Hey guys!

So I know I already added an Author's Note to this, but that has since been deleted. I just have three, small things to talk to you about, and then I'll be on my way, I promise. Any of you that read the last Author's Note before it was deleted, will know that there was a YouTube video made, based on this fic, that I wanted you guys to check out. That was the first thing I wanted to talk about.

FictionOVERreality made a video on YouTube, that is absolutely amazing. Somebody told me about it in a review, so then I went to check it out. You can't even begin to understand how happy that made me. The video was uploaded about a month after the fic was, so I was just happy that people were still talking about it. Anyway, you can find the video at the link below, and I recommend that you have a look at it, because it's amazing!

watch?v=drpYZiIaC-k (if you just google that, you should be able to get the video)

The second thing I wanted to talk to you about, was that I got a PM about . . . seven months ago, from Mokuren no Ken, asking if she could make a podfic of this. I replied immediately, and said I wouldn't mind at all. I got another PM this morning, with a link to the now finished podfic. I listened to it as soon as I got hold of my laptop, and it's absolutely amazing! You can listen to that here;

/works/983488 (again, just type it into google, and it should work)

It amazes me that this fic did so well, because it was just a little one-shot that I wrote because I needed closure. I can't believe that almost eight months later, people are still interested in it. I just wanted to say thank you, for all of your love and support. I've been going through quite a bad time at the moment, and to have all of this happen is just . . . well it makes me feel better. So thank you.

The last thing that I wanted to talk about, was that I've written another Merthur fic recently. It's called One Day, and it's only a one-shot, though it's quite long. If you've got the time, I'd appreciate you having a look at it.

Thanks again :)