was stupid."

That, Yashiro had to agree on. It was a streak of good fortune that the two men happened to be driving down that way and had stopped at the intersection. Yashiro happened to be looking for something when he heard a loud voice call out,


Ren stomped on the brakes, his head swiftly turned to the right. He had his door out and open as from Yashiro's side he heard a hard thump. Yashiro looked surprised as he saw Kyoko laying on the ground outside his window, her eyes shut as though she was asleep. In the next second, Ren was over her, his head on her chest. Yashiro opened the door quickly and rushed over to hear Ren's relieved voice,

"she's still breathing."

He turned her gently to the side and his eyes become dark before picking up the girl and cradling her gently. He turned to Yashiro, a gentleman's smile on his face,

"Yashiro. Please open the back door of the car."

Yashiro paled and quickly did as was asked. Ren placed the girl inside gently before turning to Yashiro and handing him a cloth from his coat,

"place this on her head. Keep it there, we're going to the hospital."

Ren took the girls bike and put it in the trunk of his car before slamming his door and driving off.

Now Yashiro was thankful he was in the back of the car, because he didn't think he'd be alive if he was in front. Ren was emitting a dark aura that looked like it was going to kill the next person that got in his way.

'this idiot. What was she thinking?'

He pulled into the emergency room of the hospital and gently pulled the girl in the backseat in his arms. He cradled her head (with the tourniquet on it as well) and held her knees gently. He stared down at her and rolled his eyes with a sigh,

'honestly, if I didn't love you so much would I still be doing this?'

He couldn't help but think as he cradled her body closer. He walked with a decisive step past the sliding doors. the doctor's stared at the man and the girl in his arms. Ren looked at them and bit his lip as he wondered what they might think,

'if I call her my girlfriend, she'll hear about it…I can always make up a lie later about why, but I'll probably be questioned to see if it's abuse. Then again, if I call her my coworker…I won't be allowed to see her…that settles it.'

He turned to them and explained the situation. The nurses watched the beautiful young man with hungry eyes but became depressed as Ren explained; but they took the girl (albeit a little resentfully) and took her to the doctor. Ren waited patiently outside the room, Kyoko's backpack in his hands. He rifled through it quickly, glancing around to make sure no one was coming, before pulling out a small pink journal. He waved it at to Yashiro,

"any acting that's scheduled today, think you can work your magic?"

He handed over the small journal and Yashiro grinned broadly and flipped out his phone,

"just watch me."

He took the notebook and a look at the first thing scheduled for the day before calling the number,

"Good morning, is this the director of Natsu's drama? Yes, this is Yashiro Yukihito. Kyoko was in an accident this morning…Yes, she's fine but she won't be able to make it to the set for today…good, thank you so much for your consideration and I'll tell her you said to get well soon. Bye."

He turned to Ren and gave a smirk,

"don't doubt my powers Ren, just check up on your girl."

Ren rolled his eyes with annoyance but was happy Yashiro was there to help. He called the President and told him of what had happened. The President was there (fanfare and entourage included) within the hour.


He shouted all at once. The patients and nurses in the ER were baffled and perplexed by the strange king and court that were in the hospital. Ren was unfazed as he brushed away the kings cloak,

"they think she may have a concussion, but it shouldn't be too serious. This idiot was riding her bike in this snowstorm and she couldn't stop so she ran into my car."

He explained. President Lory listened intently before his eyes grew cold,

"she really is an idiot at times. She bothers to correct people to take care of themselves when she can't even take care of her own self. Well I'll fix that."

Ren backed away as a dark aura grew around the President, the kingly attire he wore casting a dark shadow and making him look like a Demon King Arthur. Ren, wanting to get away from all this, strolled up to one of the nurses in reception,

"Hi, is Kyoko Mogami alright?"

The nurse stared with stars in her eyes at this man as she picked her well designed manicured nails through the folders,

"Mogami, Mogami…ah, says here she has to get consent for brain surgery…"

Ren paled as his heart stopped for a minute before the nurse corrected,

"oh wait! Wrong Mogami…you're talking about the girl Kyoko right?"

