Finally I had some time to write another chapter ^^

Chapter 6- Liar

"You're lying! She is only a princess goddess! You can't be her" Jadeite managed to say and pointing her. Serenity shot a glare at him and put her hands on her hips.

"I'm not lying," Serenity pouted as she turned away, "Do I have to prove it, mortal". Jadeite fuse up at the girl calling him mortal. Who did she think she was?

"Well prove it then" Endymion sighed as his general argued with the princess in front of them.

"Hmph, no. I told you my name so there you have it. Any problems…Jade?" Serenity said as Jadeite growled and she suck her tongue out at Jadeite..

"Don't give me nicknames little girl! You better watch it!" Jadeite said with his angry tone of voice.

"Don't give me nicknames little girl! You better watch it!"Serenity said mimicking him, "Well maybe if you didn't overreact like you did, I could have showed you but noooo! You had to go and argue with me!"

Endymion had a sweat drop down his face and he sighed.

"Can you two keep it down. I'm going to have a headache. Actually all three of us are going back to the castle, now!" Endymion said.

"NOOO!" Jadeite said begging on his knees but Endymion ignored him. He lead Serenity and the very mad Jadeite to the horses so they could head back to the castle.

:P Well it looks like Serenity and Jadeite have a…mutual relationship. Bu they'll (Hopefully) be good friends in the end :D