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Peppermint Winter

Chapter 1: An Ungraceful Encounter

Some would call him a slacker. Others would call him lazy. The rest? A waste of air.

But to the people who knew him, Jack Frost was a bright and cheery personality. Unfortunately for him, not many people did know him. He was 'invisible' so to speak. Wallpaper. Always hanging around, but never really noticed. Yes, he got lonely sometimes, but he enjoyed solitude.

But today was the start of what would be an ordinary day for Jack Frost. His alarm clock went off at six forty-five in the morning, and he hit the snooze button until it was seven. Then he pulled his half asleep form from the bed and made himself some breakfast. He never bothered to brush his shaggy brown hair. It would just get messed up throughout the day, therefore, he never saw the point. Instead, he just dragged his fingers through it to get the knots out.

"Okay..." He sighed, checking the calendar on his refrigerator. "Where am I today?" He quickly found today's date and nodded to himself. He was at the ice rink.

Jack pulled on his navy blue jacket with the fur on the hood and shoved his feet into his sneakers before pushing the front door to his apartment open. As always, the halls were a mess, wallpaper peeling off the walls and paint chipping in random places.


Jack jumped slightly, turning towards the voice. It was E. Aster Bunnymund, his landlord.

"Bunny!" Jack said, smiling as if he were greeting an old friend, quickly locking the door to his apartment. "What's up?"

"You're behind on the rent again, Frost." He said in his Aussie accent.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry." Jack turned to him, giving him a pitiful smile. "I'll have it by the end of the week, all right? I had to put winter tires on my car this month. The installation-"

"No more excuses, Frost." Bunnymund growled. "Pay your rent, or I'm hauling your ass out of here." Then he turned and walked away, leaving Jack alone. For a moment, his brown eyes grew distant as he stood outside his door for a few seconds. Then he sighed and bowed his head, shaking it quickly as he got his head back on straight. He had no time for contemplating his issues. He had to get to work or he wouldn't have anything for Bunnymund by the end of the week.

Maybe I should just live in a tent... Jack thought to himself. It would spare me the trouble... He headed for the stairs, not trusting the dinged up elevators. He didn't know if they even got serviced anymore. Besides, he had claustrophobia. If he couldn't hold his arms out to the sides and spin around freely, the space was too small. Unless he could open a window and have fresh air. Then he was fine. It gave him the illusion of freedom, something he cherished. It was the reason he dropped out of college in the first place, which had probably been a bit of a mistake.

Jack jumped the last two or three stairs, landing with a smack on the tile below. Then again, he no longer cared about college. He just wanted to live and do what he wanted to do, which was snowboard. He also loved skating. Winter sports in general actually. He dreamed of moving up north to where it snowed constantly. Unfortunately, he was having trouble finding the funds to do so.

A cold gust of wind hit Jack in the face as he stepped out of his apartment. He smiled to himself. Winter was here! Snow crunched beneath his shoes as he walked, heading for his car, which was an old Honda.

Jack unlocked his car door and stepped inside. He kept the door open until he rolled the window down then turned the car on. It sputtered to life, purring happily since its tune up two weeks ago. Jack hoped it would last the winter. He couldn't afford a breakdown. He'd have to sell the thing for scrap metal if that happened. And even then, the car was his main way of getting to work. If he lost it, he'd be on foot. As much as Jack liked physical activity, it would take him half an hour to get from his apartment to the skating rink. And even then, he needed transportation to get to the ski hills where he worked Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday teaching kids how to snowboard. Thursday was ice rink day. Sunday and Tuesday? Those were free days. Jack liked those just as much as the rest of his week.

Jack pulled out of the parking lot, the wind whipping his still messy hair around as he drove, one of his hands hanging out the window. The cold bit his fingers, but he simply didn't care. To him, the cold was life. He turned on the radio, smiling as his favourite music hummed through the car. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove, cold wind from outside rushing into his face.

Jack pulled into North Pole Sports Center and climbed out of his car, rolling the window up before shutting the door. He spun his keys around his finger, whistling as he pushed through the door.

"Good morning, Jack!" One of his co workers called.

"Morning." Jack said in response.

"Terrible weather, eh? I still don't have my snow tires on!"

"I like it." Jack stated. "And I got my tires on two weeks ago. Pays to be prepared, you know?"

His co worker, Jack thought his name was Jason but he wasn't quite sure, laughed.

