So, somehow I just felt like writing this little two-shot that's been begging for attention so long it started to feel forever alone...

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Warnings: Lots of smexy smex, Sasunaru all the way, I've been reading too many yaoi novels lately...

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Subway cliché


The setting is fairly cliché; the subway on a Saturday evening. It's late enough that families and younger teens are scarce, but early enough that the drunk people have yet to show up. Which should prevent this sort of happening. At least, that's what Sasuke thought. Now he instead found himself pushed into the corner of his window seat, the one next to and the two in front of him taken by three very loud and slightly drunk male teenagers. He scowled at them, but it's not like they cared. They were much too busy listening to a story the one next to him was telling, and of course his voice was the loudest, and the story wasn't even coherent!

What bothered Sasuke the most though was that the guy next to him actually was pretty hot. And Sasuke was not in the mood for hot blonds to wave their arms carelessly around and almost hit him in the face. Had it been three in the morning and on the way home from a fruitless search for a partner for the night he might have done something about it, but it was hardly nine thirty even though he was on his way home. He gritted his teeth and cursed himself for the umpteenth time that he forgot his earphones at home. Judging by the story, the guy was as straight as a line. He settled for sighing and sinking down further in his seat, staring out the window. Deep in his gloomy thoughts, it's not weird that he jumped high when he suddenly felt a nose smelling him up. If that was even an expression.

"Damn you smell like, like, soo awesome!"

Sasuke had pressed himself up against the small stretch of wall next to the window, the look on his face priceless judging by the embarrassingly loud laughs coming from the blond's friends.

"Say what?" Sasuke asked, still hugging the wall and glaring suspiciously at the overly friendly stranger.

"Oh my god Naruto, that's too epic!" one of the other guys yelled in between gasping breaths from laughing so much.

Sasuke kept looking at the blond, who was now sporting a face redder than the tomatoes Sasuke and Itachi had competed over at the family dinner he just left.

"What!" the blond spluttered, kicking the brunet in front of him and crossing his arms. "It's not my fault the guy smells like that!"

"Like what?" Sasuke asked, causing another barking laugh from the brunet and a quieter but still annoying chuckle from the red-head next to him.

The blond swallowed nervously, avoiding his gaze and scratching his cheek in obvious awkwardness.

"Umm… I dunno… just good I guess" the guy mumbled but followed up with a blinding grin directed at Sasuke.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"It's called perfume dumbass" he said, and smirked at the blond's reaction.

"Hey! I'm not a dumbass! You bastard!" he yelled after standing up suddenly, a finger pointing at Sasuke.

"It's rude to point" Sasuke replied and pushed away the finger, his nose scrunched up in apparent distaste.

"It's rude to call people dumbass!"

Would the guy lower his voice? Just an octave. Or ten.

"Only if they don't deserve it."

"It's still rude even if they do! But ah! I'm not saying that I do, because I don't!"

By now the brown-haired friend was clutching his stomach in pain, and the other people around them were watching with amused looks.

"Whatever moron. Randomly smelling someone is even ruder in that case. Now sit down and shut up before more people laugh at you."

The blond, aka Naruto, blushed darkly but still sat down, muttering to himself and shooting Sasuke frosty glares. For maybe ten seconds he seemed content to do just that, but then he settled his gaze on Sasuke and decided that striking up conversation was a good idea. Great, even.

"So which perfume do you use?"

Sasuke stared at him as if he didn't know whether to move to another seat or just give in and answer the guy. Sasuke was used to attention; his appearance was quite striking after all. But this guy was clearly not hitting on him, so what the hell was he doing?

"Does it really matter? It's not like it'd suit you anyway."

A little on the harsh side, but Naruto was starting to get on his nerves. Naruto didn't react like he expected though. Instead of getting angry again he shrugged and grinned.

"I know that. I'm just making conversation."

"Why?" Sasuke just had to ask, a dead pan look on his face.

"Because it's nice, and your bastard personality kinda points to you not having a lot, so I thought I'd be a nice person and do it with you."

Sasuke didn't know if he wanted to scream in frustration or keep the banter going.

"Unless you're talking about sex I'm not interested."

The gaping mouth and outbursts of laughter and badly suppressed chuckles around them were quite satisfying to Sasuke indeed. Messing with drunkards is just too easy.

"You're funny" the blond teenager suddenly declared and simply watched Sasuke with large blue eyes.

Silence settled between them as they stared into each other's eyes, but it wasn't as awkward as it should have been and Sasuke couldn't help thinking that had this been three in the morning he really would have dragged Naruto home, annoying personality or not.

"I'm straight" was Naruto's second sudden declaration in as many minutes, and his brunet friend nodded eagerly to emphasize this as the truth.

