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Chapter 1:

Chii Hibiya was walking home from school with a bruise coming up on her right cheek. She was heading to her apartment. Chii pulled her keys from her pocket and opened the door to her apartment; it was basically one room with a kitchen, a double bed, bedside cabinet, chest of draws, a mirror in the corner of the room and a small bathroom, with no bath. She had very few ornaments; a lamp on her bedside cabinet, a vase of withering flowers on the kitchen bench (which she ate at due to her lack of a dinner table) and a photograph in a brown frame on her chest of draws. Chii locked the door behind her, dumping her bag on a chair as she walked behind the counter to the small fridge which she opened. She grabbed a can of solo and some instant noodles from the pantry to her right. After her 'meal' Chii just crashed on her bed crying, that day she once again had a run in with some guys from school on her way home.

Chii had been walking home on her normal route as usual when a bunch of upper-class delinquents' had ganged up on her and dragged her into a nearby alleyway where they raped and beat her, leaving her beaten up in the alley way all was a usual thing for her.

When Chii awoke it was already morning and she was still in her uniform; she had accidently slept in it that night- good thing she had another set. Chii went about her daily routine of having a quick shower to freshen herself up from her night of crying, and then she would get dressed, have breakfast, then brush her teeth and check to make sure she had all her things before leaving her apartment, locking the door behind her. That day though, something didn't feel right to Chii, she had this feeling that something was going to happen not; sure whether it was good or bad she ignored it, focusing her blank, brown eyes on getting through another day of torture before going home to sleep. Her only enjoyment in life.

When Chii got to her classroom she placed her bag on her desk before retrieving her stuff from it. Chii's desk was in the corner of the classroom, next to the window. She would always look out the window and would get told off for not listening, however Chii would hear every word the teacher would say and when she got home she would write notes in case she forgot something, which she didn't. The seat to her right was vacant, no one wanted to sit with her because she was anti-social, but the seat in front of her was occupied by a very sweet girl named Sakura Kinomoto. Sakura tried to get along with Chii but was always defeated by her blank emotionless stare out the window. Sakura would always tug on her own hair in frustration when that happened. Diagonal to Chii was Sakura's boyfriend Syaoran Li- he only cared for Sakura; he would do anything for her but he would ask her why she even bothered to talk to Chii since she would never converse with anyone. He also had many girls who were chasing him but since he had Sakura most of them backed off, others not so much.

After everyone was in their seats and the roll was marked the teacher announced new student would be joining their class, everyone whispered among themselves. "A new student? In the middle of fourth term?" Most of the class said. Chii's gaze never left the grey clouds out the window; she did have to admit to herself it was quite odd. The teacher silenced everyone with the smack of her ruler on his desk, then she turned to the door of the class room and told the student to come in. when the person walked into the room there were many gasps, giggles and chitter chatter from most of the girls in the class, the boys would groan disappointedly or be jealous of the new comer. Chii glanced over out of curiosity and ended up turning her whole head to stare.
"Class, this is our new student: Fai D. Flowright."

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