Hi all just a wee note to say Amy is 23, Ty is 24 and they are married and have just had a baby girl :)

Amy and Ty trundled into their cabin at Bragg Creak with Ty carrying their newborn baby girl in the car seat. Amy flicked on the light and looked round

"We so have to clean this place up tomorrow" said Amy looking at the mess on the living room floor.

"Yeah... but now let's get to bed" agreed Ty. They put the little baby to bed together and smiled at each other. Ty put an arm around Amy and whispered in her ear "I love you..." Amy whispered back saying "I bet I love you more..." Ty shook his head and said "Prove it tomorrow" then they changed into Pajamas and went to sleep...

It was 10am the next morning and Ty was in the kitchen, trying to contact his parents about the news, Ty hadn't talked to them for 3 years. He knew where they were but they wouldnt answer their phone. Meanwhile Amy was in the living room with their baby girl her mind whirling around with name suggestions. Suddenly the baby started crying, Amy stood up and walked around the room rocking her. Soon she was asleep. Amy smiled then walked over to the window and placed her in the small carry crib and then went and sat on the couch.

About 5 minutes later Ty came in the room looking mixed with frustration and disappointment.

"No luck?" asked Amy already knowing the answer at the look of his face.

Ty shook his head and sat down next to Amy "Is she asleep?" he asked putting an arm around Amy.

"Yeah... just." Amy looked up at Ty and leaned her head on his shoulder, Ty bent down and kissed the top of her head.

"Shall we start cleaning?" Ty said

"I suppose we must?" sighed Amy with a question in her voice.

"We must" laughed Ty. They stood up and started cleaning when the phone rang.

Amy got up "Hello? Amy Borden speaking..." answered Amy...

Sorry it so short! I just straight away wanted to get started on it :)