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General Warnings: AU, Dimension Travel, Gen, Drama, Violence, Language, some people might consider Tsuna and company OOC.

Chapter 1

Tsuna watched with a nostalgic expression on his face as black haired teen rushed passed him on the street in his underwear and ONLY his underwear, dying will flames flickering on his head. Once upon a time in another lifetime it had been him doing the same thing. Now it was...

… none of his business.

Shaking his head, he continued on to his destination, the local grocery store. Half an hour later, he was back out again, a bag of groceries in one hand, only to find the same black haired teenager from before trying to hide his semi-naked body using a piece of cardboard and the various telephone poles on the street.

Before Tsuna knew it, he was shrugging out of the light jacket he was wearing and holding it out the clearly embarrassed teenager.

"Hey. You're going to catch a cold like this if you keep going like that without even a t-shirt on." Tsuna made no mention of the fact that the boy in front of him had no pants on either. While it was still relatively warm during the day, it was now late afternoon and a cool breeze was blowing.

"Thank you, sir." The teen whispered, face red as he hurriedly put on the jacket.

"Off you go now, before you get into trouble." Or before someone calls the police, was the unvoiced thought in both their minds. Tsuna picked up his groceries and without any further words, headed back to his small and lonely apartment.

It was only after the teenager returned home that he realized he had no way of returning the borrowed clothing. The boy flailed.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! How am I supposed to return this to that nice man now! I don't know his name! Or where he lives!"

In the meantime, Tsuna had returned to the tiny apartment he was living in and was eating a tv dinner he had bought earlier. His eyes skimmed over the few simple pieces of paper lying on the coffee table his mind matching the physical evidence in front of him to the lingering memories of his alternate self in his head.

His ID Card. Apparently he was Shinozaki Tsunayoshi in this world, taking his mother's maiden name instead of father's last name. He was twenty-three years old. Again.

His parent's divorce papers. That explained his last name. An image came to the front of his mind: Nana hugging him tightly when he was seven, her eyes sad, whispering that she would always take care of him. Tsuna found this baffling; he'd always thought his parents adored each other. Fuuta had certainly ranked them as the happiest couple in the mafia previously. So what had happened?

Bank information. Rental papers for the bachelor apartment he was currently living in. Old school reports. Nana's death certificate. His birth certificate. Job contract with a local import/export company as a low-level paper pusher.

There was no Vongola ring on his finger. No box weapon. Cheap, off-the-rack suits and similarly old and worn casual clothing hung in his closet, none of the expensive, tailored suits Reborn had insisted was absolutely necessary for a mafia boss. Not one sign of his friends, his Guardians or even Reborn in this tiny apartment, not even a photo.

"Just a normal salaryman, not a mafia boss. What I always wanted before..." Tsuna murmured to himself, lolling his head back over the worn-down couch he was sitting on.

"A second chance...? To do what?" He had thought he was dying before and was completely fine with it. Eighty-six years old was a perfectly respectable age to head on to the next great adventure, considering the average mafia boss usually died on the job much much earlier. His grandson Ietsuna had the Vongola Famiglia well in hand after he'd retired, so nothing to worry about there. Falling out of bed in an unknown apartment in a body sixty-three years younger than he was supposed to be with foreign memories in his head had been a shock.

Letting out a sigh, Tsuna got up and started cleaning up the remains of his dinner as well as the papers on his desk, only to be interrupted by a firm knock on his apartment door. To his surprise, two familiar faces that he wasn't expecting to see was on the other side. Or perhaps considering who they were, Tsuna should have expected them to show up sooner or later.