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Chapter 9- Sunset

The evening sky had been mixed with orange, red and purple and the sun had begun to set. Serenity was still outside standing and twirling a flower in her hand. The best place to be in the world was outside during a sunset when the warm evening air blew by and the first few stars had come out. She would always love to watch such beautiful scenery and be in peace.

"Oh you're still out, Lady Serena" Serenity turned looking at the Lord of these lands.

"Mhm, I like the sunset. It is the most peaceful time of the day to me" She replied with a big smile on her face.

"It is. You don't mind if I watch with you?" He asked her.

"No I don't mind at all. So did your mother agree to letting me stay here?" Serenity asked now sitting on the ground and straightened out her dress.

"Ah yes, she was most happy to let you stay here. Too happy if I might say" Endymion replied.

"Hmm. Well I am glad that I can stay here" She said as the sky became darker and the sun slipped behind the hills.

"We should go in, it is getting dark out" Endymion said. Serenity nodded and got up.

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