"I HATE SCHOOL! Don't you get it Dean? Sam?" I looked at both of them with my puppy dog eyes. They always work. "Jennifer Winchester you have never been to school long enough to actually like it. Its gonna be fine. You are 17 for God's sake and its not SCHOOL, its HIGH SCHOOL!" , Dean practically yelled. He was really getting desperate or he'd never use my full name. Didn't I say that my puppy dog eyes always work? Well guess they 'worked'. I huffed angrily. Sam pulled me towards him and lifted my face when i refused to look at him and said, " Jen please try to understand. This is for your own good. You need to go to Mystic Falls ..."I didn't let him complete and blurted, " Yeah so you and Dean can go find Dad alone and hunt together while I sit in some class listening to crap that I don't give a rat's ass about? Not happening." Dean raised his eyebrows when I said 'rat's ass' but I was too angry to care or maybe just too scared. I walked out of the motel canteen where we were sitting for breakfast and went to our room. I sat on the bad where Sam slept last night.I slept on the other bed while Dean had to sleep on the floor on a mattress. This is what happens when you keep moving around hunting monsters with credit card scams to rely on for money. I didn't want to worry about my brothers getting hurt or worse...I wanted to be with my family. Sam was finally back with us and even though he was sad because of his girlfriend Jessica's murder by the demon that killed Mom, he was with us and I had missed him so much when he wasn't. We had just fried a Wendigo and we made an excellent team together. I loved my brothers, loved it when we fought about who was going to sleep on the floor and who would do the laundry. I wanted to help them find Dad who was missing . Dean was right. I hadn't been to school long enough to like it . We kept moving because of hunts. Honestly I always wanted to go to high school and just one high school and have fun instead of guarding our secrets and always being the new girl in class but it was not the same then. I couldn't leave my family behind. Mystic Falls was the place that Mom loved. I was sure she'd be happy to see me living there and going to school and living an apple pie life WITH MY FAMILY. She wouldn't want me to leave Sam and Dean , would she?

As I was lost in my own train of thoughts I didn't notice the room door opening and closing. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jerked out of my thoughts. Dean was looking at me and he had the chick flick look on his face. Sam sat near Dean and me and said, " Look Jen I know you think this is wrong but try to understand. Things could seem complicated right now but trust me this is something you'll love. I mean I had to hurt you guys to go to college and you get a chance to do so without hurting any of us. Isn't that something you want?" " Jen ...hey look at me. I'm your big brother. Heck we both are and we really love you so please don't think we are abandoning you or something. Its your chance to chill out for sometime and then you'd be kicking some fugly asses with us. Its not forever. You heard Dad's call last night. He told us to be safe and that things could get nasty for us. You are a brave warrior Jen but you are still a kid..." Dean said and I shot him a glare but he kept going on, " ...and we need to protect our little sis no matter what. Mystic Falls is a good place. Nothing bad happens there; ever. Mom loved it and you'll be living in our grandparent's house. Its as close to normal as a Winchester can get. You'll be living alone and i know that sucks and we'll be constantly bombarding you with calls but just think about it. Its not that bad Jenny." I sighed. Dean was right. " If sending away makes you happy then fine I'll do it" "Hey we are NOT sending you away . We'll drop by to see you and you can join us on holidays and maybe do the geek job of research for us. Jenny your happiness makes us happy and we don't want to send you too but you are the most important person and we have to protect you. Its our duty and pleasure little sis", Dean winked at me and his speech was kind of true. I knew that they wouldn't send me away if they didn't really have to. "Okay guys I'll go to Mystic Falls and have a taste of boring apple pie life but if you guys don't keep me updated about all the happenings and hunts in your life then I'll make sure to hunt you guys down and kick your asses." Sam and Dean laughed and looking at them, I couldn't be in the brooding mood and I joined them in their laughter.

We all had some fun time after that. We ate all kinds of delicious stuff and shopped. Dean didn't really like the shopping part but he had his share of fun by flirting with the hot waitresses and cashiers. They next day was the day I'd be going to Mystic Falls and starting a new life . At night I couldn't sleep as I kept thinking about how different my normal life would be. I was excited and scared at the same time. I seriously hoped that this would end well for all of us.


So here I am , laying awake and waiting for my brothers to wake up. Its morning and today I will be going to Mystic Falls. It will be my new home.I hope I make some awesome friends. I hope I'll not be a freak there and people will like me for who I am. I hope no one asks me too much about my family or I will end up screwing up my life there. Its funny ... there's just hope...just hope that everything will be fine. Dad where are you? What are you up to? I miss you so much. Dean and Sam miss you too. Please come back and please be safe...