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His house had been targeted by crazy religious alien terrorists from outer space. Yes, that was it. Remy stared at the ceiling, eyes glazed in stupefied wonder and disbelief. What remained of his favorite couch lay in chunks and fluffs around him. Remy did not feel like getting up, in fact he could feel the icy blast of the wind against his exposed cheek. He prayed that it was the window that he had left open instead of a whole wall missing, but apparently, God wanted to mess with him today because yeah, what remained of his gorgeous floor to ceiling window were in pieces on the kitchen floor and there was a huge chunk of the second floor banister missing. The photos along the wall were shattered and the carpet was ruined by scattered blood.

Also, someone had drawn a fucking symbol with a laser or something because his fucking handsome face was no more. The small symbol was carved deep into his skin, leaving puffy grooves and the skin around it an irritated red. Remy stared at himself in the mirror of the first floor bathroom. There were heavy bags under his eyes, his left cheek was swollen and the stubble situation was out of control by now. In summary, he looked like shit.

He scratched his chest absently as he turned to stagger out of the room. Then as if suddenly remembering something, he turned back and stared at himself in the mirror. That nagging feeling in the back of his head started again and Remy slowly pulled his ragged blood soaked shirt off his body. It had hardened into a vest-like thing during the night and he threw it into the sink. So that was what felt different. Remy stared at himself stupidly in the mirror and touched his chest. The gaping wound that he had been sure he had torn last night was just a thin faded pink line now. The stitches were gone and he felt no pain when he pressed his thumb against the protrusion. The wound looked years old. Remy stretched his arms out and took in a deep breath, watching his ribs expand in the mirror minus the pain. That was strange but he sure wasn't going to look a gift horse in the teeth or whatever the saying was.

Remy washed his face, made a face at the sink full of the blood that had come off of his ruined shirt and made his way back to the scene of the battle. The living room carpet was finished, there was no doubt. There was a huge pool of what looked like his blood next to the fireplace and a big chunk was burnt next to it. Remy recalled how the giant bug-like monster's blood had eaten through the fire poker and shuddered. ok, so he had to get new carpeting as well. He took a long look around him to calculate the extent of the damage and practically felt his balls shrivel up. Did his insurance company even cover extraterrestrial damage?

He didn't bother calling the police. They'd probably lock him up and ask a bunch of questions that would eventually make him lose his temper and the incident from before would repeat itself. Besides, Remy was certain the police didn't know how to deal with such things either. Was he suppose to walk in to the station and announce that he had been attacked by an alien who somehow magically healed his chest wound when he was about to die? That would make the front cover of their local newspaper. Grimacing in distaste, he shuffled out the door toward his car. He'd have to spend a fortune to get all this repaired.

Remy ended up spending two days cleaning up the mess left by the attack. He put a makeshift plastic film over the jagged remains of his window to keep out the worst of the snow. Despite the drawbacks, he still felt mightily proud of himself when he finished the job.

Christmas was just around the corner and Remy planned to spend it with his daughter. Agnes was so looking forward to the event that she had started planning a month ahead. He wasn't going to disappoint her, so Remy asked for a day off in advance to prepare for his daughter's gifts. Christmas decorations sprung up like wild flowers during the night and everywhere he looked, families bundled up snugly in thick winter coats walked hand in hand, smiling and joking with one another. He felt a pang of longing at the sight. When would Agnes finally get better? Would she ever get better? The questions that haunted him day and night came back as he watched a little girl hopping around in the snow while her parents walked together, hands loosely clasped. he wanted to give his daughter that kind of childhood, blue skies and open fields instead of dull fluoresce lights and grey ceilings.

He sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. The house still needed fixing and Remy had been getting as many odd jobs as his body could take to make up for the money lost on renovating and he hadn't slept over three hours in the last week.

Despite the costly price of a floor to ceiling window, he decided to keep the window instead of erecting a wall. If Agnes came out of the hospital, she would probably love the view. But a pane of glass that size was going to be pretty expensive.

"Have a good day, sir." the blonde girl in in the elf costume at the cash register batted her long lashes at him as Remy took the receipt from her fingers. He smiled back and stepped out into the cold december air. Remy jogged toward his old SUV and slid in, rubbing his freezing fingers together. He never really liked cold weather but somehow they ended up living in this remote little town.

Returning to an empty house with an armful of Christmas shopping, no scratch that, an empty house with half a wall missing and various furniture broken, was possibly the most pathetic and depressing thing Remy had ever done. He dropped off a small twelve inch Christmas tree on the dining table, leaving a much bigger one for Agnes's hospital room, and started to wrap the presents. He didn't have many living relatives, so the pile was depressingly small, but Remy wrapped every present carefully, folding the corners delicately and fluffing the bows on top to make them look especially enticing.

Snow fell silently outside and the sky gradually lost color, fading into darkness as night fell. Remy was entirely absorbed in his wrappings and if he took the time to look up, he would have seen the thing peering at him through the window, its body long and sleek black against the white landscape.