"Then leave me the hell alone" Sasuke said with a glare but leaned back comfortably in his seat, his posture more seducing than anything else.

Naruto's gaze lingered dumbly on him for just a second too long, and Sasuke smirked. When he'd decided to play with the teen he didn't know, but he was going to have fun as long as it lasted. He still had ten minutes to his stop so embarrassing the hell out of Naruto seemed like a passable pastime.

"Aren't you too young to be out this late anyway" he continued, and smirked widely at the again angry blond.

"I'm nineteen dammit! And it's not even ten! You sound like an old dude, what are you, thirty-five?"

Oh it was on. No one would believe Sasuke to be that old. Would they?

"I'm twenty-four you stupid brat! And you look like fifteen tops."

"Ha! You're the one hitting on someone you thought was fifteen in that case!"

Everybody else nodded, clearly thinking Naruto had a point. Sasuke was pissed.

"Well, at least I'm not hiding in the closet."

There was an 'ooh' whispering through the audience – it really was an audience by now – but Naruto just watched him with an unreadable look. Slightly guilty maybe if you tilted your head a little. The blond then leaned his elbow on the back of the seat and rested his head in his hand, leaning towards Sasuke and pursing his lips in thought.

"What makes you think I'm gay?" he asked, and he looked genuinely interested, as if he'd been thinking about this before but never got the chance to ask anyone.

Sasuke was silent for a short while, they'd stopped at a station and some people were reluctantly exiting, new ones entering and raising eyebrows at the weird atmosphere. Then he mirrored Naruto and leaned on his arm, but he also moved his free hand to touch Naruto's leg, letting it slowly trace upwards to about mid-thigh.

"Because you don't mind when I do this" he said with a playful smirk.

Naruto swallowed nervously and glanced at the hand now settled comfortably on top of his thigh, too close to his crotch to be considered platonic. He glanced at his friends, who were watching the change with incredulous looks on their faces. Or well, the red-head was as impassive as always.

"What, I could just be really comfortable with people touching me."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at this, and moved his hand even further up, lightly rubbing the inside of Naruto's thigh through the light blue jeans he wore. He bore his eyes into Naruto, challenging him, and the blond was unable to look away. People were holding their breaths, and Sasuke would have told them to mind their own business, but he was busy seducing a closet-gay. Who by the way up close looked like he was not just hot, but hot. If that made any sense.

"You really want to play the 'are you uncomfortable yet' game?"

Naruto bit his lip. A sexy sight indeed. And Sasuke wouldn't be satisfied until he had the loud moron squirming underneath him and using his voice for a better purpose than telling drunk stories.

"You haven't even told me your name."

Sasuke felt a small shiver down his spine, because damn Naruto's voice sounded good when it was layered with hints of arousal. His smirk widened.

"Why, want to know what you'll be screaming tonight?"

Naruto choked and stiffened, seeming as if he wasn't sure of whether to be offended or flattered. Because as much as he questioned his sexuality even a straight guy could see how handsome the man next to him was. His friends had gone quiet, which was a bad sign. They'd never let him live this down, he wasn't anywhere near drunk enough, and since he was screwed anyway his sobering mind made the decision that he might as well go for it.

The train came to a halt again, and Naruto's friends stood up, the brunet stumbling at being jerked up by the red-head who looked less frozen in shock.

"So I guess we'll see you around Naruto" the red-head said calmly and started pushing the protesting brunet in front of him, heading for the opening doors.

Naruto stared at him, and so did the rest of the people present, except Sasuke who was staring at Naruto quite intently. The blond turned around in his seat as much as he could before having to turn back in order to keep watching his friends leaving him behind. The moments during which he could still get up and follow passed, the passengers who'd listened in on them kept glancing between Naruto and his friends, and then Sasuke because yeah that guy was eye candy. Naruto's mind told him to go after his friends, but his body wouldn't move. And he wasn't sure how to respond to that. He'd been thinking… that maybe if he just happened to get the chance to try something with a guy he would. He wasn't expecting an audience and his friends to see him accept the offer though. Just to make things clear, he was accepting wasn't he? He looked at the guy next to him, realizing he still didn't know his name.

"So… I'm screaming what tonight?"

Things were silent for a few seconds, but when the raven opened his mouth to answer they were surprised by a couple of girls clapping hands and giving them cat calls. Some other people joined, grinning at them and making Naruto feel very self-conscious. But his new-found company simply smirked full of self-confidence and leaned in to breathe his name into his ear, and Naruto thought that he was probably in for quite the experience tonight. If only he could stop blushing so god damn much.

~Line breaker~

Walking along a badly lit street next to Sasuke was, well, rather awkward. He'd never gone home with a guy before. If he was going to be honest, he'd never gone home with anyone before. The girls he'd been with, those were all people he knew from school or somewhere else. His mother always told him to be careful, so he had been. What was he doing with a stranger he met on the subway?!

