:3 Continuing with our story!

Chapter 3- Hide

Stopping near a group of trees, Serenity was out of breath. Her feet ache and she had talked to animal in front of two humans! Her mother was so going to kill her. Just when she sat down on her the warm grass did she hear someone coming her direction. She began to panic.

"Maybe it's them" She said and jumped up and began to run across the river. What would they do to a poor pretty princess like her? That made her wonder since she was suppose to be kept a secret. She heard something like, 'She crossed over the river. We need to get to her' or something like that.

"I need to keep them away from me or else I'm in big time trouble!" She said stopping in front of a big oak tree. She smirked. Maybe she could hide and using her magical nature powers she went inside the tree.

" don't let them find me" She whispered in a low tone.

Well at least she got away from them. For now...