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Remy leaned over the counter and groaned, little spots of good and silver popping behind his closed eyelids. The aftermath of the party was a mass of hungover people in weird outfits lying around cursing the day they were born. Remy's head was pounding in sync with his heart and he was in a nasty mood.

"Someone threw up in one of the armchairs." Olivia sighed as she massaged her temples, the makeup on her face now in blotches and streaks. Remy muttered a curse and flopped sideways. He had mopped up what remained of a jello beanie bag that someone had managed to bite through. The luminescent puddle had been sticky and cold to the touch and Remy's pants were now painted bright pink.

"Your cell phone, Jeremy." Benny called from behind a shelf of liqueur.

Remy dried his hands and caught the ringing mobile in midair as it sailed over the counter. He nodded his thanks and glanced at the caller ID. It was Evelyn.

"Hello?" He answered with a frown. For a moment there was nothing but background noise, a loud wailing siren that sounded grotesquely familiar. Then he heard the first sniff and Evelyn broke into loud wailing sobs over the phone, babbling frantically. Remy heard every warbled word but nothing registered in his brain. The sound of the ambulance echoed loudly in the background and the distant memory of the first time Agnes fainted at home came flooding back in a painful wave of sounds and emotions. His heart clenched and the hangover seemed to leave his body in a tingling wave. He was gone before Benny could ask what was wrong.

"It's Agnes, she's, oh god, I didn't mean for it to happen..." Eve sobbed into the chest of a tall man in an expensive two piece suit. The man looked a little uncomfortable and patted her shoulders gently from time to time but otherwise stayed silent.

Remy found them like that, standing outside the ER. Frank's face seemed visibly relieved when Evelyn released him and ran to Remy. Remy allowed her to sob into his chest and heard the story of how it had happened from Frank. Agnes had been angry that Remy had agreed to just hand her over to Frank and Evelyn without asking her first. That little disagreement evolved into a full grown argument and in a fit of anger, Agnes had run out of the room, tripped over the rug at the top and tumbled down the stairs.

"Did she hit her head?" Remy tried to remain calm as he asked the question but his hands were clenched into tight fists, barely restraining himself.

Evelyn nodded and started weeping again. Remy held her silently, hands gentle as he patted down her frizzy hair. Fr a moment, it felt like Frank was the outsider again but Remy knew his feelings for his wife were slowly washing away like the color pigments of an old photo that faded with time. He still liked the idea of having a wife but he wasn't sure he still had feelings for her.

Hours passed and when Remy was sure he was going to burst in there himself, the lights went out. The three of them stood up tensely as the doctors came out.

"How is she?" Remy seized one of the men by the sleeve and the startled doctor looked up, glasses slightly askew. He cough as Remy shook him none too gently.

"She's still unconscious, but stable. We don't know how long before she wakes but her conditions are now considerably worse than before. The wounds, both mentally and physically will leave their mark."

Remy felt his heart drop into his stomach in dread and despair. He tightened his fist over the doctor's sleeve and the man frowned in annoyance.

"What...what can we do?" Remy was having a hard time focusing due to the sudden ringing sound in his head.

"I'm sorry but there's nothing we can-" the doctor began and flinched back when Remy slammed his fist against the wall next to his head.

Evelyn came forward and drew him away, prying his fingers off the man's scrubs. Remy collapsed into a plastic waiting chair and buried his face into his hands. Tears came silent and scalding against his roughened palms and he swiped them angrily away from his eyes. The corridor was silent except for the sound of shoes clicking against the marble floor and Remy kept his face hidden behind his hands until he felt a hand against the nape of his neck. He flinched back in surprise and looked up to see a woman with striking wavy auburn hair and grey eyes standing over him.

"Mr. Brooks, we can help your daughter." She said.

He stared up at her stupidly and noticed another older familiar-looking man standing behind her, his face severe and wearing a suit. She reached for one of his hands and pulled him to his feet. Evelyn watched them curiously, her eyes red and puffy behind her glasses. Remy's mind wandered and he remembered she had probably forgotten to put in her contacts before rushing Agnes to the hospital.

"Mr. Brooks, we can help your daughter." The woman squeezed his hand gently and offered a small comforting smile. "If you come with me, we can discuss the situation and you can rest assured that there will be no cost."

Evelyn was glancing between them silently behind the red headed woman's shoulder and Remy stood shakily.

"Wait, you only need my husband? What are you asking in return?" She asked suddenly, her hand reaching out to take Remy's other hand. She rubbed comforting circles into the flesh of his palm and he calmed slightly at her touch, his mind clearing.

The woman let go of his hand and gave them a beautiful stunning smile and pointed to the older man. "We are from a government organization and we have the best scientists and doctors at our command, we can help your daughter if your husband agrees to help us with something. It's top secret, so we have to discuss this elsewhere."

