Hey, finally was able to have time to write this chapter!

Chapter 7- Serena

Serenity had talked to her mom and she said she could stay with them but she couldn't give herself away again and that she needed a new name. While she sat on the horse and thought of a name, a little birdie came and sat on her finger. Endymion looked at the bird and wondered why it was here.

Queen Iris said your new name for now is Lady Serena the bird chirped happily. She nodded and looked over to Jadeite who was still made at his Lord's decision.

"What are you looking at?" He said as Serenity stared at him.

"Uh I just wanted you to tell you my name-" She was cut off by Jadeite.

"Is Princess Serenity of Spring, right? Keh, I know you're lying" He said and a vein popped out of Serenity's forehead.

"Is Lady Serena, thank you very much. Mister Smartie pants!" She said now glaring at him and making a face. Endymion didn't know why General Jadeite was acting like this but he thought he would ask him later.

"Watch it! My name is General Jadeite and please show some manners because you need them!" He said and turned back to the road.

"You know Lady Serena that is a nice name, might I say" Endymion spoke and Serenity blushed lightly but glared at Jadeite.

At least someone can be polite and give a compliment!

So I will try to get some Endymion/Serenity moments in but I still want to keep them in character so just a few more chapter before that can happen. Deal?