"You've never had sex with a guy before, right?"

The teasing voice breaking Naruto out of his thoughts made him freeze for a second, stopping with his foot still in the air and a squeak involuntarily slipping out.

"S-so what? I'm not a virgin! I'm totally experienced!"

"Don't say that Naruto" Sasuke said, that teasing smirk still on his lips as he leaned closer, hooking a finger in Naruto's jeans and breathing in his ear. "I might end up going rough on you."

"Gah! Bastard!" Naruto shouted with flailing arms, pushing Sasuke away and trying to hide his furious blush.

Being with a guy really wasn't doing much for his male pride, was it?

"A bi-curious teenager, how cute."

"Aargh don't call me cute! Stop teasing me or I'll just go home!"

Sasuke met his angry gaze with amusement.

"But you're a lot less annoying when I tease you. Really, you should feel honored about being called cute by me."

"Aah you're weird! What was I thinking, following you home, what if you steal my wallet and then find my address, and then you steal all my ramen! And-"

Naruto's nonsense shouting was cut short by Sasuke grabbing his sweater and pushing him up against a wall, their bodies so close Naruto could feel the heat through their clothes in the slightly chilly night air.

"Don't be an idiot" Sasuke mumbled, his lips just a centimeter from Naruto's. "It's your own fault by the way; I was planning to go home, have a nice shower, maybe watch some TV, and then go to bed early. Thanks to you, it seems I'll have to cancel those plans."

He smirked suggestively at the nervously swallowing blond.

"Well, unless we decide to have some fun in the shower."

Naruto formed a few silent words, his blue eyes widening before trying to look at anything besides the dark ones in front of him, red color seemingly having taken up permanent residence on his face.

"Ugh" Sasuke said in dismay and leaned back again, letting go of him. "Stop looking like some embarrassed kid, it makes me feel like a pedophile."

Naruto humphed and crossed his arms, pouting angrily which just made him look cuter.

"Hn, and here I thought I was bringing home this sexy guy and he turns into some cute blushing brat" Sasuke mumbled, and Naruto opened his mouth to shout in anger before catching the laugh in Sasuke's eyes.

"Speak for yourself old man" Naruto grumbled, leaning his back against the wall again.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, feeling a twitch in one of them. This guy sure had some nerve calling him old like that.

"You know what, if you can't handle this like a man then I suggest you come back when you're out of your diapers."

Turning around he started walking again, counting silently to three before he heard the shout he'd been waiting for.

"Wait! I'm sorry! You're not old, you're super-sexy and, urrm, yeah totally the hottest guy ever!"

Naruto had run to catch up with him, and now he stumbled as he walked backwards in order to look at Sasuke as he apologized.

"So… can we still…?"

Sasuke looked at the fidgeting blond, and he almost felt a little guilty for messing with him. But the teenager had been shouting in his ear continuously for more than five minutes, and in Sasuke's book that was a pretty serious crime.

Stopping again, Sasuke sighed and beckoned with his finger for Naruto to come closer.

"Come here" he said when the blond didn't move.

Naruto hesitantly walked forwards, until he was standing so close he could hear the faint sound of Sasuke's breathing in the quiet street, and he flinched a little when he felt two arms embracing the small of his back, decreasing the space between them.

With their chests softly pressing against each other, Sasuke brushed his nose over Naruto's cheek, his hands sneaking underneath the ghastly orange sweater to lightly caress warm skin. He could feel a small tremor through the blond's body caused by the skin on skin contact, and he turned his head so that their lips were almost touching.

Naruto's eyes fluttered and then closed, anticipating the kiss, and slowly Sasuke closed the distance between them.

The kiss was soft, their mouths hesitantly getting a feel for the other, and Naruto whimpered unconsciously when Sasuke applied a little more pressure after a minute.

Relocating one hand to run smoothly through blond hair, Sasuke titled Naruto's head a little to the side, his tongue peeking out to trace a quivering bottom lip. Naruto was gripping his arms tightly, bringing him closer, but instead he broke the kiss and took a step back, watching the arousing dazed look Naruto was sporting as he bit his lip and then swallowed, eyes still closed.

Suddenly embracing Naruto again he pressed his mouth against the rapid pulse on the tan neck, his fingers taking a firmer hold of blond locks. Naruto leaned his head on his shoulder, and somehow this felt different from how things usually went.

"I won't do anything you're not comfortable with" he mumbled in Naruto's ear, but he wasn't honestly sure he'd be able to stop himself.

Now he really wanted to see what pleasured faces Naruto would make, and what noises he would cause as he touched him, felt him.

