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Chapter two: As expected?


Naruto woke up with a dry throat and a dull ache in his lower back, disorientation causing a moment of panic. Where the hell was he?! Thinking back to last night, and noticing the body still pressed to his, he widened his eyes with a mixed sense of horror and excitement. He'd actually had sex with another guy!

Cheering silently to himself, he noticed nature calling and carefully eased out of Sasuke's hold. He tip-toed out of the semi-dark room in search for the bathroom, finding it pretty easily, and almost screeched out loud when he turned on the lights and saw himself in the full body mirror inside.

He looked like, like...

Like he'd been pretty thoroughly fucked last night.

Hesitantly walking closer, he put a hand to his neck over the obvious hickey, swallowing as he moved lower. There was dried cum on his stomach, faint bruises on his hips, and he was quite thankful for the fact that he couldn't see what his ass looked like at the moment.

It sure felt sore.

Glancing up to stare into his own eyes, he found it rather unnerving how strange they looked. Kind of shiny and wide, and the red color spread across his cheeks didn't exactly help get rid of the image of some love-sick school girl who finally lost her virginity to her dreamy prince charming.

He really needed to stop stealing Hinata's shoujo manga.

Irritated at himself he slapped both hands over his face, taking a few deep breaths to calm down. Okay, time to get a grip of the situation here.

Last night he had sex with a guy.

And now, he'd woken up naked in his apartment, covered in the evidence.

He was supposed to have slept at Kiba's place along with Gaara, so the parental bit was covered.




OMFG afghksjaskl he'd gone home to a stranger and slept with him! Him! And his friends were so going to tease him for this for the rest of his life! What the hell was he going to do?!

Which brought him back to the fact that, he was, in fact, still in Sasuke's apartment.


He had no idea of what to do. Stay? Leave? Would Sasuke ask for his number so they could meet again, or was this just another normally crazy one night stand for him?

Imagining himself waking Sasuke up, doing some kind of seducing pose that would make the sexy raven fuck him again...

Oh god there was just no way he could do that! It was too embarrassing! Not to mention it was already hard enough to walk...

Leaning over the sink and turning on the water to splash some on his burning face, he cursed himself for being so inexperienced. Casual sex wasn't exactly an everyday occurrence, usually he was just too shy for that.

Besides, he was of the firm belief that sex was better with someone you loved.

Although, after last night he'd either have to rethink that belief, or just blame love on first sight that it had been so, so... blushing again he pushed his head underneath the running water, turning it to freezing in order to get some sort of calm back. This was just too much for his poor brain to handle.

~Line breaker~

Sitting in some kind of boneless heap on the subway home, he was already almost regretting his decision. Gah he was such a coward! Sasuke had slept so deeply, and there was just no way he would have dared wake him up, and his mom did call to remind him he'd promised to be home for lunch.

Fidgeting a little in his seat, he stared glumly out of the window, seeing only darkness and the occasional cables rushing past him. He really started regretting leaving now. What were the chances to meet a guy like that again? Unless he showed up at his doorstep, which would be the accomplishment of the century and worthy of some sort of bravery medal.

Unconsciously brushing a finger over his lips, faint sparks created from memory, he sighed and leaned his head against the window pane. Closing his eyes, he accidentally pictured certain vivid images in his mind. Screaming silently he grabbed his hair in frustration, ignoring the surprised looks from the old woman opposite of him. Why, why, why did his first guy have to be someone so sexy and perfect? Couldn't it just have been someone normal, so he could have thought, 'Okay, I'm gay but no big deal'. Now, he seriously wondered if he'd be able to go back to girls again, if he'd even manage to find another guy!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Did he mention stupid?

Groaning quietly to himself, he agreed that yeah, stupid was a pretty good word to describe it.

Fucking stupid.

~Line breaker~

"While I agree that it's Monday morning, really Sasuke what's with the moping around and sighing?"