Evelyn frowned and began to object but Frank suddenly reached out and broke her contact with Remy. "It's the best plan."

She didn't look convinced by the sudden appearance of some crackpot government group but didn't object as the woman led Remy away.

They walked silently toward the lobby of the hospital and Remy blinked in surprise when he realized he was standing in front of a huge black limo. The woman opened the door and gestured inside. Remy slid in after the man and shifted uncomfortably when the woman brushed the inside of his thigh when she slid in after them.

"Mr. Brooks, I'm going to get right to the point." The man opened a Manila folder and shook out a few photos. Remy froze as he stared at the creatures on the paper. Metallic, black and sleek with a huge sharp barb filled tail, the creature from that night stood out bold and clear in the colored photo. Remy dropped the picture and stared at the somber-faced man.

"What..." He began but the man shushed him.

"You recognize these creatures I presume. Good. My name is Goodman, you don't need to know my first name, you only need to know that I come from Sector Nine, previously known as Sector Thirteen. You used to serve our country, so you should have heard of the secret Sectors before. We specialize in bio weaponry and this is one of our new discoveries. We hope to use these creatures for the good of mankind but we still haven't gotten a connection between these creatures and our soldiers. However, specimen MR001 was a success and it seems to be responding to you and you only. It has broken loose of its testing environment and has been tailing you over the last week and half. Our exchange for your daughter's health is that you help us with the experiments and tests being performed on MR001."

Remy's mouth had dropped open with a dry click during the whole speech and was gaping at the man in disbelief. If I had heard of the Secret Sectors, then they wouldn't be secret now would they, he thought sardonically. The old man glared back with barely suppressed impatience.

"How do you know it responds to me?" He asked finally.

"It has a special connection with you, that is all I can say right now."

"That thing tried to kill me!" Remy managed to squeeze out of his slack jaws.

"We can assure you that MR001 is not hostile. It will be perfectly safe. We will monitor your progress throughout the entire testing period and we will interfere before harm is done." The woman cut in and placed a hand over Remy's leg. She smiled. "Think about it Mr. Brooks, we can cure your daughter in return for this small favor for your country. What do you say?"

He stared at her sweet smile and looked down at her hand and drew his leg back. The smile never faltered.

He took a deep breath and realized if his daughter really did die, he would have nothing left to live for. There was nothing left to lose.

"Okay, I'll do it."

"We've planted cameras in every corner of the house in order to monitor your interactions with the creature." The woman, Natasha, explained as they stopped the car. Remy blinked up at his old house through the trees.

"Wait, you never said it had to take place in my house."

"We want a purely natural environment."

"I have a broken window from a previous attack, did I tell you about that?"

"No, but we can replace it for you, Mr. Brooks."

"Call me Remy. I was hoping you'd say that. Agnes would really like the window."

"Glad to hear it."

"Oh, by the way, remove the cams in the bathroom. I can't show my privates to a bunch of nerdy four-eyed scientists."

"...very well."

Remy sighed as he seated himself onto his new couch and looked expectingly up at the woman standing in front of him.

"Well, what now?"

She frowned. "You should start drawing attention to yourself so that MR001 can come to you."

"You guys lost it didn't you? That's why you need me..."

She raised an eyebrow at Remy as he stood up and walked down the steps, ignoring the men wearing white containment suits and holding cameras and various beeping flashing machines. He took a deep breath and hollered toward the trees.

"Come out, you asshole!"

The shout rang loud and clear, reverberating in the hills and Natasha winced visibly. Remy grinned and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

"It's not gonna come, okay?" He said as he turned to face the woman. "You guys are just messing around with-"

Someone gasped and pointed behind Remy. He blinked as more gasped and whispers started between them. Remy sighed.

"It's right behind me, isn't it?"

He turned around hesitantly and drew in a sharp breath. The creature that appeared was a lot bigger than the one he had stabbed in the living room. It stood on its hind legs, tail neatly wrapped underneath its body and it was wearing what looked liked a makeshift red scarf. Remy blinked again and the thing opened its mouth, hissing at the men behind Remy, tail lifting like a cobra about to strike.

Natasha gave a sharp gesture and they all scattered as fast as they could. Remy felt nervousness settle in the pit of his stomach as everyone disappeared, leaving only him and the black creature. The thick silence was broken by a weird soft thrilling purr and Remy took a few steps back, hand going to his belt for the gun he had slipped in when Natasha wasn't watching. She'd only given him an earpiece, assuring him that the creature would not hurt him but Remy really doubted that. They stayed silent and awkwardly still.

The creature cocked its head and for a moment Remy thought it was smelling him. Then the thing moved forward a few paces, careful not to make any sudden movements. Remy's heart thudded in his ribcage and his frantic mind suddenly remembered the lessons he had learned about calming wild animals when he was still in university.