"It's fine" Naruto mumbled into his light leather jacket. "I… want you to show me…" he blushed even more and gripped Sasuke harder, the smell of him invading his senses and making him feel dizzy.

His whole body felt so hot, and just thinking about what he was going to do with Sasuke soon made him all nervous and shivering with anticipation. Not to mention what Sasuke was going to do with him. And then Sasuke kissed his cheek, and somehow Naruto felt so… submissive. Melting into Sasuke's arms, his heart beating loudly in his ears. It was way too embarrassing, and he buried his face deeper into Sasuke's shoulder.

"We still have a few minutes to walk…" Sasuke said, trying to push the reluctant blond off.

Naruto looked down at the ground, he just knew his face was a mess right now. When Sasuke took a light hold of his chin and tilted it upwards he squeezed his eyes shut, but he couldn't help the small sound he made as their lips met again in a lingering kiss. He could feel Sasuke's eyes on him, still holding his chin, and he felt his cheeks burning up when the raven let go of it and instead grabbed his hand and started pulling him along the street.

It was like a freaking shoujo manga or something!

Confused thoughts ran through his befuddled brain as he almost had to run to keep up with Sasuke's steps. Before he knew it they had stopped outside an apartment complex, Sasuke impatiently pushing the right buttons on the code lock and then swinging the door open. As they waited for the elevator Naruto glanced up at his new acquaintance. Even though he'd checked him out already on the subway, it felt much more intimate to look at him like this. They were almost the same height, Sasuke a little taller and with longer hair that framed his cheekbones, his eyebrows knitted and making him look a little annoyed.

Wow, Sasuke was so good-looking! Having his first time with a guy with someone like him, he was probably pretty lucky. And Sasuke was still holding his hand…

Once inside the slow-moving elevator Sasuke pulled him close again and molded their lips together, his free hand caressing Naruto's cheek and neck. Naruto shyly opened his mouth when he felt a tongue probing it gently, cursing himself for behaving as if this was his first kiss ever. Sasuke's wet tongue circled his, the taste as intoxicating as the scent that filled his nostrils. He was already hard and aching, and he wondered if Sasuke was too.

When they'd reached his floor Sasuke walked Naruto backwards out of the elevator, not breaking the kiss and instead deepening it as he pushed the blond up against his door. Naruto was holding on to his jacket with one hand, and Sasuke brought the one he held up to his hips, slipping it underneath his shirt and moving it over his abs. When he let go of it Naruto simply held it there, too shy to move on his own as Sasuke struggled to unlock the door.

He was seriously considering just ravishing him right there in the corridor.

Finally managing to turn the key he broke the kiss, ushering Naruto inside and slamming the door shut behind them. Once both pairs of shoes were off Sasuke embraced the blond from behind, licking a trail up his neck and sneaking his hands underneath the sweater to tease his nipples.

"Let's take this off shall we?" he mumbled huskily, removing the hideous orange and revealing a white t-shirt.

Taking off his jacket he eyed Naruto hungrily as the blond turned around, nervously drying some saliva off his lips and catching himself staring at the bulge in Sasuke's pants.

"You can look" Sasuke teased as he walked up to Naruto again, putting his arms around the lithe waist and pushing their groins together.

He heard Naruto release a shaky breath as their erections brushed each other through fabric, and sneaking one hand down to squeeze a perfectly rounded butt-cheek he pressed them firmer against each other, his own breathing speeding up as Naruto groaned with need.

Feeling that hardness rubbing his own was such a foreign feeling, but it turned him on like mad. And when Sasuke murmured 'bedroom' in his ear he eagerly followed him, desperate for more. Sasuke flicked on the lights as they reached their destination, and Naruto could feel the plea to turn them off again on the tip of his tongue. But he didn't want to give the man currently pushing him down on the soft bed any more reasons to tease him.

Seeing Sasuke sit between his legs though with a seductive expression on his face made him second-guess that decision. He was going to make so many embarrassing faces and now Sasuke was going to see them all too clearly. Like the one he was probably making right now when a pale hand started kneading the outline of his length. Turning his head to the side he put his arm over his too hot face, biting his lip to prevent a loud moan from escaping.

Sasuke leaned over him, removing his arm and breathing hotly in his ear, creating goose-bumps down Naruto's neck as he whispered into it.

"Don't hide your face Naruto, I want to see all the expressions you make as I pleasure you."

"Nngh, pervert" Naruto mumbled, putting a hand on his head to push it away but ending up pushing it closer instead when an eager mouth started sucking on his pulse. "Nn- aah!" he moaned when teeth marked the skin and a thigh rubbed him roughly through his pants, his hands shooting up to grip Sasuke's blue-checkered shirt.

Sasuke sat up again, his cock straining in his jeans. Pulling Naruto up with him he positioned him on his lap, caressing his sides and bunching up the t-shirt, licking the nipples once they were in sight.