Jack stuffed his keys into his pocket before they went flying off his finger and headed towards the head office to check in. North, his boss, always gave him a job for the day. Sometimes he was in charge of slapping on a pair of skates and skating with the people during the public skate just in case someone got hurt. Other times he was in charge of the Zamboni, his favourite job. And if he was really unlucky, he was the guy who removed and reset hockey nets so the person who was on the Zamboni could resurface the ice. Regardless, Jack loved working here. It was his other favourite place right next to working with the kids on the snowboarding hills. He loved kids.

Jack knocked on the door to North's office.

"Come in!" A deep Russian accent called out.

Jack pushed his way into the room. "Good morning, North."

"Jack! Just man I wanted to see!" North said cheerily. "I got call from local university." He folded his hands in front of him. "By no means am I running business, but they wanted recommendation of somebody who could work ice in their rink."

"And?" Jack asked, his heart stuttering in his chest.

"I told them, Jack Frost was man for job!" North said happily. "They expect you around noon today at Burgess University. Just on other side of town. I have directions." He slid a piece of paper across the desk. Jack lifted the directions, his eyes wide.

"I-I'm honoured." Jack said, feeling ecstatic. "Truly, thank you so much, North."

"You very welcome, Jack." North smiled. "Keep doing good work. Rink seven for you today."

Jack nodded. "All right. I'll fix it up and I'll head out."

North nodded. "Come see me before you go."

"I will." Jack grabbed the keys for rink seven and slid from the room. He'd barely gotten five paces from North's door when he jumped into the air with an overjoyed scream. A new job! He didn't look forward to going back to a school of all places, but he figured it was worth a go. He also figured that if a university had an ice rink, it would be awfully prestigious. He ran a hand through his hair as he unlocked rink seven, wondering if the place would be full of snoots. He'd just have to avoid looking people in the eye.

Jack changed out of his normal sneakers and into his ice boots, ones that prevented slipping. He looked the ice over and quickly grabbed a snow shovel. He glanced at the giant clock up by the scoreboard. It read eight-oh-three. He had enough time to fix the ice up for the day, and even then he'd get it done fast enough to do it three times before he had to leave. The ice never really needed all that much care here. North knew what he was doing, as did Jack and everyone else who worked here.

"All right..." Jack stepped out onto the ice and began shovelling the snow off. And thus began his ordinary day, turned extraordinary.


She looked at her clock, wondering if it was serious. It couldn't be eight thirty in the morning. It couldn't be.

She reached for her phone and flicked it on, reading the same time there as well. Her watch? Same way.

"Oh shoot..." She whispered.

Because for the first time ever, Toothiana Frazee was late for school.

She leapt out of bed so fast, her legs got tangled in the blankets. She hit the ground with a thud, her dark hair a tangled mess on the top of her head. When she finally freed herself and threw the blankets back on her bed, Toothiana was frantic. She dressed quickly, yanking a brush through her hair and grabbing an apple out of her refrigerator before tearing from her small dorm room and locking the door behind her. She ate the apple as she ran down the stairs, trying not to trip. She tore through the front hall, receiving a glare from the receptionist (yes, her dorm building actually had one) and out the door into the winter wonderland beyond.

She didn't take notice of the snow, however.

Toothiana rushed across the campus of Burgess University. It was a massive school, and it took only the best of the best. Anything you could ever want to learn, you could learn it in the halls of Burgess University at one of six campuses in the peaceful city. All six were on a single, massive city block. The one Toothiana was attending was focused on medical arts and sciences. This was where you went to become a neurosurgeon. However Toothiana was pursuing a more muted career: dentistry. To many of the students who were studying to be doctors, she was a sort of laughing stock. Who, after all, came to the most prestigious university next to Harvard to study dentistry of all things?

Toothiana didn't care, however. She worked hard to get here, and she was determined to get a good education. To be brutally honest, her parents, both doctors, didn't even know dentistry was what she was pursuing. They thought she was studying to be a doctor. She still hadn't broken the news to them. She hoped to work up the courage someday.

But why a dentist over a doctor? Toothiana wasn't quite sure she chose it either. All she really knew was that she wanted to be different. She didn't want to be like her parents. But at the same time, the medical field fascinated her. It was only after she found herself picking a piece of a chewed Lego block from a child's mouth with tweezers while working at the daycare did she realize she loved teeth. And thus, she pursued dentistry under her parent's nose.