Look them in the eye and show them that you mean no harm.

Remy groaned inwardly and realized that he didn't really know where the creature's eyes were or if it indeed had any eyes.

"Really could use a fire poker right about now..." He muttered under his breath and wiggled about on his toes. There was a burst of static in his ear and he winced in discomfort. The voice spoke and Remy sincerely wished it hadn't.

"Interact with it. It won't harm you. In theory."

"You just can't retract the 'in theory' can you? If I die, out better take care of my family because if you don't, I'm gonna claw my way out of hell and shove Scarfy McRed here up your asses. See if I don't."

He glanced at the thing out of the corner of his eye and realized it had sat back on its haunches and was studying him like a kid looking at a particularly interesting frog he was going to dissect. It's forelegs were tucked neatly under the wonky tatters of the scarf and Remy and it was obviously trying to look harmless. Remy sighed and sent up a quick prayer to the Heavens before slowly taking a step toward the creature. It moved a fraction of an inch forward and Remy froze, hands going to his waist for the weapon. Seemingly disappointed, the creature sat back in its original position and slowly lowered its body, laying its elongated head onto its forelegs like a scolded dog and tucking its tail close for comfort.

It was kind of cute, in a totally weird way.

Remy cleared his throat and opened his mouth to speak. "are you going to kill/maim/torture/etc me? Wag your tail to say yes and lift your head for no."

The moment he finished, he felt stupid for even opening his mouth. Of course the thing couldn't understand English. Then it slowly lifted its head and Remy heard the gasps from his earpiece as his mouth dropped open in disbelieve and amazement.

"Holy shit, you're sentient. Okay, umm, do you have a name?"

It waved its tail once in a slow arc and put its head back down. Remy nodded to himself and thought hard.

"You know I've always wanted a dog when I was a kid but I never got the chance, if I had one, I would have named it Clyde. How about Clyde?" He asked hopefully, forgetting for a moment that the thing in front of him was a two hundred pound killing machine.

The thing remained silent for a while and Remy felt nervousness come rushing back as the hairs on the nape of his neck rose. The creature had moved, like oil it glided gracefully close, the tail raised gently behind it and Remy gulped as the sun glinted off its barbed edge. It made no sounds as it approached and circled Remy, moving so close that its muscular sides rubbed against his waist like a huge cat seeking affection from its master.

"If you don't like the name we can...oh..." Remy trailed off weakly as the tail snaked between his legs and pressed casually against his crotch. It rubbed experimentally and Remy's legs gave out underneath him in surprise. He found himself kneeling in the grass and tried to get up when a hard heavy weight crashed down onto his back and with sudden clarity he realized the creature was atop him, pressing him down onto the ground in a show of dominance. Remy gritted his teeth and lashed out with one arm, the other buckled slightly under the heavy load. Something hard poked at his backside and rubbed repeatedly against the seam of his pants as he struggled harder underneath the thing. It puffed out hot rancid air next to his ear and Remy's face slowly went red as the tail moved teasingly between his kneeling thighs. He was not going to react.

"Is this fucking normal?" He panted under his breath. He could hear excited murmurings going on in the earpiece but the exact words escaped him. There was a moment of silence.

"Yes. They greet their kind in this manner." The earpiece finally said.

"Bullshit!" Remy managed through gritted teeth as his arms buckled and he pressed his face against the rough grassy ground, ears now beet red.

The creature was now rubbing at his ass with frantic erratic thrusts, hard enough to make him skid forward a few paces every time and a thought suddenly came to him that his jeans would be ruined after this. Remy wanted to laugh but the boner that was slowly forming between his legs was not funny at all. The adrenaline was to blame, yes that was it. Blame it all on his body's natural reflexes. You rub a guy between the legs and he's bound to get hard, no matter who or what's doing the rubbing.

His breath whooshed out in harsh gasps as the thing increased its speed and Remy groaned a curse when something hot and wet soaked his shirt a few moments after. It smelled musky and heavy with pheromones and Remy wasn't sure he wanted to know where it had come from as he shoved the satisfied thing off him with a grunt.

He yanked the soiled shirt off his back and threw it into the shrubs, glaring warningly at the perverse creature crouching nonchalantly a few feet from him.

"Come any closer and I'll fucking blow your head off." He pulled out the gun from his belt and waved it threateningly, heart still pounding.

"You should cover yourself with something." Natasha's voice came through the earpiece sounding oddly appreciative. Remy looked down and realized with growing horror that he was standing in his backyard half naked, pointing a gun at an alien and supporting a huge boner in his pants.


The reason Clyde did that was because he has to put his scent on Remy. If you recall, last chapter the predator sort of 'hugged' him in the bar so yeah, it left a smell and...