"Nn, mmmh, S-Sasuke" Naruto moaned, Sasuke's teeth nipping at his left nipple while two fingers rolled the right one between them, squeezing it and making him shudder.

"So sensitive" Sasuke murmured against his chest, his hands finally pulling the t-shirt off, Naruto putting his arms around his neck once they were free again.

Throwing the shirt to the floor he twisted his fingers in blond hair and captured already kiss-swollen lips in a heated kiss, his other hand coming up to roam shivering skin all over Naruto's chest and back. Clouded eyes met his as he leaned back again, his hand sliding over a tan hip before starting to work on the button of the light-blue jeans.

Naruto blushed, watching Sasuke working intently on freeing him, resting his forehead on top of Sasuke's head and sighing in relief once the zipper was down. He raised his hips a little to let the raven pull his jeans and boxers down, closing his eyes and gasping when a hand closed around his dick and started pumping.

"You're already leaking Naruto, don't tell me you'll come from just this."

"Sh-shut up" Naruto replied shakily, his name said so sensually against his neck and the hand working magic on him doing nothing to help him deny the fact that he was definitely embarrassingly close now.

If only Sasuke would stop licking his neck like that and tease his nipple, then he might be able to get away from this with a little dignity left. Clutching Sasuke's shirt he shuddered as he felt his stomach coil, wanton moans passing easily through his open panting mouth, his hips bucking into that expertly moving hand.

When Sasuke's other hand changed location to his hip, nails tracing the bone, he couldn't hold back anymore.

"Sa-haa-Sasuke I'm gonna- aah."

With a violent thrust into Sasuke's hand and an almost shout he released, some of it ending up on Sasuke's shirt before the raven caught it with his hand covering the tip. In a daze, his muscles clenching in the after-math of his orgasm, he felt a finger nudge his lips as he panted with his forehead against Sasuke's.

Opening his eyes he met dark ones filled with lust, and when the finger slid inside he sucked on it, moaning as he tasted himself on it. Taking a hold of Sasuke's wrist he started lapping at the other fingers as well, cleaning them from all his cum and making Sasuke's eyes glaze over even more with arousal.

"You like that don't you?" Sasuke said, his voice deep and husky, like silk caressing Naruto's ears. "Tasting your own cum, have you been doing this to yourself? Experimenting, thinking of another man as you touch yourself, wondering what it's like?"

Realizing what he was doing, Naruto closed his mouth and looked to the side, his face heating up. When Sasuke intertwined their fingers and licked his tingling lips he let out a shaky breath, meeting his gaze again, unable to look away as he felt Sasuke's other hand slowly slide down, tracing his spine and the curve of his ass before slipping in between his cheeks.

"Tell me Naruto, have you ever touched yourself here?" Sasuke asked, brushing over the puckered hole with a finger, spreading the cheeks a little with his other fingers before rubbing it lightly.

Naruto squeezed Sasuke's hand, his quick breaths fanning over the other's lips, his mind spinning as he felt that finger touching him there.

"N-not really" he managed to say, swallowing the lump in his throat when Sasuke's hand retreated and instead followed the length of his arm, removing it from its place around his neck.

"Well, first things first" Sasuke mumbled with a smirk, sliding Naruto out of his lap so he landed on his butt.

Naruto raised his legs when Sasuke pulled off his pants, the boxers coming with them and socks soon joining in on the floor, leaving him completely naked and not a little self-conscious to sit there with his legs spread and leaning on his hands.

Then Sasuke held out his hand, and when Naruto took it he pulled him up to his knees, lecherously checking out his body and stopping at his lips. Smirking again he pulled Naruto's hands closer, putting them on his chest over the first button in his shirt and letting go, giving the blond a pointed look.

Hesitantly Naruto started fumbling with the buttons, nervously glancing up at Sasuke now and then, the rest of the time drinking in the sight of Sasuke's muscled chest slowly revealing. When the last button had been taken cared of he slid his hands up along the chest, pushing the shirt to the sides and curiously brushing his fingers over the perky nipples.

Sasuke sucked in a breath, the muscles in his stomach tensing. Putting a hand on Naruto's neck he guided him into a kiss, sucking sensually on his lower lip, his thumb caressing the area just underneath his ear.

"I'm so hard Naruto" he groaned, giving him another slow kiss. "Suck me off."

Naruto froze for a second, blinking in surprise before blushing deeply for the umpteenth time. Sasuke wanted him to… But he had no idea of what to do! Sure, he'd gotten blown a few times but, this was different! When Sasuke leaned back on his elbows and raised his eyebrow at him, clearly making fun of him, Naruto huffed and decided to make the bastard regret thinking he wasn't going to perform.

