Please do not shoot me! So, I set up the last chapter to write smut but that totally didn't happen and I broke promises and I am sorry I will start updating semi-frequently once I get back in track with this story... I don't even remember how it was supposed to end whoops. Here's a kinda short update to tide you over I am so sorry.

Her body was like sin, and Garry knew he was most definitely going to hell for what he did to it. Or at least jail.
The next morning, in another state of mind, would have been bliss. But in his regret and fear Garry found the morning to be quite wretched. While Ib lay sleeping beside him, warm and smiling, he felt like he would vomit. He quickly and quietly crawled out of the bed and gathered his things and left before she woke up. He drove back to his apartment in a daze and eventually found himself laying face down on his couch.
"What the fuck have I done? Oh god... What is wrong with me? I... I am so stupid." He mumbled to himself as he felt his phone buzzing in his coat pocket. Garry ignored it. He ignored it all day because he knew exactly who it was and why. It wasn't until almost a whole day of laying around and mentally beating himself up that he finally pulled out the offending object and checked his voice mails.
Twelve new messages
"Garry? Where are you? Are you okay, why aren't you answering your phone? Was it that bad?"
"I'm sorry Garry. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. Garry I love you I'm sorry."
"If you don't want to talk to me again I'm okay with that. If that makes you feel better, I'll just suck it up."
"This was a mistake."
Garry couldn't listen to any more.

The following weeks were tense. They had ceased speaking and he knew that he fucked up royally. I should have been more responsible, I should have said no. They were both angry with themselves, and each other. It was frustrating to see Ib act like he didn't exist. Once the bell rang she was gone, and she didn't even acknowledge him watching her walk out. She seemed sadder- quieter if that was even possible. One day, before class started- Garry stopped in front of her desk and told her to meet him after school. She simply nodded. He sighed and continued with his duties of the morning, walking to the front of the room and leaning against his desk.
If she's going the be that way...
"Good morning class! A little change of schedule, we are going to start early on our Shakespeare unit. Our first matter of business will be discussing the importance of the symbolism of roses used in Shakespeare's various works. We will mainly be leaning towards the symbolism of roses in Romeo and Juliet..." His words shot out of his mouth like bullets from an automatic weapon. "You have all heard of the star crossed lovers I assume? Romeo and Juliet is one of the most influential pieces of English literature of all time. It is the story of a relationship doomed from the start." He continued inconspicuously- scanning the classroom. Garry locked eyes with Ib and frowned slightly.
"Ib, would you care to explain to the class why Romeo and Juliet's love affair would have never worked- even if their families weren't enemies?"
"Sensei... T-they didn't know each other very well. But if they had had more time together they would have." The small girl stumbled over the few, quiet words with a sad look in her face.
"I would have gone with their age gap- but I concur with your statements. Class- as you can see- there are many different reasons why the short fling between the two was doomed to end in heartbreak. I want you all to write a page long essay on what you think would have caused the biggest obstacle for the two lovers if they had carried on with their childish shenanigans..." Garry ordered as he carried on with his childish shenanigans. He quickly spun around and walked to his chair- sitting down with a blank face.
"When you are all done with that we will then hold our discussion on the roses... I just need to pull up a few documents."

With in a half and hour he had Ib crying.
With in forty five minutes she ran out of the classroom.
Did he feel like shit? He felt like the embodiment of it. He knew that if he caused her to act out that she wouldn't be able to get herself out of being alone with him. All he needed was to apologize- tell her how he really felt. Only then would he be able to get a good night's rest again.