Okay, just to make something vclear; though Dame Judi's character name in The Best Exoctic Marigold Hotel IS Evelyn and that is also what I have been using for M's real name here, they are in no way whatsoever connected (I watched Skyfall before TBEMH so really didn't know. I've used the same thing as M's real name in everything I refer to her as anything BUT M in, the first of which I worte three months ago. I saw TBEMH yesterday) doImakemyselfcompletelyclear ? (I want to hear a "Yes, ma'am" here)

"Evelyn, what on earth are you doing?"
"I honestly have no idea," James half-laughed at the sight of M sat scowling over the once-broken, now-dismantled toaster. Honestly, he left her alone for ten minutes and this happened. On one side of things, now that she was walking again she seemed a lot less tense and on edge all the time, but on the other she was far more restless. Though on her past hospital visit she had been declared fully healed, James was still reluctant to let her go anywhere until she was meant to go back to work full time - it had been Mallory that insisted she went into MI6 for some meeting earlier on that day - and as a result, the two-hour trip to HQ had been the only time she had been out of the apartment for anything but hospital appointments since she had been discharged. "I took the damned thing apart to try and work out why it kept smoking the other day, but I keep unconsciously trying to turn it into a kind of hand grenade type thing."
"Oh, yeah. You were one of those agents that specialised in explosives, weren't you?" James dumped the shopping he had ran out for on the available edge of the table, watching M's futile attempt at working out the basic function of the coil of wire now tangled around her wrist. He opened his mouth to make another comment, but she stopped him.
"Don't. Please."
Her face was drained of colour and he could clearly see the hurt in her eyes. Of course. When she had been a double O and Silva a trainee, they had been partnered on missions because the pair of them could take out an entire terrorist group from another continent simply by pressing a button. Point and click. She had other reasons for not wanting to talk about her time as an agent, but this was probably the top one now. Being careful about what he said was not something that Bond was used to, but he really needed to aquire the skill and fast. "How did you get on today with Mallory?"
"Well," M smiled contemptuously, leaning back on her seat. "I think that you might be seeing a lot more of me in the field that usual."
"Evelyn, what on earth are you on about? God, you've not left Mallory in charge, have you?"
"No," she was looking somewhat overimpressed with herself as she stood up, accidentally knocking a half-empty glass off the tabe in the process. She sighed through her teeth as it hit the floor and smashed. "I'll get that later. Okay, leaving him in my position was the original plan, but I decided that he's not the one that I really want in charge. And what I'm talking about is I've been re-cleared for field work."
"God, you're mad! Are you sure that that's a-" James rolled his eyes as M folded her arms over her chest, giving him that cocky yet absolutely bloody stunning smile of hers.
"Mallory tried to put me off of it as well, but if I've got to leave then I'm not going until I've had one last shot at doing what I love most. I'm still on until the end of the year and the pair of us are being assigned to a mission together to assasinate Lila and Silva as soon as we've completed training."
"Evelyn, you- Wait, Silva? I thought I killed him months ago."
M sighed as her face veiled with sadness. "They never found a body. We're just assuming the worst and handling it as if he's definitely still alive."
"Yeah, but what if you end up-"
"That's a risk I'm going to have to take. I'm killing him and his daughter if it comes down to it if it's the last thing I damn well do. "
"Okay, fair enough. But if you're in the field and you kicked mallory out, then who's in charge now?"

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