Alrite so this is my first transformers prime fanfic. Please give comments you have or critique it helps a lot. This is a KOxBD fanfic. Enjoy:3

Disclaimer: I do not own transformers prime and or it's characters.

His servos twitched and he bit his lip as his soft yellow optic rested on that perfect and sinful aft of knockouts. This had been the second time that k.o had dragged him along to look over the cliffs high edge at cars as they passed by. He could identify each one as it did so, and grew excited as he saw the occasional sports car speed past. But none of this bothered him, it was just the way the doctor looked while watching. Servos gripping the edge, chest to the floor, on his knees, legs spread graciously, and aft in the air. Oh breakdown was a mech with a lot of self control but the sight that lay before him pushed him almost past his limits. This time was harder than last time, his optic was practically glued to that damn medic. Examining every curve, every dip, every crease. His face plates grew hot and he could feel other places heat up as well. Frag. Knockouts hips swayed a bit and breakdown had to fight the urge to grab him and pin him to the floor. Struggling to keep his cooling fans from kicking on, he sat back.

"Doc. I'm gonna offline for awhile alright" he spoke to KO

"Hmm, oh ok yeah whatever" KO muttered distracted as another car passed, Breakdown smiled, leaning against a boulder he shut off his optics and fell into a light recharge.

~30 minuets later~

Knockout swayed his hips in anticipation he hadn't seen a decent vehicle all day. And to make matters worse his partner fell asleep, who was he suppose to talk to. KO turned his attention back to the road and raised his eyebrows as a vehicle the same model as breakdowns caught his vision. His motions stopped, and he looked closer. It was exactly like breakdowns but different paint. Normally he would only take interest in the sport cars that passed, vehicles with speed,but the fact that this looked like breakdown, how breakdown was right behind him sparked a twinge of heat deep within his port. He had taken a liking to his partner, more of a liking than he thought he would. And the more he thought on this the more the heat would grow. He tried to shake the thoughts away and focus on the cars below him. Untill he felt something trail down the inside of his thigh. A servo reached back and touched where the sensation was felt, pullin it back to him he found his servo tips covered in light blue lubricant. His own lubricant.

"Oh frag" he whispered optics widening. How had he gotten so turned on by just the thought of his partner and the sight of a model similar to the blue mech. There was no way he could hide this, he didn't carry a rag around. A stirring of noise made him freeze, Breakdown was coming back online. He scraped away the lubricant as best he could and regained his composure just as the familiar yellow optic flickered online, he stretched and yawned.

"Hey doc how long was I out?" Breakdown asked still leaning against the bolder he had fallen asleep against.

"Eh..bout 40 minuets" KO said bluntly not wanting any detection of arousal in is vocalizer. But What if breakdown caught him!? It would be so embarrassing! hot! Primus ko screamed in his head,as he forcefully kept his interfacing panel from popping open and he tried to suppress a shudder that went thru him as he thought of all the dirty things that could've happen if he had let it. But the shudder did not go un noticed by the blue mech. Nor did the quater size drop of blue on the ground between the doctors beautiful legs. Breakdowns face plates heated up yet again, he bit his bottom lip. Damn knockout what have you been doing he asked himself. His fingers twitched and he sat up.

Has he noticed? Am I safe? KO kept eyes focused on the road not noticing as breakdown drew closer. He saw flashy sports car fly down the road and lost some concentration. Breakdown witnessed himself as a bead of blue lubrication formed from kos port panel and slide down. That's it! The thin line of sheer will breakdown was holding onto had snapped in half. His hands gripped the doctors thighs and his glossa flicked out catching the bead before it fell, then he dragged it against kos port panel earning a delicious moan of surprise. KO's fans roared to life.