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Light exploded around her and her hand felt like it was being dipped in hot lava. As soon as the sensation began to pass Emma felt her connection to Rocinante and Regina break, and she felt as if her heart was being torn apart. Her body was sent hurtling away from the beautiful steed across the stables. Rocinante stood majestically and shook out his mane, he was very beautiful. It was the last thought Emma had before she collided with the stable's wall and slipped into an unconscious abyss.

Regina opened her eyes and found herself in a field. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining and heating the dew covered grass so a light steam lifted the scent of earth and wildflowers to her nose. It was a clean almost fresh rain smell and it soothed her. To her left was the forest where she could hear birds chirping and squirrels scampering about. Instantly she thought back on the childhood version of Snow Whites story and almost had to laugh at the similarities in her surrounding and the book. To her right stood Rocinante; her beautiful, strong, and very alive steed. He neighed lightly and nudged her with his muzzle. Regina turned and wrapped her arms about his mane and neck, crying happily as she did so. He was her rock, and here he was her best friend standing in her arms in all of his majestic beauty. Her troubles faded away, no thoughts of her nightmares flooded her mind she was simply felt at peace and completely safe. Leaning back she stared into his eyes and instantly felt as if something was wrong. Not with Rocinante so to speak but just a general unease or anxiousness pressed down upon her.

'It's a dream; enjoy it and your time with him before it's gone.' Regina mentally chastised herself. She felt something at the back of her mind pulling for her attention but frankly at that moment she didn't care. Summoning an apple she offered it to the steed, who eagerly consumed it before nudging her face once more with his soft muzzle. "That's a good boy Rocinante."

Regina realized that if it hadn't been for her original curse Rocinante wouldn't be with her still. Recently seeing him killed in her nightmare made her realized she'd trapped him in her curse as well. She was lucky, most horses didn't get to spend more than 25-30 years alive and she'd had Rocinante way longer than that. He'd been good to her and she'd been good to him but she couldn't help but feel as though he might be getting tired and ready to take the next step in his life. She'd been selfishly holding on, and she'd never noticed it till now.

"Oh Rocinante, I'm sorry you've had to go through all this with me. I am so glad to have had this time with you though." Regina tightened her hug around his mane and a thought flashed through her mind and over took her.

Rocinante was in his stables and Jefferson came into the stables flipping a butterfly knife in his hand with skill. He smiled sickly as he approached Rocinante with a wicked look on his face.

"That ass, I will see that he gets punished- Rocinante?" Regina had jerked out of her vision to notice Rocinante was no longer at her side. She looked around and spotted him at the edge of the woods, like he was waiting for her to follow him. It was then Regina realized she had yet to see Emma and began to feel ill. She didn't like not knowing what had happened but she was getting the feeling she needed to find out quickly. Quickly she walked to Rocinante and touched his mane.

"Okay boy lets go find our infuriating stupid friend."


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