I'm at the nursery, staring at a white ceiling. Four is here to tell me something. By the sound of his voice, it's not good.

"Tris, Eric is really mad" Tobias says once Christina goes out, "but Max and the other leaders don't want to do anything. I've talked to them. They say it's personal and doesn't matter to training, which ends tomorrow anyways."

"That's good right?" The first flicker of hope appears in me sinceā€¦ well, since I got beat up by Eric.

"It's good. They won't throw you out. But we need to watch out for Eric. He expected Max to throw me off, but Max said no. Eric doesn't like it when people don't do what he wants. And he's got direct communication with Jeanine Matthews. He could say anything he'd like to her. So we'll be extra careful not to-"

"We? We have to be careful?" I say, louder than I intend to. "Because usually when I'm in trouble with Eric you agree with him and leave me to try and be the innocent little Tris. And I'm done playing that part."

"I know you are," He explains, smiling a little. "And you won't have to do it anymore. Plus, now that everybody knows about us I can publicly help you out right? And if Eric tries to attack you again I'll be there, because now everyone knows that I'm your boyfriend. Doesn't that make sense?"

I'm still a bit mad, not at him exactly, but I do agree. "Yes, it makes sense."

"Do you still want me to be your boyfriend?" He asks. Oh, that's what Tobias is really worried about? I smile a little too.

"Yes, of course, Four."

"Good, because I'm staying here until the pain meds kick in. You should sleep a little."

"Don't tell me what to do." I say, and he laughs. I close my eyes anyways, the medication helps me doze off.

When I open my eyes again, however, he's not here. Uriah is sitting next to my hospital bed and my head has stopped hurting.

"Hey Tris!" Uriah sounds really excited and upbeat. "How are you?"

"I'm good, I think the pain medication started to kick in-"

"Oh, never mind about the medication! I want to know about your secret Romeo-and-Juliet-like relationship! Tris, you're so much more exciting than I thought you were." He says, all at once.

"Gee, thanks. I'm flattered." I say, with sarcasm.

"I didn't mean that you weren't interesting before!" He laughs. "But you need to tell me how that happened. Honestly, it's all anyone can talk about."


"And you look like one." We both laugh, because that's all true.

Tobias enters the room before I have the change to ask for him. He is smiling, too, even though we have the threat of Eric pondering through our heads. What could Eric do? Throw me into the chasm? Make my life a living hell? Worse?

Oh, Tobias looks so handsome.

Focus here! It's just the medication making me wander. I mean, I hope it's the medication.

"I can take over now." He says to Uriah, and they both whisper something to each other.

"Are you keeping secrets now?" I ask Tobias.

"I got you something." He says.


He points to his forearm, where I see a white bandage. The skin around it looks red, like he hurt himself. He starts to take off the bandage, and just as I'm about to ask him why the hell he's showing me a bruise, he says:

"I got a tattoo for you."