Tales of Liutana II

Bringing in the New Year

New Years in Edenia, like most noted holidays, would be highly celebrated. After all, it symbolized another year of peace, another year of removal from millennia of enslavement. Even though it was winter and the first of the snows covered the ground, everyone would be out in the city. The day would be a festive one, stretching well into the early hours of the next morning.

Kitana was never one for large celebrations, but at this time of year even she felt festive. She loved seeing Edenia's people milling about the streets, laughing and talking loudly, children scampering about, couples young and old waking hand in hand. She loved seeing Edenia's tried and tested citizens letting loose and just being happy. It was a potent reminder of just how far they had all come, and how much further they could go. And too, this New Years would be especially sweet…

She had Liu Kang with her, now her husband of six months.

The Royal Procession picked up the rear of the parades moving through the city. The Grand Carriage, holding the Queen, Prince Regent and Princess, as well as Jade, was flanked by all five-hundred soldiers of the Royal Guard, and the one hundred Knights. They held tall banners bearing the Royal Insignia, declaring to all that their rulers were among them. The people bowed respectfully as they passed, children peaking up with wide, gleaming eyes full of wonder. They made their way slowly behind the other floats and marching dancers and warriors until they reached the Argusean Temple, the spiritual center of New Jerrod, and where most city-wide celebrations took place.

As custom, the Head Priest and his spiritual brothers and sisters led the citizens in a prayer of thanks for present prosperity, and for more in the future. Then Queen Sindel addressed her subjects, giving a moving and genuine speech about the endurance and glory of the kingdom. Kitana too, spoke on how far they all had come, and how humble she felt to play her part in leading the way. Liu, now somewhat adjusted to his new seat of power, also made a speech similar to his wife; earnestly making known how thankful he was to have been embraced so fully by Edenia's people.

Once the speeches were made, the dancing, drinking and jubilance continued on. Then midnight came, the gongs were rung, and fireworks painted the sky. Their booms melded together with the 'ooh's and ah's' of the people watching below.

Standing on the raised, front platform of the temple, Kitana took Liu's hand. He looked over at her and smiled.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" he leaned in and whispered.

"Yes indeed. Another year gone by. It seemed to go so quickly." Kitana replied.

"It isn't completely over yet…" Liu suggestively said, eyes holding an alluring glint. He leaned even closer to her and purred into her ear, "We still have more celebrating to do once we get home."

"Oh yes… and I cannot wait." Kitana seductively answered, a smirk playing over her painted lips. Grinning, Liu leaned down and stole a brief, loving kiss from them, before they continued to watch the spectacle beside Sindel and Jade.

"I've found the good stuff!" Jade declared proudly, holding up a bottle of strong, Edenian sake in one hand and a small stack of saucers in the other.

It was well past midnight, and the Royalty had returned to the palace. They had all gathered in Sindel's large study, kneeling around a low table; and Jade decided to go prowling around the now empty kitchen in the lower level in search of something to really help them celebrate. Kitana shook her head, chuckling.

"Of course you would attempt to get us all as intoxicated as possible." she playfully sighed.

"Of course!" Jade said, casting her friend a cheeky grin as she rejoined the table. She set out the small cups and filled each as high as possible with the hot, strong brew. "We hardly ever get to let loose. We have four days from meetings and I plan on making full use of them."

"I agree with Jade." Sindel said laughingly. "We should fully take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy ourselves. Besides, this was a wonderful year, and we should commemorate in it."

"Indeed." Kitana said emphatically. She took up her saucer and held it out, and the others joined her. "I'd like to propose a toast. To another year that we have persevered. A year that started off abysmally, but…" she looked most pointedly at Liu, "… quickly became one of the best years of my life."

"Here here!" Sindel cheered, all four of them tapping their cups.

The conversation was long, candid and mostly light-hearted; with everyone speaking on their best and worst memories from the past twelve months. As they talked and talked, the bottle of sake was repeatedly passed about. Within an hour it was nearly empty, and everyone was hit pretty hard by the alcohol; most notably Liu and Kitana, who were curled into each other and looking rather 'cozy.'

Jade smirked at them knowingly, eyes glazed over, then leaned over to the Queen. "Don't look now Milady, but I think we'd best bring this little gathering to a close. Their giving each other the 'Bedroom Eyes.'"

Sindel chuckled. "Indeed you are right Jade. Besides it is an ungodly hour, and I'm feeling the affects of the sake. I've become a lightweight in my old age."

"Don't feel badly Mother. I think this stuff has enough potency to knock a Tormentor unconscious." Kitana slurred jokingly. All four of them got to their feet, Liu wobbling a bit and emitting a drunken giggle at himself.

"Elders, I hope I make it." Liu murmured, still laughing quietly, even though he regained balance easily. Kitana shook her head in amusement, bracing him.

"Oh dear. Let me get him to our room before he collapses. Goodnight Jade, Mother." she said, seeing her husband out.

"Goodnight you two." Sindel said, and she and Jade left behind them for their rooms.

Once locked in their spacious, and somewhat cold chamber, Kitana, after assuring Liu was stable, moved ahead of him and knelt before the hearth at the far wall. She took two logs from the tied piles sitting close to it and quickly got a roaring fire going, taking away the chill in the room almost immediately. She lingered there a moment, rubbing her upper arms and allowing the warmth to seep in. Liu watched with inebriated awe. All his somewhat foggy mind could think of was how incredibly beautiful Kitana had looked all night, and how badly he wanted her out of her layered, festive apparel and screaming his name from beneath him.