Ren's heart restarted and he tried with all he had to keep up the gentleman's smile he wore,

"yes…that would be why I said her first name. Kyoko…Mogami."

The nurse smiled, unaware of the killing aura behind the kindly grin the man gave her,

"she's alright. They had to give her a couple stiches to her head, but nothing too major."

Ren slumped back in his seat, elated at the news. He laid his hands on his forehead, thanking God profusely,

'Thank you God for protecting that idiot from getting hurt. That could've been a lot worse, and I'm sure it would have been if not for Your Hand on her. Thank you.'

Then he smiled as he glanced in the direction of the door they had taken her through,

'I'm happy she's okay. I wonder when she'll wake up…'

Then he stopped before laying his head in his hands and running them through his hair to disperse of that thought.

'I sound like a teenage kid! Or some puppy love school boy! Ugh!'

A depressing aura grew around him, blocking out all sound. The President gave a wicked grin and knelt close to the confused and distressed man,

"Ren…what's your schedule like for the rest of the day?"

Ren, unable to clearly hear the voice who was talking to him, and thought offhand it was Yashiro, recited from memory his schedule for the day. The President smiled as he wrote it all down on a sticky note,


********************************Merry Christmas********************************

"Mogami-san? Mogami-san? Wake up…"

Kyoko lolled her head as sharp pain stabbed at it. she went to reach up when she felt a pair of strong hands clasp around her own,

"don't touch your head Mogami-san. They were able to get the stiches in perfectly, if you move and they have to do it again, they may have to cut your hair."

Kyoko dropped her hands and squinted her eyes before the light cleared and a face came into view. The crown on his head sparkled and his soft black hair fell around his face,


She asked. The President smiled and pat her hand,

"that's right Mogami-san. I came when I heard, I'm happy you're alright."

Kyoko managed a small smile,

"I'm okay. Did I pass out at LME?"

The President's face grew concerned as he turned to look at the nurse who shrugged her shoulders,

"she may have trouble remembering. She did get a concussion. We're going to keep her here if that's true. Ask her a couple questions to see if she knows who she is."

The President nodded and turned to Kyoko,

"Mogami-san. What's your name?"

Kyoko thought about this for a second, her brain still fuzzy from what happened,

"um, Kyoko Mogami."

The President sighed a small breath of relief before continuing,

"good, and who am i?"

Kyoko thought about it for a moment before responding,

"you're Lory Takarada-san, President of LME."

He thought quickly and said,

"and what day is it?"

Kyoko's face took a downcast expression and said quietly,

"December 9."

The President nodded,

"good. Then you're alright. What do you remember about the accident?"

Kyoko looked around suddenly, there was an IV in her arm and bandages wrapped around her head. She looked at the President with wide fearful eyes,

"I was in an accident?!"

Lory looked over at the nurse with fear in his own eyes, but she continued to write down on a clipboard as she responded dully,

"sometimes to protect the body, the mind will forget that it was in an accident and go into a dreamlike state."

Kyoko nodded,

"I thought I was at LME and I was with Moko-san and then I passed out."

The President shook his head,

"no Kyoko, you were in an accident this morning. Is there anything you remember on the bike ride over?"

Kyoko massaged her temples that ached with the realization before she groaned and muttered,

"something about killing Santa and roasting reindeer…does this mean anything?"

The President's eyes went wide and even the nurse stopped in her tracks. Ren who had just come in stifled a laugh, and cast an amused smile at the young girl,

"that would be something you'd remember. Are you alright?"

Kyoko turned to Ren and her face gave a deep blush as she remembered last night clinging to him like a child,

'I don't want to face him yet…'

She turned her face down and asked quietly,

"what are you doing here Tsuruga-san?"

Ren raised an eyebrow and sat down on the chair next to her, the President moving from his position next to her bed so Ren could sit comfortably. Yashiro's mouth dropped in shock as he stood in the doorway,

'Ren! That chair is for spouses and lovers! If you sit in it…'

But Ren didn't seem to care as he took her hand gently and gave her a smirk,

"it was my car you ran into Mogami-san. I brought you to the hospital. Are you alright?"

