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Chapter 13- Betroth

As they enter the castle entrance, a carriage was coming down the road. Endymion knew exactly who it was and stopped his horse. Serenity raised an eyebrow of curiosity; who was this person? Looking towards Endymion for clues, he answered her question.

"Lady Serena, I didn't think she would get here that early" Endymion said getting off the horse.


A girl came out of the carriage and looked between Endymion and Serenity.

"Lord Endymion it has been a pleasure to meet you. You're mother and my father are so happy to have us together" The girl said bowing in her red dress. Her red hair went to her shoulders and her hazel eyes shone brightly.

"Hmph" Serenity said and she got off her horse. The girl looked at her and smiled.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, Lady Serena. This is my betroth Princess Rosette" He said but Serenity wasn't looking his way at all.

"I don't care. See you later, Endy" Serenity called glaring back on her shoulder and leading her horse towards the horse stable. Endymion felt regret fill his heart but he ignored it and lead Rosette inside.

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