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Regina was shaking, hiding in her closet and wishing the nightmare she was living would end. Footsteps approaching her hiding spot proved she wasn't going to get her wish. The Evil Queen did not hide in a closet, yet it's exactly what she found herself doing. The door to the closet was jerked open and a hand wrapped around her wrist. Glass shards in the palm of the hand cut deeply into her flesh. Screaming in pain, she was drug across her bedroom floor. The floor was littered with shattered glass, cutting her to pieces as she thrashed in his grip.

Every mirror in her home was now shattered into a million tiny glass shards, covering her home like glitter. Every shard seemingly wanted to cut her as she was dragged towards her front door. She was in so much pain, every glass shard felt like fire as cut after cut painted her skin, blood was everywhere she could see.

Begging the figure to stop suddenly worked. The hand released her. The man turned slowly and glared at her before kneeling to her level. His eyes were pure glass, then he screamed. Pain exploded all of her senses. In her mind, in her body, in her heart. The scream was silent, but thousands of pieces of glass quickly cut her as they spewed from his open mouth. She felt every shard as they cut her. It was like a scene from a horror movie. Then she felt the large cut on her neck; she felt her blood pouring out. Taking her life with it. Slowly darkness began to swamp her, the pain finally gone. Then she was alone. No white light, no fiery depths, nothing. There was only silence, darkness, and her. She cried out. She couldn't be dead, she wasn't ready, this couldn't be happening, no.

Suddenly an image formed in the darkness, it was Henry's face. He was like smoke to her, almost a reflection, that's when it struck her. She was trapped in a mirror. All the shards in her home were now her prison. She watched Henry laugh at her, telling her good always beats evil. He was holding the only mirror left in her house still intact. He and Emma had apparently come looking to see why she wasn't in town, finding the destruction that was her home. It seemed like they didn't care. Of course, she wouldn't expect the Savior and the Savior's son, … her son, to care about the Evil Queen.

It was like a cruel joke though, because she knew better. She knew Emma's dedication to her job at least would guide her to find whoever had attacked her. She also knew Emma's sense of justice, she wouldn't treat her like the rest of the town and she wouldn't allow Henry to either. Yet there they were, almost smiling. Then laughing Henry hugged Emma before throwing the mirror he held to the floor, shattering it.

The mirror broke, and she broke. Her entire body was engulfed by the worst pain she'd ever felt. Screaming in agony as the pain and the hurt overtook her.

-Regina's Bedroom-

Jerking awake wildly, Regina slammed face first into her nightstand. She'd been moving, trying to escape the pain, and she'd fallen to the floor in a tangled heap. She was panting, looking around frantically for anyone who might be after her. She was in her bedroom, alone, she was safe. No glass, no broken mirror, no laughing Emma and Henry. Her face and head throbbed painfully. She would definitely have a black eye in the morning, but she wasn't worried about that now.

Catching her breath and finally calming down, she moved to stand and winced as she put pressure on her arm. Slowly she looked down. Regina froze in shock. Right there, as clear as day, on her wrist was a bruise. The bruise was shaped like a handprint, and inside the handprint there were deep gashes. Gashes like glass had cut into her skin. What the hell? She didn't know what to think. Her arm hurt, and her head was throbbing, she couldn't think straight.

Quickly she bandaged her arm, using supplies from her bathroom. She didn't look up, almost afraid to see what the reflection in the mirror would show. Quickly she exited the bathroom, also avoiding the mirrors in her room before stepping into her hallway. The hallway, the only place in her home without a mirror. Right now, exactly where she wanted to be, she needed to focus.

She was shocked. Part of her nightmare had followed her back to reality. This was bad, this was very, very, very bad.


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