Kyoko nodded, her head still down. Ren wanted to know why, but he didn't want to make the girl uncomfortable so he just smiled and held her hand,


Suddenly, a flash of fear went through Kyoko and she raised up her head to come within inches of Ren's lips,

"Tsuruga-san! What about your car? I didn't dent it did i? oh no, I dented Tsuruga Ren's…THE Tsuruga Ren's car! What am I going to do? I'm so sorry!"

She wailed. Ren stifled a laugh before turning to Kyoko,

"don't worry about it Mogami-san. My car will survive. It's been through more than just your head."

He chuckled. Kyoko still worried about it and denied his comfort,

"no! I did it! I'm a terrible evil girl. I'm horrible!"

Ren shook his head, exasperated by the girls demeaning comments about herself,

"no you're not."

Kyoko denied it once again. The President couldn't take much more of this volley of words back and forth and spoke up,

"actually, Kyoko's right. She is horrible. Do you know why?"

He knelt closer to Kyoko, his brown eyes narrowed. Ren backed away, confusion and concern peppered on his face as the President said coldly,

"you seem so fast to deny someone's help or forgiveness. That…not just as an actress…but a person…is very horrible Kyoko."

Kyoko froze. her hands unconsciously brushed over her bandages gently as the President continued,

"the nurses who brought you here and the doctor who took care of you. Did you thank them?"

Kyoko's eyes widened and she turned to the nurse,

"thank you so much for taking care of me! I'm sorry you had to waste your time on my foolishness!"

The nurse smiled and pat her head gently, mindful of the area that was stitched shut,

"you weren't a waste of time honey. We exist to help others. It was my honor to help you."

Kyoko couldn't help but smile at the kind nurse and the President continued,

"Ren brought you here. Even when your foolishness caused the accident, he brought you here and made sure you were alright."

Kyoko turned to her sempai who had turned away from the girl so she couldn't see the blush beginning to color his cheeks,

'don't say thank you Kyoko. I don't know how I'll be able to withstand it.'

Kyoko bowed her head deeply,

"thank you Tsuruga-san. For keeping me safe. Both now, and last night."

Ren's eyes widened and he gave a soft smile, pushing away the desire to kiss her right then and there and tell her that he would always be there. Instead, he settled for simply replying,

"you're welcome Kyoko."

Completely forgetting the honorifics they used. The President noticed this and smiled from the sidelines before cutting into the two people's world,

"right! Now that that's settled. Kyoko, I need to talk to you about the accident."

Kyoko turned to him with wide eyes,

"yes President-san?"

Lory laced his hands together, as he usually did when things were about to get serious,

"when you hit Ren's car. It was in the middle of Tokyo. Over 150 people saw you, and most of them got pictures. The problem is, you are a known actress now, and Ren's a very popular actor. People are going to be curious about how you are, and if you're doing alright."

Kyoko nodded, understanding,

"okay. So what do we do?"

Lory smiled and Ren felt uncomfortable as the hairs on his neck rose,

'that's the same smile when he's scheming something. This won't be good.'

Kyoko stared with oblivious trusting eyes as the President unveiled his plan,

"we can't have Ren not helping you. It'll seem like he doesn't care about his fellow actors, especially since you're still small time and still young. So for the rest of this day, you will be with Ren and be helped by him."

Kyoko nodded with a smile,

"I've done that before. It'll be like when I was his temporary manager again or as Setsu."

She gave a wide smile but President cuffed her shoulder and deepened his stare,

"you don't understand Mogami-san. You are not allowed to help Ren. He must help you."

Ren and Kyoko both paled as the realization of this situation came to light. Kyoko's head fell to the pillow in distress as thought flew through her mind. The nurses rushed over to the young girl, trying to wake her up and checking the monitors to make sure that her brain still had activity. During all this, Ren took the President by the arm and dragged the king outside,

"what are you thinking?!"