Moving his hands down Sasuke's chest, he leaned forwards to press kisses on the pale skin, following the road his hands had taken and stopping when his mouth reached fabric. Popping the button open he licked the patch of skin revealed, feeling a small shiver caused by his actions and gaining confidence from it. He pulled down the zipper agonizingly slowly, his mouth following it and kissing down the pathway, changing to openmouthed once he reached Sasuke's hard length.

Hearing another sucked-in breath he pushed the pants down, showing the tight dark blue briefs Sasuke was wearing, the large cock clearly outlined through the fabric. Looking at it sped up the process of hardening again that Naruto was in the middle of, and he felt his own cock match the twitch that Sasuke's made.

"Come on Naruto, I want to see your pretty lips wrapped around my dick."

The teasing undertone made Naruto send a glare at the smirking face, but then he took a deep breath and slid the pants off the whole way, grabbing the briefs as well and letting them follow. Now, Naruto wasn't exactly small, but Sasuke was easily bigger than him. He was the kind of size that girls would talk dreamily about and guys would sneakily send jealous looks. Not crazy big, but yeah, big.

"Are you going to do something or do I have to fuck your mouth by myself?"

Gritting his teeth at the rude but arousing words Naruto spread Sasuke's legs a bit so he could fit between them, reaching a hand out to run his fingers along the length. There was just no way all of that would fit in his mouth. Deciding to give it a shot anyway he put his hands on Sasuke's hips and bent down, brushing his lips against the side of it and going upwards to lick the tip.

Taking a hold of it with one hand to get a better angle, he started lapping at the head, the musky taste making him wrinkle his nose a little at first. Putting his lips against the top of it he allowed the warm cock to slide into his mouth, he could faintly taste the bitterness of precum as he sucked on it.

"Mm, yeah, like that Naruto. You look so good, just like that" Sasuke groaned, bucking his hips a little to make Naruto take him in further.

The large appendage invading his mouth, Naruto swallowed and slid his tongue against the vein on the underside. He couldn't believe he was doing this. One moment he was on his way to a party with his friends, and in the next he was sucking cock. It was too weird to think about but, it felt good. Bobbing his head up and down, trying to ease a little more inside each time, opening his eyes to see Sasuke watch him in pleasure, it felt really good.

All those suspicions he'd had that he was bi, well here he was blowing a guy and loving it. He didn't think he needed any more evidence than that.

With his eyes closed again he felt Sasuke's hand against his cheek, his thumb moving to the corner of his mouth to feel himself sinking into that wet mouth and slide out again repeatedly. Naruto moaned, meeting Sasuke's gaze again, the half-lidded eyes following the movement of his head intently.

"Use your teeth more" Sasuke urged, his hand holding Naruto's cheek tighter as the blond scraped his teeth over the sensitive head every time he reached it.

There was something about the blond going down on him with such a serious expression that made him reach the edge faster than usual. The small sounds he made, the glances searching for approval, the way his face was flushed, it made him want to pull out and instead just focus on pleasuring Naruto. Making Naruto feel good, have him falling apart in his arms, lost in blissful pleasure and moaning his name over and over again.

Shit, he wanted it so bad.

Falling back on the bed he let go of Naruto's face as well, focusing on the feel of those inexperienced lips wrapped around him and sucking like some kind of animé porn star instead. How the fuck could he make him feel so good? Usually, inexperience would simply bore him; most of the time he just ripped their clothes off and fucked them like there was no tomorrow.

Maybe, it was because of the unusual way they'd met, that Naruto wasn't just some random guy he'd dragged home from a club while drunk. Maybe, it was the way Naruto looked at him as if he trusted him to make him feel good, to be careful.

When a hand shyly squeezed his balls as well he clenched his teeth, fighting his orgasm but of course failing. With a grunt he saw blue eyes widen as he filled the mouth with his seed, shuddering as Naruto worked hard to catch it all.

Once it was over, and Naruto had sat up again, he lay still for a few seconds with closed eyes, trying to collect himself. It wouldn't do to suddenly get this affected.

"Umm, Sasuke?"

Peeking at the blond, he frowned at the worried look he sported.

"What is it?"

"Umm…" Naruto hesitated, looking down but realizing he was staring at Sasuke's crotch and hurriedly looking to the side instead. "Was it, was it no good? I mean, I've never done this before so I wouldn't know, and you just got so quiet and-"

"It was good" Sasuke interrupted him with. "Really, it was… very good" he finished lamely.

"Oh, okay" Naruto said with evident relief, awkwardly running a hand through his hair and blushing.

Sasuke sat up, crawling over to sit beside the fidgeting blond, caressing his cheek and brushing a finger over the glistening bottom lip, Naruto's blush intensifying alarmingly when their eyes met. With an almost imperceptible quirk of his lips he gave the blond a chaste kiss, then another, then trailed kisses along his jaw and throat.