Once Kitana stood, Liu came up behind her and wrapped his strapping arms about her small waist. He tugged at one sleeve of her kimono and planted hot kisses over the golden, exposed skin of her neck and shoulder. Her eyes slipped shut and her head reclined into him, a shudder escaping her lips. Her buzz also fed her longing, the heat of both quickly suffusing her. After a moment she turned in his embrace and kissed him thoroughly on the lips, both wrapping their arms around each other. After several intense lashings of lips and tongue, Liu pulled back and settled his misty eyes on hers.

"Come on." he murmured, taking her hands and walking backwards with her to their bed. He sat down at the foot of the enormous mattress, Kitana gracefully hiking up her robes and climbing onto his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck as their mouths met again, the kiss growing more and more urgent. Liu's hand clawed ungracefully at her obi until he finally had it loose. Bit by bit, he peeled the layers of fine silk and then cotton away until she was completely nude in his hold, unpinning her hair from its bun last.

Flashing a mischievous smirk Kitana pushed Liu down roughly, and giggled when he briefly looked alarmed. She then undid his sash and began to undo his robes, albeit more gracefully and efficiently. Once everything was opened up Liu shrugged them from beneath him, then pulled his wife flush to him and rejoined their lips. Playfully, he slowly rolled them over so he dominated the union, peppering little kisses all over Kitana's face and neck and making her laugh aloud. He laughed with her, his husky chuckles making her heart race in anticipation.

Liu moved his ministrations down Kitana's curvaceous form, the friskiness intensifying by the time he reached her round breasts. He licked, nibbled and sucked the fleshy globes, kneeding them roughly between bouts of oral teasing. Kitana's head tilted back and she panted deliciously, her body beginning to writhe beneath his. As he trailed back up to her neck, Liu skimmed his hand up the inside of one lithe thigh, and she gasped when two fingers suddenly plunged inside her. He immediately set to work pumping hard in and out of her slick canal, reveling in the feeling of wet silk pulsing and squeezing around his digits. Kitana gripped the nape of Liu's neck, her other hand fisting the sheets as pleasure began to throb throughout her body. Her pants escalated to moans as he moved faster and faster, her eyes screwing shut and teeth biting hard into her lower lip.

"Ohh… Oh Gods Liu… Ohhhh!" Kitana cried as Liu began to jack-hammer inside her. It only took a few moments of this before her walls spasmed, her body arching and a cry of ecstasy parting her lips. Liu gave her little time to catch her breath before he descended her and began to ravage her clit with his eager tongue, still keeping his fingers moving in and out of her entrance. Kitana whined through her clenched teeth, reaching down and tangling her fingers in his hair. It seemed Liu was hell-bent on making her go completely insane tonight, and thus far was doing a damned good job.

"Ughn! G-Gods Liu, I-I can't take it! UGHHN!" Kitana yelled as yet another orgasm rocked her to the core. Liu continued to assault her until her hips abruptly stopped gyrating, sucking her remnants from his fingers and licking his lips. He laid himself down over her trembling form and kissed her temple, rubbing her shoulders soothingly until her ragged pants stopped. She gazed up at him with a leery smile, before grasping his chin and kissing him lovingly. After a moment Liu pulled back, staring hungrily into her eyes.

"Ready?" he lowly asked, and Kitana grinned and gave a single nod.

Without further ado, Liu reached down and practically shoved himself into her, both of them releasing a sharp groan. He began to churn himself smoothly, and her hands flew up to grasp his shoulders. Liu paid no mind to any careful pace or rhythm, huffing as he merely followed his body's cadence. Kitana moaned and sighed, her head spinning from the sweet invasion of her body. With her mind still hazy from her two mind-blowing climaxes and the sake, everything was just hot, thrumming sensation. It never took much effort for Liu to get her going: Even now that they were eight months into their intimacy, they were still very much in their honeymoon phase. Lovemaking came in fits every few days, yet somehow it was always different and better than the previous time, still holding its newness and wonder.

Liu's pace quickly grew more needy, every thrust increasing in power and speed until he was pounding himself into her. He was groaning, an almost beastly sound that made Kitana's blood boil. His guttural noises mingled with her higher-pitched cries, their pleasure-ridden breathing deafened in their own ears by the blood thundering through their temple veins. The Champion was acutely aware of when Kitana's breaths began to catch within her chest, her passage beginning to tighten even more around his steel. He crashed his mouth onto hers as he gave one last, strong lurch, both of them swallowing each other's orgasmic cries. Liu curled down over her in a rigid, tremulous ball, and her arms and legs quivered tightly around him as wave after wave of raw euphoria overpowered them.

An instant later, every bone and muscle within them both went utterly lax. Liu melted onto Kitana, pleasantly pinning her with his weight. She welcomed the sweet heaviness of his brawny form, her thumbs rubbing up and down against his sweat-filmed skin. After a moment, Liu weakly picked his head up and kissed her almost chastely on the lips.

"Wo ai ni, Ai Ren.*" he murmured drowsily. "Happy New Year."

Kitana smirked lewdly. "I hope the rest of it will be as incredible as that was…"

An instant later they both were fast asleep.

*means something along the lines of 'I love you sweetheart' in Mandarin.

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