He asked furiously the minute they left. The President smiled with a shrug,

"there's nothing I told her that not's true."

Ren growled and narrowed his eyes,

"why can't you just back off? Stop making all my moves for me!"

The President got just as close and narrowed his eyes,

"I'm not. I know your plan. You had to concede it with me as well since I'm the girls boss. But what I said, was not a move for you. But rather, a learning experience for her."

Ren gave a sigh and crossed his arms, leaning back from the tall President,

"fine. What are you talking about?"

The President smiled and began to explain,

"you want to take her to teach her how to love Christmas right? But you're going to take the number 1 Love Me girl. The one who cannot love, and try and teach her? She's stubborn Ren. She won't listen to anybody but herself, even if she doesn't realize it, she does that to protect herself. Today, she won't be able to talk back. You'll have to protect her and watch out for her. And she'll have to listen to you."

Then he turned to go back into the room and said quietly,

"it's also a responsibility that you put aside your own needs and fears to take care of her."

Then he gave Ren a wink,

"so I guess it's for both of you."

Ren stopped and his eyes went wide,


The President gave a gentle smile,

"I like to believe everything happens for God's reasons. Maybe He's trying to show her something about this holiday…and about herself too."

With that, he walked back into the room. Kyoko was sitting up, with a small glass of water in her hand. She was still pale and shaking, and tears were sparked in her eyes, but they did not fall as her eyes glanced around nervously as the President came in. He acted like it had never happened as he sat down and smiled at Kyoko,

"have you decided Mogami-san?"

Kyoko bit her lip and shook her head,

"I'm sorry President-san. I don't look at Tsuruga-san like he did anything wrong. I wouldn't want to trouble him with me."

Ren felt a pang shoot through his heart, but bowed his head in submission. Lory, wasn't ready to give up. His eyes became cold and his voice was like ice that shot from his mouth,

"you need someone to watch out for you the rest of the day. If Ren doesn't, he'll lose face with the press. Are you really that afraid?"

Kyoko stared at the blanket on the hospital bed, refusing to look the President in the eyes,

"I'm not afraid."

She muttered. Lory smiled and cuffed her shoulder,

"good. Then Ren, take the patient out of here and watch out for her. Mogami-san. Remember I have eyes everywhere, so please don't try to take care of yourself today. You'll be with Ren and going with him to his sets so do everything he asks of you. Do you understand?"

Kyoko nodded, tears threatening in her eyes. The President turned to walk away when she heard a soft voice ask,

"how? How do you let people take care of you? I've been taking care of myself for years, I've been by myself. How do I let someone else take care of me?"

The President smiled and pet her head gently,

"it starts by trusting someone Mogami-san."

With that, the President left.

Yashiro followed behind afterward, giving a wink to Ren,

"I think I'd just get in the way, take care of her Ren."

Ren shook his head in annoyance, but silently thanked Yashiro as he wheeled Kyoko out of the hospital.

That was Kyoko's first lesson in Christmas, though she didn't realize it. To trust someone, even if you were scared, was something major…but she wouldn't learn about that until later. The day went on, with Ren taking care of Kyoko. He made (bought) her food and made sure she ate every bite of it. He watched out for her and kept her by his side. There were a few times when the temptation was strong against Ren to have Kyoko do something he knew she wouldn't like, but he was able to suppress it…until the last event of the day.

It was during 3:00 that afternoon. Ren and Kyoko were driving in the car to his last set. This was the one Ren was most concerned about, and had yet to tell Kyoko about it. Kyoko sat in his car, her head still bandaged up tightly as she snacked on the vegetable onigori Ren had bought for her. Her face was alit with a smile and her yes watered with pleasure. Ren stifled a giggle at his beloved kuohai as she mused,

"for so long I've not had vegetable onigori. I always wanted it, but I was working for so long and couldn't afford it. Oh vegetable onigori, how long I've missed you…"

Ren gave a gentle gaze toward her but Kyoko didn't see it as she placed the last bit of onigori in her mouth. She gave a pleased grin and turned to Ren giving a slight bow of her head,

"thank you for the meal senpai."