Pushing Naruto down on the mattress he kissed the hollow of his throat and moved to the other side of his neck, taking a similar path to reach his lips again. After another chaste kiss he rubbed his tongue against the well-used soft lips, plunging inside when they separated. Putting both hands on each side of Naruto's head he deepened the kiss, his tongue mapping out every part inside the wet cavern, tasting himself with a mix of Naruto.

Before he knew it, they'd been kissing for so long that he was hard again, his head spinning a little when he sat up too quickly. Naruto seemed lost in a daze, blinking slowly at Sasuke with such an erotic expression on his face that he almost couldn't stop himself from initiating another too lingering make-out session. Reminding himself that there was more pleasure to come from getting a move on he reached over the relaxed blond to open a drawer in his bedside table, taking out the necessary items.

Putting the condom away for now, he sat down between Naruto's lean legs and showed him the bottle of lube.

"Think you can handle it?" he asked, his voice a little too breathless for his liking.

Naruto tensed up a bit, eyeing the bottle with part apprehension and part nervous arousal.

"I want it" he mumbled, embarrassed but looking at Sasuke with confidence.

"Good" Sasuke grunted, pushing the tan legs up so he got a better view.

Popping the lid open he poured some of the see-through liquid in his hand, smearing it over his fingers and warming it up a little. Naruto watched him with interest, eyes sparkling, even though a small part of him still seemed dubious.

Sasuke eased forwards, taking a hold of Naruto's leg under his knee and pushing it further up, spreading the cheeks to reveal his goal. Circling the entrance with a finger he looked to Naruto for approval, and when the blond nodded he pushed it in, the ring of muscle enveloping it with its heat.

"Well fuck, you're going to be tight" he commented, snorting when Naruto looked furious with embarrassment and smacked his arm.

To distract Naruto from his words he pushed the finger in deeper, a whimper escaping Naruto as he closed his eyes and bit his lip.

"Does it hurt?" Sasuke asked in concern, because it shouldn't. Well, not yet.

Naruto shook his head, opening his mouth to say something but shutting it again, trying to even out his too fast breathing. Sasuke started thrusting the finger in and out, going slowly at first but speeding up when Naruto relaxed more. It was insane, how this sometimes tedious task of preparing was so much more intense with Naruto. The teenager was squirming and twisting the sheets from just one finger, and Sasuke's throat went dry at the thought of what he would look like when it was his cock moving inside him instead.

Pushing another slick finger in and scissoring slightly made Naruto's breath hitch, his eyes opening in surprise before fluttering and closing again. He bucked his hips to try and take the fingers deeper, and when Sasuke curled them and found his prostate he cursed out loud, tremors of pleasure shooting up his spine, the sight driving the raven almost crazy with need.

"Sasuke, aah, it's so good, more, please" he moaned, clawing at the sheets now and leaking precum as the fingers kept abusing his spot.

Sasuke couldn't answer, he simply pushed a third finger in which had Naruto's eyebrows knitting in discomfort. Rubbing his prostate he slowly spread his hole wider, his cock twitching at the inviting sight.

"Nn, aah, Sasuke I can't, haah, take it, going to…"

Sasuke felt Naruto clench around his fingers, his legs trembling and his head thrown back as he came for the second time, the semen landing on his abdomen. Taking out the digits Sasuke shakily reached for and ripped open the small package he'd put aside earlier, rolling the condom onto his aching erection as he watched Naruto slowly coming back to earth again. Tight or not there was no way he could wait any longer.

Breathing harshly and his heart pounding, Sasuke leaned over the still quietly groaning blond until they were face to face.

"Naruto, tell me if it's too much okay?"

Not waiting for an answer he guided himself until the tip was nudging the clenching entrance, cursing when he realized he probably needed more lube. Fumbling for the bottle he poured some of it sloppily over himself, evening it out with a few strokes. Positioning himself again he stopped when a hand gripped his arm, blue eyes searching for his.

"You okay?"

Naruto swallowed but nodded slowly, briefly looking down where they were soon to be joined intimately, then looking at Sasuke again.

"I'm just a bit… nervous" he admitted.

Sasuke kissed the inside of his knee, having lifted the leg up again for better access.

"You'll be fine, we'll take it slow okay? And you just came, so stay relaxed and you'll feel good soon."

He didn't know where that comforting voice came from, but Naruto seemed to relax at his words and lay down with his hands beside his head, looking the epitome of fuckable. Losing control for a second he breached the entrance and pushed the head inside, groaning at the tightness embracing him and forcing the air out of Naruto's lungs.

