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Chapter 16- Roses

Serenity sat on the ground outside letting the cool breeze blow her hair and flipping the pages in a book she was not interested in reading anymore. Endymion still hadn't come to hang out with her anymore but with that girl of course. It was as if he was ignoring her!

"Milady it is lunch time! Lord Endymion has requested that you come and get ready for we will have guest over today" A maid exclaimed tapping Serenity on her should and helping her get up. Serenity nodded. As they walked she passed by Jadeite who grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. She didn't even try to get out of his gripped she was way too sad.

"Serena I heard that someone left you a gift in your room. I am not sure who it is from though," He said before letting her go. She glared and frowned at him before walking away after the maid.

"What is he talking about…" Serenity murmured. They arrived at her room at which the door was slightly cracked. She walked in and noticed a vase of roses sitting on her side table. A note was attached to it to. She walked over while the maid went to pick a dress out for her.

The note read:

I see that someone is sad over her lord not paying attention to her. If you need anyone to talk to, I am the right person! I'll do anything to keep you happy!


Tuxedo Knight

Her eyes widen. Who was this Tuxedo Knight person?

"Here you go Milady!" The maid said laying out an emerald green dress with roses on it. Serenity nodded and put the note down.

I'll find out later she thought.

Okay Tuxedo Knight is just Tuxedo Mask! I mean this isn't modern times you know so I had to change it up a bit :D Leave a review and I promise the next chapter will be longer!