Ren nodded, his eyes firmly locked on the road (except for the one or two times he'd glance at her),

"you're welcome Mogami-san. Now…um…I need to talk to you."

Luckily at that moment they were pulling into the studio where Ren would be shooting for a new shoot. He lay one arm across the back of Kyoko's chair and stared at her,

"when we go in, you are to stay with me alright? This is crucial."

Kyoko nodded and Ren smiled gently and breathed a sigh of relief,


He opened the door and went to go collect Kyoko with comforting thoughts in his head,

'she'll be fine. I've got to take care of her, but I can't refuse the job now…I'm glad she's going to stay with me. I don't think my heart could take it if she didn't.'

He opened up Kyoko's door and took her hand gently. With one arm wrapped around her shoulders to keep her erect, he guided her into the building.

'we look like a couple right now. I wonder if I can use this to my advantage…no! I promised myself I wasn't going to use her! If she finds out she'll run away and be upset! Mind yourself Kuon!'

He screamed inwardly as he pulled Kyoko closer to protect her from the overwhelming crowd of girls. They tried to push past her but were held back by Ren's icy glare. Since Yashiro wasn't here to use it, he had a responsibility to make sure that he (and she) were protected against the mob. As the screams of the girls inflamed, Ren could barely hear the injured young girl say with awestruck wonder,

"there are so many…"

The way she said it made Ren feel uncomfortable and quickly hastened his step and closed the door. Kyoko stared at the crowd outside, her nose pressed against the glass and her eyes constantly observing,

'I never took a good look before…but…is this what it's like to have fans? To have people that love you?'

A smile crept up her face as she thought about what it would be like for her to have fans.

'President-san says I'm becoming more popular, I wonder if I'll have a fan soon.'

Ren on the other hand, was irritated. He had seen the signs that the fans had tried stuffing away as they chanted,

"Ren-sama! We love you!"

Over and over. Ren had to keep from rolling his eyes to preserve his image. Now, seeing Kyoko's awed expression and adoration for her sempai's popularity, was irritating him even more,

'it be different if they were mine. But they're not. You'd think Kyoko would remember that I don't give my schedule out to anyone but the President and her. The only place a fan will crowd is if gossip spreads or they decide to be bold and "innocently" be outside of the company. Fickle girls. Any guy will do if it's him or me huh? Figures this child wouldn't know about secrecy and the pride of unsung praises. He seemed to have no trouble with stories and such. (sigh). Can I go home yet?'

He thought forlornly, the weight of the day already heavy on his back. He turned to Kyoko and his mood was suddenly uplifted by her expression. Where as before, when he thought it was an expression of awe, it had now shifted to be something similar to the expression children gave when pressing their noses to the glass cages of zoo animals. He stifled a chuckle as he imagined Kyoko, in a little shirt and skirt, her large golden eyes widened in interest,

"hello Mr. Lion!"

Imaginary little Kyoko said. Ren kept a straight face but couldn't fathom how this girl could make such an expression. As one particular brave fan stood from the ocean of hormone driven girls and placed her thick lipstick on the mirror directly in front of Ren, Kyoko said her eyes still wide with curiousity,

"they're very rambunctious aren't they?"

Ren quivered with laughter as the ocean of girls faded away into little animals rushing about screaming in high pitched voices. He turned to Kyoko and gently took her hand with a smile,

"yes. Now Kyoko, don't you think it's time to go?"

Kyoko's face dropped into a little pout. She wanted to see more of the crazy fans, but she relented and followed Ren down the hall and away from the screaming girls. Behind them, the fans turned their gaze to another car, this time a young man with sharp blonde hair and piercing blue eyes stood from inside. He stretched his long legs in the skinny leather black cut up pants he wore and gave the "lady killer" smile he was famous (or was it infamous) for.

"hi girls, been waiting long?"

The building could not stifle the large wave of noise that crashed into it. Ren and Kyoko both froze as they walked down the hall and the wave of noise washed over them. The name that Kyoko hated with a dark passion from the pits of hell, and the name that Ren was ever fighting her attention with was screamed into the blue sky of Tokyo,


Sho after being carried by wave after wave of girls, opened the sliding door and gave a smile to his manager Shoko,

"Tsuruga's already here right?"