Oh what they would do if they found out...

Toothiana tore into the school, checking her watch for the time. Eight fifty-two. She was all right. She rushed to her locker, thankfully getting it open on the first try. She removed her biology textbook and yanked off her blue jacket and yellow scarf, shoving them into her locker and shutting the door, tearing through the halls to get to the lecture room.

She arrived with three minutes to spare.

"Good morning, Professor Hampton," Toothiana greeted.

"Good morning, Tooth." The elderly man said, his moustache twitching into a smile. "You're a little bit late, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I slept in." Tooth gasped, collapsing into her seat at the front. "There was an interesting show on television last night and I stayed up to watch it."

"I hope it was well worth it?"

"Yeah. I learned a lot." Tooth reached into her backpack and pulled out a few of her notebooks and a pen as students began trickling in. The bell rang just seconds later, signalling the end of her conversation with Professor Hampton. The two of them got along really well, so well in fact that Tooth thought her biology professor a fatherly figure. Yes, she was a bit of a teacher's pet, but she didn't care.

As the second bell rang announcing the start of class, Tooth settled into her seat, her pen poised to take in every little piece of information her professor could give out.


Jack pulled into Burgess University around eleven thirty. He stuffed the last of his lunch into his mouth and stepped out of the car. He had to admit, the campus was beautiful. There were several buildings, some bigger than others. The medical arts and sciences building had to be the largest though. Jack figured he'd avoid that at all costs. Hospitals gave him the twitches. Call it paranoia, but there was always a sense of unease in the place, like a deadly strain of Ebola had just been released through the halls and the doctors weren't saying anything, less they start up a panic. Jack didn't like them.

Jack headed towards the 'faculty building', figuring that was where he'd meet the headmaster. He slipped inside and cringed as a blast of heat hit him in the face. Was this a school building or a rain forest? He glanced around, seeing the secretary sitting at her desk wearing a thin t-shirt. She was obviously comfortable. Jack wasn't. He felt like he was melting.

"Excuse me," he said, approaching the desk.

The secretary looked up, her cheeks immediately flushing slightly pink. Jack ignored it.

"I'm looking for the headmaster. I was called in to look after the ice."

"Y-Yes of course." She reached for the phone, her eyes dancing across his face almost hungrily. Eventually, she snapped back to whatever she was doing and quickly dialled a number. A ping echoed through the building and probably in the grounds and other buildings as well.

"Headmaster to the faculty building front desk, headmaster to the faculty building front desk." She said before hanging up the phone. "He'll be here in a few minutes."

Jack nodded and headed over to the chairs by the plate glass windows. He stared out at the winter wonderland beyond, wishing he was still out there in the fresh, cool snow and not baking in this unnatural indoor heat. He had just been about to give in and pull off his jacket when a tall man stepped up to the front desk. He was wearing a black suit and his hair was neat and tidy. The secretary pointed in Jack's direction, making the boy stand up.

The man turned and smiled. "Jack Frost was it?" He had a slight British accent.

"Yes sir." Jack said, nodding.

"Good good, I'm the headmaster Kozmotis Pitchiner." He held out his hand and Jack shook it. "Most just call me Pitch. Feel free to do so."

"All right, I'm Jack Frost. Feel free to call me Jack." He couldn't help but say. He immediately felt his face heat up, embarrassed to be making wise ass comments to a headmaster, someone who could potentially be giving him a job in the future.

But to his surprise, Pitch chuckled. "All right then Jack. Come with me."

Pitch led Jack back outside much to his relief. They walked across the campus until they reached the 'athletics center' of the campus. Jack was once again separated from the cold air he loved so much and bathed in scorching heat.

"Is this where you keep the ice?" Jack couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, but it's in a different area." Pitch stated, leading him through a set of double doors.

"It's awfully warm in here considering you have an ice rink."

"Our faculty and students prefer a comfortable environment for their studies."

If by comfortable you mean simulated summer vacation, then all right, Jack thought to himself, resisting the urge to voice it.

"Here we are," Pitch said, pushing through another set of double doors and into an area that could pass for an ice rink to the untrained eye, but looked more like a slush puddle to Jack. The temperature was around the freezing mark, much too warm for proper ice production.

"What do you think?" Pitch asked.

