This is maybe a few months post-Skyfall, and for it to be possible, the death of a certain 'Evil Queen Of Numbers' never happened. This is in no way connected to Revenge, but features Lila, Silva's daughter and my OC. Pre-established 00M relationship.

He was gone. Silva. He had been for some time now, but James could tell when he looked into the steely blue eyes of the woman he had come to love, he could tell that she was still far from recuperating. Not once in that day-long drive to the highlands did he ask her about what it had been like back then; when she was young and beautiful and reckless (that was, if she had ever actually been the last one. She still was the second,) and Silva the trainee assigned to her, revelled in her admiration. Never once, during those long weeks she was in hospital recovering from the gunshot wound in her hip she had received at Skyfall, did he say anything about him. But now, as she seemed to be struggling to see past the deep mental scars caused by the deranged, psychopathic ghost of her past, he wanted to know, and badly. To help her through it...

Well, after what had happened that day, he was going to have to find out at some stage now...

Out of sheer boredom whilst waiting for a debriefing on the events at Skyfall, which had somehow become an official mission, with M - or Evelyn, as she was to him now when they were alone. He never would've guessed that that was her name for some reason. It had surprised him, but pleasantly as he had always loved it - James found himself having a conversation with Tanner. He had always found that man dry as a piece of toast and completely expressionless, but he was bored to hell and back.
"James, have you seen m recently?"
"Tanner, in case it's escaped your notice, we've been living together for the past month. Yes, I have seen her recently."
"No, here. I don't think she looks quite...right."
"What, you mean ill?"
"No, just...She's been completely dead behind the eyes for the past...ages. Plus, she kind of flinches whenever anyone brings up Silva."
"Well, after the shit she's been through, I don't blame her. Look, if it makes you feel any better, I'll talk to her."
"Thank you, James."
"Don't suck up, Tanner. It might be your job, but it just doesn't suit you," James said as he glanced over his shoulder on his way into M's newly-rebuilt office. Thank god that was over.

M looked terrible. Like a ghost, in fact. It was really the only way of putting it. Her head was resting on her hands and she was staring at a computer screen. Like Tanner said, her eyes literally looked dead and her face was completely expressionless. James saw her close her eyes momentarily and breathe a heavy sigh when she saw him, but she straightened up and said; "James, what on earth are you doing here?"
"Well, you told me to come here, and Tanner's just said to me that you've been looking like shit ever since you came back, so I was worried about you, naturally."
"James, that's your problem. You worry too much, really. I mean, you can let me out of your sight for half a minute, you know."
"Yes," James sat down in front of her desk, flicking the nose of her porcelain bulldog. M pulled the figurine out of his reach with one hand. "But after what happened, I think I'm allowed to be a bit too concerned when it comes to you. I love you, I don't want anything more to happen to you."
"Well, I'm fine and I highly doubt that anything's going to explode or something like that in the next three minutes, so you can go. You have things that need done and so do I."
He stood up to go, and was halfway across the room before he turned and said; "What about that debriefing?"
"I'll do it tomorrow, James."
"Evelyn, stop procrastinating. It's important."
"You know that you don't get to use my name while we're at work. And I'm not procrastinating, Mallory's just insisted that I go to some oh-so-important meeting with him and the PM in about ten minutes. I'll see you tonight." M stood up and started to come around her desk to James, but he simply blew her a kiss from where he was standing. "I love-"

But he never got the chance to get the last word out. That was when the explosion happened.