"Get lost" Sasuke muttered, making room on a shelf for a new arrival of books, less enthusiastically than usual at his part-time job in a nearby bookstore.

"Waaait a minute; is that a lovesick expression on your face?"

Sasuke flicked the finger pointing at his chin away, ignoring the eyes looking at him with suspicion.

"I said: get lost."

"Awww Sasuke, did you get dumped? You know all your love problems would be solved if you just married me!"

Cue a pair of breasts squeezed against his arm.

"I'm not in the mood Karin."

"You would be if you saw me naked~"

"I've already dumped you twice, don't make me do it again."

"Ouch, you're hurting my feelings."

"You don't have any feelings."

"But really Sasuke, you know what an expert advisor I am when it comes to love, at least tell me the story!" Karin pleaded.

"You just want something to gossip about" Sasuke answered with a glare. "There's nothing to talk about."

"Hmm, well I just might have brought my special tomato salad for lunch today..." Karin trailed off, mentally snickering when she saw Sasuke twitch a little.

It's a sad thing he held a more romantic interest towards her salad than towards her.

"I don't have anything to trade with" Sasuke said, his defences already weakening.

He hadn't eaten that salad for at least a month.

Karin grinned evilly, fixing her glasses on her nose and twinning her red hair between two fingers.

"Oh, I'm sure you could think of something."

Sighing in defeat, Sasuke put the last few books on the shelf and leaned against the bookcase, crossing his arms and pinning Karin with a serious glare.

"I need you to find someone for me."

Karin practically purred with excitement, rubbing her hands in glee.

"Oh, you know how I love to find people! Now give me the juicy details!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but the memory of that delicious salad stopped him from simply walking away.

"Fine, so I met this guy..."

"Eek! Is he hot? What's he look like? Did he make your heart skip a beat?"

Pushing Karin's face away with those ridiculously waggling eyebrows, he sighed again.

"Why haven't you just searched him on facebook?" she added with a frown. "Or was it one of those fated encounters, love springing up in the middle of a crowded dance floor, but you were swept away by an angry horde of fanboys and couldn't find him again?"

"You really need to get laid" Sasuke teased, effectively cancelling the starry eyed look Karin had sported. "And you forget that I don't have facebook."

"God you are such a boring guy, you know I'm lucky you dumped me, really where would I be now, a housewife with three kids?"

"Don't say disturbing things, we were thirteen and not even together."

"They'd be triplets too."

"You're lucky the owner is your so called gramps."

"Come on, you've been stalling long enough! Tell me his name!"

"...It's Naruto" Sasuke finally managed to get out.

As if he hadn't heard that name echoed in his head continuously since he woke up yesterday to an empty bed. Well, that and his own name moaned by those sinful lips...

"Whoa whoa whoa, slow down a second here; are we talking Naruto as in blond, annoying and cuter than his own good?"

Sasuke snapped back to reality, staring at Karin.

"You know him?"

So what if he sounded a little bit too eager?

"Okay, okay Sasuke" she said as if calming him down, putting up her hands. "What, exactly, are your intentions here?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, clicking his tongue.

"Depends, how exactly do you know him?"

"Oh don't look at me like that! Unlike you, I don't go for younger guys."

"Damn it Karin just tell me!"

Karin looked surprised for a second, then realization dawned on her, mixed feelings of glee and annoyance flickering across her face.

"No way" she said slowly. "Please tell me you didn't. Oh my god you so did!"

"Did what?" Sasuke said, barely able to restrain his irritation.

"You fell in love with my cousin! How crazy is this shit?!" She smacked her palms over her cheeks. "That is so awesome and terrifying at the same time!"

"I'm not in love idiot- wait. What do you mean your cousin!"

Horror started to replace the irritation Sasuke felt. What the fuck was wrong with this world? One Uzumaki was bad enough, how was he supposed to deal with two of them?!

"Aaaah I can't believe this! I have to tell the world!" Karin shouted, whipping out her phone and making an indignant squeak when Sasuke ripped it out of her hand.

