An old man stumbled upon the scene at the river. The leaves were silent, and the wind didn't blow. It was chilly, and the sun was hidden by the trees. The only sound was the gurgling river and it's looming fate. The man massaged the stump of his wrist, right where there should've been a hand.

"Oh my." sighed Candy, shaking his head in sympathy. "I never thought it would e'er happen, soon's I saw 'em. They was so 'appy, them twos. Now look at 'em. One dead, an' the o'er un off somewheres." George had long since fled the scene by the time Candy had found Lennie. He sighed again and hefted Lennie's body onto his frail, old shoulders but stumbled, and fell to the ground. Candy sat there dumbly, Lennie's body half submerged in the river. He finished rolling Lennie into the river, so that he floated on his back. He pushed him on his way down the river, noticing at the last moment the small white tail sticking out of Lennie's limp hand. A mouse. The old man stood up, brushed himself off, and slowly walked out of the clearing.