Shoko nodded, the same professional smile she always wore upon her lips,

"he's early as always. That prick."

Sho smirked as he replied to her motion. Then he turned and walked down the hall and froze dead in his tracks. Hanging on the arm of Ren was a familiar petite figure he could always recognize.

She was wearing a beautiful white blouse with a blue undershirt that drew attention to her delicate curves and a flowing green skirt that hung right above the knee. She had long blue tights that matched her undershirt, (unwittingly giving him the illusion of her perfect body right beneath them) and long white boots that came up to her ankle. On her head was a crown of white, hidden beneath the hood of her blouse, but still a few strands of her bright orange hair protruded from the inside, framing her fairy like heart shaped face. Her lips were curved in a down ward arch, and her eyes were as narrowed as they always were when she saw him, but the fire that exploded from the amber liquid was something to behold.

Desire and jealousy overtook him as he noticed his girl hanging on Ren's Tsuruga's arm, with no hint of letting go.

"Kyoko. What are you doing with him?"

He asked. Kyoko turned to Sho and gave a sneer. He was dressed as gaudy as ever. His dyed blond hair was spiked up with what Kyoko could guess was a whole bottle of hair gel used just for making sure that his hair would fall nicely over his colored contact blue eyes. He wore a red cut up plaid t-shirt, that was unbuttoned over a white, tight wife beater that etched each groove in his chest. he wore his long black leather tight pants that were full of holes and cut up and of course the same rings on his fingers and the necklace he wore around his neck was still in place. Kyoko crossed one arm over her chest (because the other one was still trapped by Ren's arm) and leaned a little casually on one foot (without realizing that now her legs were brushed up against Ren's). she gave a bored glare to Sho, letting Setsu come out while the real Kyoko was busy in a meeting with her grudges,

"I'm spending time with my most important person, what's it to you?"

She asked emotionlessly. Ren knew by now that it was Setsu in command, and a wicked smirk played across his lips as he drew in his own Cain Heel. He leaned a little closer to Kyoko, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and holding her tightly,

"let's go."

He muttered. Setsu turned to her brother with a bored expression,


She drolly responded.

Sho was furious! As Kyoko turned, he clasped down on her arm,

"Kyoko! I'm talking to you!"

That pulled the real Kyoko back to reality. She swung around and tried to release Sho's grip on her arm, but then she realized she didn't have to, as Cains…no…Kuons dark eyes fell upon Sho's,

"let go."

He growled. The fear in Sho's eyes was eminent enough to release the grip he held on Kyoko. Ren returned to the forefront, pushing Kuon back into his subconscious, as Sho tried to talk with Kyoko, who was once again completely brimming with hot fury for the teen.

"Kyoko, why are you with him?"

Sho asked. Kyoko misunderstood the interpreting and responded,

"Tsuruga-san saved my life today. He's taking care of me to make sure I'm alright."

Sho's eyes widened,

"saved your life? what happened?"

Rather than choose to stay by the sidelines, Ren spoke up,

"she was just hurt today. So I took her to the hospital and am making sure she's alright."

Then he couldn't resist giving a little smirk and pulling the young woman closer to him,

"nothing wrong with that."

Sho's face was threatening to become purple with the embarrassment and fury he felt. Then he smirked and turned to Ren,

"well Ren, I'd be careful. You know that I personally called you here to be in my new music video. I can personally un call you as well. That means you should probably do as I say. That is if you want to keep this job."

He gave a smirk as Kyoko grit her teeth in anger. The grudges that circled Kyoko's heart began to reprise as the visions of Kyoko's anger at the fat suited red man faded away to a skinny blond chibi in a red plaid shirt as the grudges reprised,

"I'm going to beat up Shotauro,

He'll never speak again,

I'll shut the prideful mouth of his,

And then I'll knock him dead!

**********************************Merry Christmas******************************

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