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Chapter 13:

Sakura and Syaoran had gone home and it was just Chii and Fai at the graves. Chii was telling her sister and mother about the fun she had been having and hoping that they were happy for her. Fai stood back and watched as Chii cheerfully told them her stories. Chii stood up and turned to Fai. "We can go home now." She said smiling.

The walk home was quiet, and when the two got home it was even quieter. Chii ate dinner and went straight to her room; she curled up on her bed and felt warm tears stream down her face and land on her pillow. Suddenly Fai burst through the door, light shone through, lightly illuminating the room. "Chii, are you ok?" Chii's eyes opened, she turned her head and found Fai sitting on the bed next to her.

"I'm fine." Chii whipped her eyes before sitting up.

"No you're not, I can see that." Fai had a concerned look on his face. Chii felt tears well up in her eyes as she tried to wipe them away, but they kept falling. Fai put his hand on Chii's cheek and looked into her eyes. "It's ok to cry in front of me. I understand." Chii looked into Fai's deep blue eyes as the both of them found themselves leaning into each other and connecting their lips and closing their eyes. It was only a quick kiss, Fai pulled back but Chii grabbed his shirt.

"kiss me again…" she whispered and Fai obeyed, the kiss lasted longer than the last but they still parted not long after. "again…" Chii wrapped her arms around Fai's neck, joining their lips once again. Fai slowly lowered Chii onto her bed and deepened the kiss. Chii's grip loosened as she slid her hands to the top of Fai's black button up shirt and started to undo the buttons. Fai lent on one of his elbows as his other hand slid down Chii's side giving her chills and stopped at the bottom of her jet black dress. Chii lifted her knee indicating that Fai could move his hand up her dress, Chii had undone all the buttons on Fai's shirt and he discarded it onto the floor. Chii's dress was next, then Fai's pants and the rest of their undergarments. Chii embraced Fai tightly, she was nervous. Fai moved is hand town Chii's body until he found the spot that made Chii shudder, he put pressure on it and heard a small moan come from Chii's lips as he placed his own on her neck, giving her a hickey. Fai massaged the spot for a while then moved his fingers lower and slid one inside her, Chii gripped his arms but she found it didn't hurt like she thought it would. Fai took his hand away from her and she found herself clinging to him wanting more, then Fai carefully lowered himself into her waited for her to relax before starting to thrust. Chii found out that sex was actually quite good when she was treated nicely, every movement Chii felt the pleasure get stronger as she held Fai tightly and with a single last movement Chii felt the sensation shoot through her as she arched her back, tipped her head back and called out Fai's name at pretty much the same time as he did hers. Afterward the two lied embracing each other and fell asleep.

Fai awoke to the chime of Chii's phone ringing. Chii was fast asleep so he decided he would answer it and take a message so Chii could call them back. "hello?" he said quietly not to wake Chii.

"im coming for you soon my doll Chii." A man's voice said.

"what?" fai said confused.

"who is this?" the voice questioned.

"oh, im sorry im Fai, Chii is sleeping right now I can get her to call you back." Fai explained. "Could I get your name?"

"where is she sleeping?"

"in her bed." Fai was slightly confused.

"and where are you?" Fai was silent for a moment.

"in her room… why?" he asked.

"no reason…" there was a horrible silence. "what are you to her?"

"I'm her boyfriend."

"well then, I guess I should tell you this then." He paused. "I am Kyle Rondart, Chii's step father." He said smugly. Fai froze. "and tell my doll Chii that I'm coming for her." With that Kyle hung up. Fai leant forward his hair over his eyes and his expression unreadable, he placed Chii's phone on his lap. Chii woke and looked at Fai.

"Fai, what's wrong?" she asked wiping sleep from her eyes. Chii's eyes widened and she stared blankly at Fai when he didn't look at her when he said the words:

"You need to get out of here as soon as possible."

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