"S-shit, that's, fuck Sasuke" Naruto swore, stretched to the point of tears gathering in the corners of his eyes.

"Sorry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, are you okay?" Sasuke apologized uncharacteristically, gripping Naruto's thighs and trying not to move even though he wanted nothing more than to just pound roughly into that incredible heat.

"Yeah I'm, nngh, I'm okay, just, just give me a sec" Naruto panted out, trying to adjust to the feeling of suddenly having something that big inside him.

After maybe a minute he nodded at Sasuke, gasping when he sank in deeper, a mixture of pain and pleasure making him clench his fists. Feeling Sasuke move in and out was not entirely uncomfortable, but he really wished he'd hit that place that felt so crazy good when it was just fingers.

Sasuke hooked his arms underneath Naruto's legs, pushing them up against his chest and finally managed to find the prostate again, sighing in relief when Naruto moaned and relaxed a little more around him. Sure, tight was good but there was such a thing as too tight as well. Focusing on the expressive blond underneath him he made sure to hit the target every time he entered, thrusting slowly and gradually reaching deeper.

It was just as good as he'd imagined, with Naruto losing himself to pleasure as he slid in and out of him, the now stretched entrance sucking him inside and reluctantly letting him leave again.

"Sasuke, mm, it feels good" Naruto moaned, calling out when his words made Sasuke snap his hips forwards with more power, making him scratch at the sheets and clench as he started hitting his prostate much harder than before. "Ooh, ah, that's, mmmnnnn."

With Naruto's moaning going straight to his groin, Sasuke gritted his teeth and bent forwards, holding Naruto's sides in an iron-grip probably leaving bruises. It was too good to describe, being connected like this, seeing the honest evidence of how much he was pleasuring Naruto in every facial expression, every sound he made, making him forget to breathe as the tan body writhed underneath him.

"Naruto, hah, so tight, so fucking good Naruto" he groaned, repeating Naruto's name over and over as he felt sweat dribble down his neck and forehead, his whole body tuned in on every tiny little thing the blond did.

His hair sticking to his face, the flush in his cheeks, the relaxing and tensing of his facial muscles, his chest heaving as he gasped, cum-stains still covering his stomach, his dick hard and ready again. How he shivered when Sasuke's breath fanned over one of his nipples, how his moans changed in volume depending on from which angle Sasuke entered him, how he sometimes bit his lip to prevent too loud shouts.

Sasuke was fascinated, he felt like he could watch him forever, he wanted to pleasure him again and again, he wanted to find every sensitive part of his body, every different expression he could make, to know which position he'd enjoy the most. If there was a way he could make him shout his name even louder than he did now.

Losing track of time, his senses filled with Naruto only, it was with mixed feelings he felt the finish line approaching. Relocating a hand to pump Naruto he groaned when it earned him those louder shouts he'd been working for.

"Sasuke, Sasuke! Yes! Oh Sasuke, dammit, so close!"

Speeding up and forgetting all about rhythm he pounded into him, feeling him almost shake around him as blood rushed through his veins and drenched out everything that wasn't the sexiest blond on earth. The cock in his hand twitched, and Naruto arched his back in a silent scream, nails digging into the mattress and thighs squeezing Sasuke. A few more thrusts into the tight, clenching warmth and he was gone, pleasure coursing through his body and his vision failing him, all he could feel besides the rolling waves of orgasm was the heat of Naruto's body.

Slowly, he came to again, realizing his forehead was pressed to Naruto's rapidly raising and sinking chest, his now softening length buried deep within him. Pulling out with a sigh he felt Naruto tremble slightly, a tired moan slipping past his lips as he opened his eyes to give Sasuke a sated look.

Throwing the used condom somewhere nobody cares about Sasuke sank down beside Naruto, pushing him onto his side so he could align their bodies, putting a leg in between tan ones. He kissed the sweat-slicked neck, running his hand up and down his side before moving lower and dangerously close to his groin.

"Shit, I can't help it, I want you again Naruto" he said, his voice raspy from sex and his wandering hand playing with blond hairs.

"I don't really think I can go again" Naruto mumbled sleepily, grabbing Sasuke's hand and moving it upwards to his chest.

"Me neither" Sasuke almost whispered, brushing his lips back and forth over Naruto's skin. "I just… want you."

Naruto blushed, wondering what Sasuke meant. It felt nice to have Sasuke wrapped around him like this, spooning him, even though he felt a little too warm and full of sticky cum. Sasuke sat up half-way to pull the covers over them up to their waists, then went back to holding Naruto again, pulling him close to his chest with a content sound.

"Let's sleep" he mumbled, yawning and burying his nose in Naruto's neck.

And not really knowing what else to do, Naruto sighed and relaxed as well, Sasuke's steady breaths soon lulling him into the land of dreams as well.

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