So I decided to go ahead and start on the next story in the Seasonal Love Series.

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Chapter 1- A Warming Meeting

Serenity felt so happy that Helios was apart of their family. Even though he still missed his own family he was happy here with them. So today wanted to be out and look for some flowers for her sister's important day. While she was picking some she heard the hooves from a nearby horse. Curious as always she walked towards the sound.

"Lord Endymion, we have to be careful around these parts. I heard there are some monsters on the loose" a voice said. She wanted to see where it came from until she heard the most beautiful voice ever.

"I know but it's is a easiest way back to the-" He stopped when he heard something move in the bushes. Serenity knew she had been caught and didn't realize that her Spring tiara hit the light causes it to shine.

"Who's there! We see where you are!" Lord Endymion shouted and waited. Serenity stepped from behind the trees and earned to stares from both of the gentlemen.

"H-hi" Serenity said smiling a small smile.

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