"Hi daddy!" Agnes's squeal was heard a mile away. Remy smiled at the elderly couple that walked past and brushed melting snow off of his coat. The round faced nurse at the visitor's desk nodded at him and he wished her a merry Christmas. He set down the bulging bag he held in his left hand outside the hospital room and walked in. The floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree with hundreds of small golden ornaments and twinkling lights glowed enticingly in a corner and the floor had been covered with a huge rich crimson rug. Presents scattered themselves all around and Remy sighed in defeat. He should have known Frank was going to try everything to worm into his baby girl's heart.

"Hey Muffin." the familiar exchange made him smile and Remy pressed a kiss against his daughter's forehead. "umm, daddy got you a tree but it's not nearly as big, you still want to put. It up together?"

She hugged him quickly and nodded eagerly. Remy felt his heart clinch in a painful way as he watched her carefully arrange the artificial branches into their proper positions. Her fingers were painfully thin. He loved her so much and it physically hurt to see her so frail and so lifeless.

"Daddy, lets put the star on together."

Remy blinked away his tears and took a deep breath, smiled at the girl seated on the carpet and took her fingers into his. They put the star on their tiny tree and smiled at each other.

"Merry Christmas, Muffin."

"Merry Christmas, daddy."

They ate together in bed, Remy feeding her with a fork and spoon, telling her stories and funny jokes as she chewed. When Agnes asked about his wound, Remy said it was all better now and quickly changed the topic. Victoria dropped by and they exchanged gifts and greetings. Remy carefully avoided the subject of his own health and Victoria didn't pry, although she did inform him that Agnes was getting worse.

"I know I shouldn't be telling you this on Christmas but she needs to transfer to another hospital in Texas if it worsens and I don't know if you have the money for it. Maybe it's time to make up with Frank and Evelyn." she gave Remy a long look when he punched the wall hard enough to bruise his knuckles.

"Don't let your pride and grudges ruin the future of your daughter, ok?" she patted his arm and bid him good night.

The rest of the night passed in comfortable recreational games and occasional visits from Agnes's nighttime nurses. Remy tried his best to keep up the smile on his face but the deep purple shadows under his daughter's eyes and her painfully thin form made it almost impossible. He put her to sleep after the strike of midnight and set all her presents beneath the tiny tree they'd put up together. He straightened up and stared at the monstrously tall thing looming in the corner, glowing gold and white, and smiled a tired resigned smile. If Frank could indeed help Agnes get better, then he would allow them to take her somewhere else, but he had a feeling that if he let go, he would never see her again.

Sighing again, he turned toward the door. Remy hesitated and turned around, walking to his daughter's bedside, he leaned down and kissed her forehead. Agnes whimpered in her sleep, brows drawn together as if in pain. He smoothed her hair back and smiled down at her.

"I love you."

Them Remy stepped out of the room and headed toward his car outside, mindless of the snow swirling around his shoulders. He was going to make a stop at Evelyn's house and tell her he'd made up his mind.

Alien POV

He crouched silently behind the metal contraption, tail curled around his haunches to conceal himself. Snow fell in a fine crust over his hard plated body, but the cold didn't bother him. Instead, all of his attention was focused on the figure making its way slowly toward him. His mouth watered in anticipation as the scent of home and safety washed over him. Nearly purring in happiness, he readied his body, wanting nothing else but to fling himself into Mother's arms.

Something sleek and long moved behind his human and he nearly hissed, body tensing. His mind warred between staying and surprising Mother and going to investigate the hostile male following him.

The other male was getting closer, he could smell the rotting stench coming off the other in thick waves. His lips drew back in a silent snarl and he slowly unfurled his tail, ready to slink away when he heard the sound of the metal contraption's door opening. Mother was getting in.

He made up his mind and slid silently away from the car, focused on the other alien. He caught the other male in mid-leap, their bodies twisting in midair and landing on the ground with a muffled thud that sent up clouds of snow and dirt. The other male was dismally small and he made short work of it by stabbing his tail through the other's mouth and ripping its skull off, letting its blood splatter on the ground carelessly. He looked back toward his precious human and watched as the taillights of the car turned the corner and disappeared. He snarled in frustration and bent down, clamped his sharp white teeth over the still twitching body and dragged it slowly away.

Remy sighed as he stared at the thing Olivia had handed him a few seconds ago. It sat in a tiny brown heap, the material pathetically thin and tiny. It was New Years Eve and he was currently holed up in Benny's bar, waiting for the first batch of customers to arrive. Agnes had agreed to spend New Year's Eve with her mother. This year Benny had decided to hold a costume party and the winners would receive a month of free breakfast.

He wasn't technically required to wear a costume but Olivia had decided to dress him up anyway. He wouldn't have objected if she'd given him a better costume, but dressing as a caveman? Was she hinting something here?

He squinted at the tiny thong like material and tried to understand how it would cover his body, not to mention it was below zero outside the bar. Olivia, in all her sexy witch glory was seated by the cash register, her face deathly pale under heavy makeup and lipstick.

"Really?" He turned around and glared tiredly at her. Olivia winked and pinched Remy's cheek.

