Hey guys! this is an AU story! this is my second story by the way, check out my other one! Peeta's POV.

Her warm breaths are comforting. Her weight on my chest lets me know that she's here, safe in my arms. She nuzzles her face into my neck, which also lets me know that she's just fine. I rub her back soothingly, which makes her sigh contently. I kiss her head of blonde curls, and bury my face in the soft strands. I start shaking her gently, then whisper in her soft ear.

"Wake up, baby," I whisper. She shakes her head, letting out a noise of protest. I can't help but chuckle. I gently pick her up from my chest, and get up slowly and rest her on the bed.

"Come on sleeping beauty, we don't got all day." I tell her as I go to the window and pull the curtains. Sunshine streams into the room, making it extremely bright. She lifts her small head and closes her eyes instantly at the bright light.

"My eyes...my eyes..." she complains. I shake my head with a smile on my face. "Alright, get up now, you can't be late on your first day of Kindergarten." I tell her.

"No Daddy!" she says, whimpering. "I don't want to go to school, it's scary!" she exclaims.

"Well, how would you know?" I question, raising an eyebrow. She looks at me for a moment, trying to find an answer. I smirk and go over to her and collect her in my arms. I take the short walk to her room, which is right next to mine. I set her down on her princess bed set, and go over to the closet. I pick the cute little dress uniform that has sewn on the right, "Panem Elementary."

"Alright, lets get you in this fine dress here," I say with a smile. She still has the frown on her face, but changes nonetheless. I can't help but smile looking at how beautiful she looks in this dress.

"You look beautiful," I tell her, tearing up. She just rolls her eyes and jumps off the bed and runs into the corner to gather her shoes for me to put on for her. I take the little Mary Jane's in my hands and slip them on her feet. They are black with a very tiny brown heel. The back goes up to the ankle and it has a nice big red bow on it. I position to sit on the edge of the bed and grab a brush and take out the knots in her thick blonde curls. I grab an elastic clear rubber-band and take half and put it up. I place a red bow on top of it and smile wide at my accomplishment. To be honest, I am a bit proud of myself.

"Alright, time for breakfast!" I cheer, clapping as I do so. Once we go downstairs and emerge into the kitchen I get her to sit down at our small kitchen table. I put a glass of Ice Tea in front of her and she immediately grabs it carefully with both of her tiny five-year-old hands. I grab her signature princess bowl and fill it with blueberry mini-wheats. I pour in the milk and set it down in front of her.

"Tada!" I smile. She giggles and scarfs down the cereal in a heartbeat. My eyes widen at how this little girl can even eat that much. I look at the time and sigh, my baby is going to go to kindergarten now.

I grab her Minnie Mouse backpack and matching lunchbox filled with her favorites, heart-shaped PB&J, apple juice, and the vanilla pudding with a plastic spoon.

"Alright, picture!" I yell, grabbing my phone. I position her by the door, holding her lunch box with backpack on her back, with a broad smile. "Cheese!" snap!

"Perfect!" I say, putting my phone in my pocket. "Alright, lets roll, Rosemary," I say, petting her head. She scowls at me for petting her head. I just grin.

When we make to the school, its littered with children and parents. They're at least twenty screaming and crying kids and at least forty crying parents. We see how reversed that is. I help Rosemary out of the backseat and get her backpack on and everything. I kneel down on one knee and kiss her head.

"I'll come pick you up at two o'clock, alright?" I tell her softly. She nods, and wraps her arms around my neck and squeezes me tight. "I love you, Daddy," she tells me. My heart swells with joy and love. "I love you too, baby girl." She detaches herself from me and kisses my cheek and runs off towards the gate. "Bye!" I call out, she turns around and blows me a kiss while waving, "Bye Daddy!" I smile. I watch as she groups up with two girls, one with brown hair and steely gray eyes and one with sun-kissed hair and beautiful green eyes that match the sea. She smiles at Rosemary, nodding at something. Rosemary turns and points to me while saying something with a smile. They all giggle. The little girl with green-eyes points to a couple off to the side. The man has Bronze hair with the same green-eyes the girl possesses. The woman has long brown-wavy hair with green-eyes but there darker than the man and the girls. They're currently talking to a little boy who is a spitting image of the man. He looks around second or first grade, and whatever they are talking to him about, he doesn't look amused.

Finally, I drift my eyes back to Rosemary and see she is laughing hysterically to something one of the girls said. I'm happy she is having fun. I am about to leave when I see the brown haired girl pointing to a woman in the courtyard. She has a long braid all the way down her back. She turns her gaze over to the girls, and she smiles, her gray eyes shine bright.

That smile. That braid. Those Grey eyes.

No, no it can't be.

She moved to North Carolina, impossible.

But, when she turns around fully and I see her whole face.

There is no doubt, that this woman, is Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss Everdeen. Of course.

Thanks for reading! The posing in front of the door idea like that came from my own experience. My mom made me and my sister do it every year..