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"Willow!" I holler from the bottom of the staircase. I hear the little pitter–patter of Willow's feet and the soft, "Coming!"

I set the bowl with a steaming pile of gooey mac 'n' cheese with an assortment of different shredded cheeses on the table. I turn my head and hear the scraping of the chair and the faint oof of Willow planting her bottom on the chair.

"Are you packed?" I ask her, while turning around to see her with a spoonful of noodles half way to her mouth – though she seems to miss her mouth often by the gooey substance present on her chin.

She nods and inhales her bowl. I learn over and wipe the cheese off her chin before kissing the area.

"I'm going to miss you!" I say, grabbing her into a hug and squeezing her.

She only rolls her eyes, "Mommy, you do this every time!" I only smile. The familiar honking of the horn is heard from outside, signaling his arrival. I kiss Willows dark little head, silently telling her to go get her bag. I move over to the overfull sink and start of dishes. I can hear the creaking of the door opening, but choose to ignore it.

"Hey," Gale says, closing the door. I nod in greeting and grab more soap.

"Uh – how – how are you?" He asks, awkwardly. I only shrug and scrub the used pan to the numb.

Gale's about to ask or say something else, but is interupted when a hysterical Willow comes barreling down the stairs with tousled hair, a rather dusty shirt.

"Heather The Hippo is gone!" she cries, flying her hand in the hair is frantically.

"Honey, its probably at Peeta's house, I'm sure Rosemary is taking perfect care of her," I soothe her gently, smoothing her hair back. Her breathing calms down as she nods. I try to ignore the narrowed eyes of Gale at the mention of the blonde baker.

Willow runs up the stairs, exclaiming that she will take Allie The Alligator this time.

"What is Willow doing around him?" Gale growls once Willow is upstairs, looking for another friend.

I can't help the laugh that bubbles out of me. "Really Gale, really?" I question, still laughing and scrubbing the left over lasagna from the dish.

"Whats so funny! I don't want him around my daughter, he'll try to make her his own," He exclaims, clearly frustrated.

This just riles me up. "What do you mean, 'you don't want her around him!' One you don't have a little bit of a say in it, and Two, maybe I don't want her around your one night stands! And three, believe it or not, Willow loves Peeta! He has no intention of stealing Willow. So calm it."

His face is a red and blue as he mumbles, "I still don't have to like the guy."

"You don't."

He's about to say some snide remark or something, before the door opens.

"Oh hello!" A preppy blonde says. She's obviously a bottle blonde with the blacken roots. Her very statemented push up bra brings out her boobs in the skimpy and revealing little dress she is wearing. And don't forget the platform heels.

"Um, hello?" she smiles wide at me, thrusting a hand into my direction.

"I'm Leevy," she says, excitingly.

"'re Gales..?" I ask, letting her file in her title.

"Girlfriend," she smiles, obviously excited.

"Right," I smile falsely, which dumdum doesn't seem to catch.

Now, Willow barrels down the stairs, holding a substitute for Heather the Hippo, Allie the Alligator.

"Who are you?" Willow questions her with a face. I can see she has gotten my bluntness.

Leevy only smiles, crouching down to Willow size. Her breasts are just piling out of the contraption.

"I'm Leevy, a very close friend to Daddy!" she says, a wide toothy grin on her face.

I want to gag at the way she says close.

"What happened to the other girl?" Willow questions innocently, looking over to Gale. He just looks uncomfortable.

"Um, gone – but now we have Leevy!" he tries to fain excitement. He rubs his scruff in uncertainty.

Leevy exclaims after the whole awkward ordeal that she was going to wait in the car, after giving Gale a flirtatious kiss. Willow goes to, after she gave me kisses and hugs.

"You are one hypocrite aren't ya," I say, smiling at Gale.

He furrows his eyebrows, "How?"

"How! You have women parading into our daughters life! She's seen many women, who probably don't give a hoots about her. You putting so many women in her life, she is getting confused! Its bad enough, Gale, that we got divorced when she was at such a young age."

I scold him like he's a child.

I'll admit, he does look guilty.

"Look, I just – I don't know, I've got to go." he says, giving me a small wave before leaving out the same way he came. I sigh.

After the familiar sound of the car leaving, I finish the dishes, get some housework done, and read some pages from my book.

I'm about to flip another page, when the door busts open with an exasperated Peeta.

"Whats wrong?" I ask frantically, going to over to him. "Is Rosemary alright?" I question him, rubbing his face tenderly.

He catches his breath, and swallows and wipes the sweat over his brow. "How – how did you get here?" I ask, looking outside the front doors window, not seeing his car.

"I r – ran." I must look at him crazy, because he thrusts an open envelope at me. I look at him as I open the folded piece of yellowish paper, before reading out loud.

"It has come to the attention, that Delly Cartwright, would like to offically issue a courts appeal for the custody over the child, Rosemary Mellark. Court papers will be issued in the mail shortly in a few weeks to discuss the custody of, Rosemary Mellark. Thank you, please see bottom.."

I let the words die out at the head, before looking up at Peeta.

He looks absolutely heartbroken.

"She's trying to take her away from me."

WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! I know, threw you a curveball. So, Delly, wants some custody. Why you may ask? I DONT KNOW! we'll have to read to find out. Now, if I've gotten the whole technical way of trying to get custody or something, I AM TERRIBLY SORRY. I tried to do research on custody papers, but I couldn't find anything. So, I am sorry if it's the wrong terms or anything. Or if it even doesn't come in the mail. Which it think it does though..

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