"Hurry up sexy, we have to open in ten minutes. Cars are pulling up." She gestured toward the heavy snow outside. "Besides, you'd look perfect as a caveman, with that new scar of yours."

She walked off and Remy sighed in defeat as he walked into the back room. People were already starting to arrive and the other bartenders were already in costume. He shrugged off his heavy sweater and snow pants and slipped into the thin fabric. Like he had expected, the thing clung to him in all the wrong places.

He turned toward the washroom mirror and blinked in surprise. Light bronze muscles curved gracefully underneath the fake fur and he realized that Olivia had actually been right about him looking great in a thong. Remy snorted and hefted his fake club, he ruffed his hair a bit to add to his gruff appearance and headed out toward the front of the bar.

A tidal wave of sound and lights crashed down upon him and Remy blinked in surprise. People of all shapes and sizes filed in through the glass doors in the front and Remy had to choked back a laugh as a middle-aged man in a huge cigarette costume got caught in the entrance way.

The party was annoyingly loud but very successful. It was totally Benny's style. Remy began with passing drinks to the crowd and ended up hiding behind the safety of the bar after a few women and men got a little bit too touchy and his thong threatened to disappear. He didn't feel disappointed since he rather preferred the small private space and enjoyed mixing the trickier drinks.

"Enjoying yourself?" Benny's head was barely visible from behind a mammoth of a man dressed as Frankenstein, but Remy managed to catch the man's words as he danced by, his Zorro cape flaring dramatically.

"Yeah, boss. You look great, despite the fact that. I can barely see your head over the counter."

Remy ducked as the fake plastic sword swished though the air and hit the talking fish mounted on the wall behind him. Benny scowled.

After two hours, most people were either passed out on the floor or slowly swaying to and fro in the dance pit, so Remy was surprised when he saw two newcomers walk in through the door. They approached slowly and his mouth dropped open in amazement,but he hid his surprise by coughing and gesturing toward the various bottles behind him.

"Anything to drink, gentlemen?"

They stood there, silent and graceful in their heavy costumes and Remy was secretly betting they would win this year's contest no matter what, because he was dead sure that no one had put as much effort into their costumes as they did.

The taller male turned his head towards Remy as he spoke, his dreadlocks rattling on his strong shoulders and made a curious purring noise, head cocked to the side. Remy felt new respect for the men, not only were they dressed in what looked like a hundred pounds of steel alloy, but they also acted like their costumes.

"Hey Benny, I think I found this year's winners!" Remy called over his shoulder as Benny twirled past like a midget ballerina.

"Drinks on the house!" Benny called and Remy grinned as he turned toward the two men, still standing eerily silent in front on him, and started mixing their most popular drink- a secret recipe of different alcohol topped with a few chunks of frozen lemon slices.

"Man, you guys have awesome costumes, haven't seen anything like it for years." He grinned as he mixed the pinkish drinks and handed them over.

One of the men reached out suddenly and grabbed Remy's wrist with one huge hand. He froze in surprise and nearly dropped the drink he was holding. It sloshed over the rim of the glass and a slice of lemon fell to the pristine glass counter with a wet plop. It took all of his professional bar tending training not to twist himself free. Instead, he took a deep breath and looked into the deep maroon eyepiece and opened his mouth.

"It's ok sir, the drinks are on the house. If you don't want this particular kind, you can order another."

The man in the huge metal costume ignored him, his fingers tightening around Remy's wrist and drawing him forward so that he was bent over the counter surface. Remy's heartrate picked up and his other hand slowly clenched into a fist. He would count to ten, he would not start a fight, it was New Year's Eve, he would...

A rough hand placed itself onto his left cheek and slowly traced the scar there. Their faces were close now and Remy could hear a constant soft thrill coming deep from within the man's throat. The hand made tingling sparks jump over his suddenly sensitive skin and the hairs on the nape of Remy's neck rose as goosebumps appeared. He felt a tinge of fear and uncertainty as the strange man slowly trailed his fingers down toward his lips, rubbing gently at the red chapped skin there. The other hand firmly wrapped around his wrist slowly stroked circles onto the sensitive skin of his inner wrist and Remy shuddered, eyelids fluttering unconsciously.

Then as abrupt as it had started, the man released him. Remy drew back with an almost violent force, hand flying toward his mouth. He was breathing hard and felt a slow anger creep out from deep within him. Without thinking, he rounded the bar and came up in front of the two men. Only after he had approached, did he realize how insignificant he looked in the face of the stranger. He had to be at least seven foot tall, Remy thought as his fist automatically drew back for a punch.

But his fist never reached the man's chest. Instead, he was drawn bodily forward, his entire body pressed tightly against the other man's muscular form. Despite wearing the thick metal gear, he felt strangely warm and smelled a heavy musky scent that reminded Remy strangely of the smell of freshly fallen rain and grassy ponds. The man growled harshly in his ear and before Remy could start to struggle, the man released him almost violently.

He stared in perplexed amazement as the smaller male followed the taller one out of the bar and into the night. It was only after he cleaned up the two untouched drinks that he realized the man's so-called costume had felt warm to the touch.