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Chapter 25- Memories Ago…

Serenity sat in a red chair while staring at the scenery of the rolling hills and passing daylight. She had returned to her room moments after the greeting of her old friend and the returned of the annoying Rosette. Sighing, she spread the bottom of her creamy filled dress until all the wrinkles were gone or at least for the moment. It only kept her mind occupied for a few minutes before it switched back to the situation at hand. Old memories were back from when she was a child and her first descent to earth. She had first met Seiya at a party here at Endy's palace. Hiding as one of the guest, she had a grand time that was of course until Seiya had asked her to dance.

She smiled and almost giggled, remembering her response and the awkward feeling between them. Nevertheless, it was something she would never forget or less she wouldn't have if she hadn't met Endy. His mysterious being in whole caught her attention and it was hard not to express her feelings out loud. She would admit that she falling for Endy but she had said the same with Sieya to mom, Queen Iris.

Serenity, are you sure? I am sure this fellow is nice but why don't you wait? Someone else could give you those feelings as well.

Her mother sweet and calm voice echoed into her mind and Serenity guessed this is what she meant. She would have to worked things out and find out who she really loved the most. Though in the meantime….

"I have lots and lots of pranks in order! No need to waste time," She said grinning and walking towards the door.

Though thinking about those old memories, I can't let them ruin my time here. After all, I never know when I might have to go back to the Seasonal Palace She thought as she left the room and headed to the place where she knew either Seiya or Endy would be.

The training room.

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