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Chapter 8:

It was the last day of the year and Chii was sitting on her bed playing violin. Her melody was neutral to begin with but when she started to remember her Christmas she stood and her song became happy as she spun around the room playing. Suddenly there was a knock at her door, it's Fai I bet. She thought to herself while approaching the door practically skipping and who was standing there? But Fai of course. Chii happily let him in. Fai noticed Chii was holding her violin. "You've been playing haven't you." More of a statement than a question.

"Yes, I have." Chii answered anyway. She asked him if he wanted a drink and they both ended up having a glass of apple juice.

"I assume you're spending New Year's alone?" Fai asked.

"Yes… You?"

"Same here." He smiled.

"That's why you're here isn't it?" Chii raised an eyebrow.

"Yep." He gave her a closed eye smile. Chii finished her drink and placed her cup in the sink, grabbed her violin and started playing a quick paced complicated song.

Fai placed his empty glass in the sink. "Hey, you were gonna teach me violin remember?" he smiled walking to Chii.

"But of course." Chii replied finishing off her song.

It was a few minutes from midnight and Fai was starting to get the hang of the violin. "Wow, for someone who is meant to be good at everything you suck at the violin!" Chii laughed.

Fai Blushed. "I'm getting the hang of it." He played another off key tune which made Chii giggle. After Chii's fit of laughter the phone rang.

"Hang on I'll get that." She darted to the phone and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hello Chii." Said a mature, snobbish female voice.

"Auntie Marie?" Chii asked.

"Yes, it's me. Unfortunately your uncle Frank has passed away." Chii's eyes started to water.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." She said quietly.

"Yes you should be. And because of his passing you won't be receiving payments anymore and I will not pay them. I will no longer have anything to do with you or that stepfather of yours." Chii's eyes widened her heart started pounding and she felt queasy at the mention of him. "And you are not stable enough to work, I'm surprised you can even go to school and you will have to move out of your apartment within the next week. Happy New Year, Chii." Marie hung up. Chii slowly moved the phone from her ear, tears streaking down her face and when she placed the phone back down in its spot fireworks lit up the sky… Chii's knees' bent as she collapsed on the floor her head in her hands, Fai quickly rushed to her side putting an arm around her.

"What happened?" he asked, both of them sitting on the floor. Chii told Fai about the phone call. "So you have nowhere to go?" he asked leaning over to see Chii's face. She nodded. Fai sat up, a look of intense thinking on his face. He bit his lip. "How about you stay with me?" he blurted out. Chii looked up quickly her eyes wide.

"Really?" She asked. Fai started to blush; he couldn't believe he actually suggested it. He had been thinking about it for a while because he was worried about her being alone because of her past.

"Uh, yeah. I have plenty of room at my house for one more person we can just make the guest room yours." He looked away for a brief moment before turning his head back for an answer. Chii was silent in surprise for a moment before her eyes filled with tears again and she flung her arms around Fai's neck hugging him and ended up pushing him over in the process.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" She cried, Fai lay on the ground Chii on top of him stroking her hair.

"I promise this will be a better year for both of us."

That week Chii moved in with Fai, in her new room she had her double bed in a corner. Her bedside cabinet next to it, some of her stuff in the wardrobe and her chest of draws against another wall opposite the window. Fai had also found a fluffy purple rug for Chii to put on her floor. When Chii saw the rug she stared at it a bit before turning to Fai in question. "Your room looked a bit plain so I decided to add something to it." He smiled. Chii ended up becoming quite accustomed to living with Fai she liked having someone around and Fai enjoyed her company, it reminded him of the old times with his younger twin brother Yuui. Fai told Chii that she didn't need to get a job because his family owned the house so he didn't need to pay rent or anything he just needed money for food and other luxuries so he could afford another person around.

One day Chii was walking around the house bored, her IPod had died and she couldn't find her charger and her phone was useless when it came to entertaining her. She walked down the hallway to Fai's room, surely he could find something for her to do. Chii opened the door to find Fai sitting on his bed reading a book. She looked closer at him when he turned his head. "I didn't know you wore glasses, Fai." She said walking up to the bed.

"I don't." he took them off. "I was just wondering what it would be like to read with them on, as it turns out they're useless." He studied them before placing them down next to him, he looked up to Chii. "Did you want something?" he asked.

"I'm bored." She admitted. Fai closed his book.

"You want to play a game?" he asked placing the book on the bedside cabinet.

"What game?"

"You choose."

"Do you think I'd be bored if I could decide what to do?" Chii raised an eye brow.

"Sorry." Fai chuckled. "Hmmm… how about hide and seek?" Chii shrugged her shoulders.


Chii was first to count. She counted to twenty and went to search the house. Chii found Fai easily, behind the couch. Then it was Chii's turn to hide, she quietly snuck into the backyard and found a tree that had almost like vines hanging down to the ground around the whole thing. Perfect. Chii weaved herself through the vinelike branches and sat in the shade of the tree silently. It had been about fifteen minutes before Chii could hear Fai walking around the backyard, she watched as his shadow walked past and accidently giggled the second time it went past. Chii heard the rustle of branches behind her; she turned to see Fai poking his head inside. "Nice hiding spot you've found." He said as he entered Chii's hiding spot.

"Took you awhile to find me." She smiled. Fai sat next to her and looked around. Chii relaced and lent back on her hands, accidently putting her fingers just on top of Fai's own fingers, which in response automatically found himself lacing his fingers into hers but she didn't resist, instead she did the same back. Then both of them at the same time looked at each other but didn't say a word. Fai removed his weight from his other hand and slowly leaned toward Chii who was moving to look at Fai strait on. When Fai lent forward Chii lent back enticing him to follow her when he stopped she grabbed his arm pulling him down on top of her slowly, he placed his hand on the grass above her head leaning on his elbow and the other still holding her hand as well. Chii's grip on Fai's arm loosened as she moved it to his hair playing around with the blond locks. Fai lightly put his forehead on Chii's who tilted her head making their lips only millimetres away this time. Both of them closed their eyes and Fai closed the ever so small gap between their lips and gently kissed Chii. It wasn't like any kiss Chii had ever received before; it was gentle, caring and full of love. Their lips parted but only for a brief moment when Chii lifted her head slightly to join them again. Chii removed her hand from Fai's and wrapped her arm around his neck, her other hand still in his hair. Fai moved his now free hand down Chii's side slowly, this time when their lips parted; he licked her lower lip slightly asking permission for a deeper kiss. Permission was granted. Chii was timid at first but got the hang of intertwining her tongue with Fai's. Fai's hand reached Chii's hip who raised her body wanting to be closer to him when Fai's phone suddenly rang. Both of them froze their eyes snapped open as they parted and sat up quickly, faces red. Then Fai answered his phone. Both of them were embarrassed and didn't quite understand what had just happened.

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