"Um..." Jack crouched by a door to the ice and ran his finger across it, cringing as his nail flaked off small pieces. "It's uh...a mess."

Pitch frowned in confusion.

"The temperature in here is far too warm to produce decent ice." Jack stated. "It flakes off. It's not hard at all. Get metal skates going around here, and you'll have a slush puddle in no time."

"So you're suggesting?"

"Drop the temperature a few degrees. Sure, maybe the students and faculty won't be as comfortable, but I don't think you want people who are skating to break their ankles either."

"Very well then. Do what you will." Pitch said, nodding. "The hockey team begins practice next week. Will it be ready by then?"

"I can manage."

"Could you come by in the afternoons to look after the ice?"

"I'm already working two jobs, but I think I can work something out."

Pitch nodded. "All right, it's all yours."

Jack smiled. "Thank you for this opportunity."

"Thank you for coming." Pitch stated. "Alert me if there are any issues."

"Any times you have in mind for me to show up and leave at?"

"Twelve to five?"

Jack nodded. "All right, I'll arrange that."

"What other jobs do you have, may I ask?" Pitch asked.

"I teach children how to snowboard Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. I work for North on Thursdays."

Pitch nodded. "Very well then. I will come back to see how you're doing in a few hours."

Jack nodded as the headmaster turned and left. As soon as he was gone, Jack turned to the ice and sighed heavily.

There was a lot of work that needed to be done.


As much as Tooth liked teeth, there was one other thing she loved enough to give teeth a run for their money.


Yes, Tooth loved it. She joined the kickboxing club at school and every Tuesday and Thursday at four, she headed to the athletics center with a gym bag slung over her shoulder. Humming along to her favourite tunes that were playing through her iPod, she pushed through the double doors heading to the athletic facilities. She passed the swimming pool, she passed the weight room. A cool blast of air hit her as she walked past the ice rink. This spot had never been so cold before. She turned her head to look through the glass window into the rink, and saw a young man with messy brown hair scraping snow off the top of the ice with a shovel. She didn't think much of it and continued on until she reached the gym. She pushed her way in and changed into her shorts and t-shirt in the change room before joining her peers in their warm-ups.

After about ten minutes, the coach stepped into the room. He called out movements for everyone to follow. Tooth followed them perfectly, smiling as a sweat started out on her brow.

The time passed quickly, and soon Tooth was changing back into her normal clothes, a bright smile on her face. She always felt good after physical exercise. She popped her ear buds back in and hit shuffle on her iPod. She grinned as her favourite song rushed into her ears. It flooded through her, making her laugh. She danced down the hall, not noticing the brown haired boy stepping out from the ice rink.

Her elbow collided heavily with something hard. She heard a cry of pain and she gasped, instantly yanking her headphones out and allowing them to dangle down her chest.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!" She cried. She rubbed her elbow, staring at the brown haired man. He was cringing, a hand over his mouth.

He removed his hand, making Tooth gasp at the sight of the blood pouring from his lips.

"Oh no!" She cried. "I'm so sorry, let me see..." She pulled his hands away and reached over to peel his lips back, checking for any signs of trauma.

"What are you doing?!" He cried, swatting her hand away.

"I'm making sure your teeth are all right!" Tooth stated.

"What are you, my dentist?" He cringed, wiping the blood off his lip.

"Well I'm studying to be one." Tooth said innocently.

"Okay, okay, so that gives you the rights to poke your fingers in my mouth." He grumbled.

"Please?" Tooth begged. "I hurt you. Please let me see."

He sighed. "All right, all right." He opened his mouth.

Tooth checked everything she could, feeling her cheeks flushing. He had such pretty teeth... So straight and well looked after...

"Looks like it's just a split lip." Tooth said, still blushing slightly. "It should heal well, but you might want to rinse with salt water later."

"Yeah, all right."

"I'm really sorry." Tooth bowed her head.

"Don't worry about it."

She looked up, meeting his bright brown eyes. They were filled with so much warmth that her heart instantly melted. "My name's Toothiana. Everyone calls me Tooth though."

He smiled. "I'm Jack. Everyone calls me Jack."

Tooth laughed.

Jack continued smiling. "Anyway, I've got to check in with the headmaster. Maybe I'll see you around."

"Yeah." Tooth said. "See you."

And Jack turned and headed down the hallway, disappearing through the double doors.