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Its been an hour since I woke up and I'm still staring at my brothers' sleeping forms. They will wake up soon now as its nearly 7 am and we have to pack my stuff and leave for Mystic Falls. We will be driving there of course. Dean has already talked to Sheriff Forbes who lives in Mystic Falls and all I know about her is that she is the Sheriff obviously and she was a friend of Mom's when Mom had quit hunting and lived with Dad. She seems to be a nice person. Dean asked her to get me admitted to Mystic Falls High School and she was more than happy to help us. I have always been a good student, actually, an excellent student. We keep shifting schools but I manage well everywhere and Dean always teases me by calling me a nerd. I don't mind it though. Sheriff Forbes has a daughter who'll be in my class but I don't know anything else about anyone in Mystic Falls apart from a few names that I've heard from Dad before . So its going to be the beginning of the first term after the summer holidays. Its better than being the new girl once classes have already started. There should be two three people who'll be joining school with me but I'm not sure...

Sam wakes up and I smile at him and say , "Mornin' sunshine! Sleep alright?" He has nightmares about Jess very often and has his own heavy share of sleepless nights ."Yeah Jen. I'm fine. What about you? Nervous?" I nod and add, " I'm fine Sammy. Raring to rock and roll now that you guys have left me no choice" Sam ruffles my hair and I ruffle his hair and we both end up laughing. Suddenly Dean's voice enters my ears,"Cheery much you two? So what'd I miss?", he looks at us expectantly with a smile on his face. I grin evilly and say, " Sammy and I here were trying to wake you up but you were lost in your own dreams and kept mumbling something about how much you love watching the chick flick...What was the name of the movie Sammy?" I can't think of any chick flick so I let Sam share the burden. Sam can barely control his laughter and says, "Linda: The girl who stole my heart" Dean looks at us incredulously and Sam and I burst out laughing looking at the expression on Dean's face . Dean looks at Sam and says," Oh well how about the time Sammy boy peed his pants when he saw a joker?" Sam looked at Dean and practically yelled,"Dude I was 4 for heaven's sake!" Soon we end up throwing pillows and insulting each other and choking with laughter.

After we stopped laughing because our stomachs were paining , all of us bathed and had breakfast in the motel canteen. Dean grunted and made ugly noises while eating his extra cheesy burger which made me want to hide my face and refuse to recognize him at all. Sam felt the same too but no matter how much you coaxed Dean about eating habits, he just did what he loved, embarrassing us...well not exactly his purpose but yeah he didn't mind our scorns. After breakfast and a few rounds of the local market we went back to our motel room . Sam and Dean left me to pack and went out to buy some stuff that they needed for the drive to Mystic Falls.

I am done with packing and its noon . We just have to have lunch and then and after a 5 hour drive, we'll be in Mystic Falls. Dean and Sam haven't been back yet and its worrying me. What must have happened? Are the bringing something for me ? That would be cool and I kind of know they will give me a parting gift. I myself am going to gift Dean and Sam identical chains with a pentagram shaped locket. I bought three of those lockets and I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have found pentagram shaped lockets as they prevent demonic possession and are a symbol of protection. It wasn't difficult to buy those without being caught doing so as Sam and Dean were busy buying books and stuff for right now all I can do is worry and keep calling their phones which none of them are I am literally worried and considering to look for themselves myself. The door opens and Sam and Dean enter with a large bag in Dean's hands and I run to them and admonish them. "What the hell? Where were you guys? I have been trying to call you but you won't pick up the phone! Are you guys okay?" Sam and Dean nod and ask me to chill out."Explain yourselves , would ya?"I ask them in a calm voice which I know scares the living crap out of people because my calm voice makes them feel my cold fury even more. Sam and Dean grinned cheekily and handed me the bag that they were holding."What's in this guys?", I ask them excitedly. "Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Right Sammy?", Dean said happily. Sam nods and urges me to open the package. Inside the bag is a leather bag which looks like a cover for a..."OH MY GOD! DUDE IS THIS A PRANK OR THIS REALLY IS A ...?" Dean and Sam smile at my response and I hurriedly sit down to open the bag." Easy there tiger", Dean laughs on seeing my antics. I forget all my anger and gasp when I see a cool black laptop which would be mine! Sam says," Like it Jen?". I laugh,"Of course I love it!Thanks guys!Thanks so much" Dean says,"We couldn't answer your phone because we were kind of engrossed in buying a smartphone for you." I gape at him, "SERIOUSLY? HOLY CRAP!" Sam hands over a box to me and in there is a sleek white mobile with extra covers . I love it. Its white and white and it has metallic pink, red , black and blue covers too."This must have cost a fortune guys" They simply smile and tell me not to bother about the cost. I" Anything for our little shall use your smartphone to track you via GPS and to keep a close guard on you so don't be too thankful.", Dean smirks. I scowl but am too happy to bother.I wouldn't be lying to them anyway. I hug Sam and Dean and merrily pack the newly acquired treasure in my stuff. I give them their lockets and they love it . They promise to wear them always as it was a reminder for all of us that we were always together for each other. All three of us slip the chain and the locket around our necks and are ready to leave the motel. We head out for lunch at a local restaurant.

We have had our lunch and are on our way to Mystic Falls. Dean is driving like he always does. He loves his baby...We are in the outskirts of Mystic Falls and will reach the main area in about 45 minutes. Its a beautiful place with a lot of greenery. The moon and the stars are so clearly visible. I think I like the place. We can only be sure when we reach it.

I sat in the car with my brothers and enjoyed our last ride together. We were on our way to a medium sized house that was clearly visible. It was surrounded by greenery like every other house in Mystic Falls and I thought it was a good place to live in. We entered the house gates and Dean stopped the Impala. I held my breath and prepared myself to enter into a new new house...