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Chapter 4- Traps

Endymion and his general stopped running as they had lost her. For a girl she could run pretty fast. Serenity saw them and smirked. Her plan to get them to leave will work! She couldn't always be the sweet and kind girl...you have to have fun once in a while.

"We don't need to worry about her-" His general stopped as a tree branch swung out and he tripped over a branch behind him trying to get away.

"Are you okay?" Endymion said. Serenity pouted when she didn't get the young lord at all. So she thought something else up. Looking around, she saw a a little patch of dirt. While they weren't looking, she slipped from inside the tree and snapped her fingers. The dirt instantly became mud and a hidden branch was not far from it. Perfect. She ran a far enough distance and began to move her plan into action.

"HELP! Monsters are attacking. HELP!" Serenity called. Endymion heard this and ran in her direction. He didn't notice the tree branch which he tripped over and as he fell he went face first into the mud.

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