"Just to make things clear, as much as I might just possibly want to date your cousin, he has no idea of that yet."

Karin stared at him, then started chuckling, moving on to downright cackling at the annoyed and embarrassed look on Sasuke's face.

"Oh Sasuke, this is too much, tell me you've at least met him."

"Of course I've met him, we..."

"No. No no no Uchiha Sasuke you did not have sex with my baby cousin nooooo you rapist! How could you do that!?" Karin shouted, a look of horror worse than Sasuke's previous one adorning her face, her nails digging in to her cheeks and making her look quite scary.

"What the hell, it was perfectly consensual, jeez it's not like he was a virgin."

"Gah I'm not listening! This isn't happening!"

"Ouch! Stop hitting me!"

Needless to say, it took quite a while and a large amount of 'gentlemanly' promises before Karin agreed to help him out. Although, there was just no way he was keeping the one about no sex before marriage. Really, what did she take him for?

~Line breaker~

"Oi! Naruto!" Kiba stage whispered.

"What" Naruto mumbled listlessly.

"Come on man, are you going to tell us what happened or not? Your doom and gloom is starting to piss me off."

"It's none of your business."

Kiba kicked his shin, meeting his glare with a pointed look.

"Dude, just tell us."

"We're in the middle of class Kiba" Gaara pointed out quietly, eyes trained on their lecturer quite far away in the large lecture hall.

"So what, no one pays attention anyway."

"Considering your grade on the mock exam, I'd say you need to."

Naruto snorted at Gaara's comment, but quickly returned to sulking again. Disregarding the fact that due to his idiocy he'd lost his chance with Sasuke, his mom had cast one look at him yesterday and proceeded to throw a fit about the hickey.

If he ever met Sasuke again, he'd kick him for that.

Okay, thinking about Sasuke was not a good idea, but he just couldn't stop remembering! Those hands touching him... Oh god yesterday night he'd been unable to think of anything else, if his parents had known was he was doing... He didn't really want to know himself.

At least he'd dodged telling his friends yet since he was late for class. Which might or might not have been deliberate. Even if their first lesson was after lunch he'd still had trouble making it on time...

An excited murmur brought him out of his musings, and he leaned past Kiba to see what was going on. He could really use a distraction. A few girls on the other side of the lecture hall were staring out through the ground-level windows, and sitting almost all the way at the back he couldn't see what had them so excited at first.

But then the person outside moved closer, staring shamelessly through the glass as if looking for someone, and with a choked sound Naruto slammed his back into his seat and sank downwards, lifting his notebook in panic to hide his face.

What the hell was Sasuke doing here?! Outside his lecture hall! There was just no way this was happening! Heart beating furiously he ignored Kiba's weird looks, his head spinning with possible scenarios.

He tried to calm himself down, thinking that Sasuke was probably looking for someone else, and it was all just a scary coincidence. Maybe he had a brother or something here, or maybe he even attended the same college!

No, he'd probably graduated already, and besides, a guy like that wouldn't be able to walk around unnoticed.

"Could someone tell me why my little brother is glaring at me through the window, obviously looking for someone else?"

Naruto froze at the sound of Mr. Uchiha's voice.

Shit shit shit he thought. Fuck of course he's my goddamn teacher's brother! Can this get any worse?!

Sneaking a peek over the edge of his notebook he saw Mr. Uchiha (what the hell was his first name?) sweeping his sharp eyes over the assembled students, an amused twitch around the corners of his mouth.

"I believe he's looking for Naruto " Gaara said calmly, ignoring Naruto's panicked noises of protest.

Kiba grinned at him and ripped the notebook from his hands, hoisting him up for everyone's view.

"Yeah, they seem to have some unfinished business from this weekend" Kiba added, giving Naruto payback for not telling them what had happened.

"I hate you" Naruto hissed, gulping when he felt the apparently older brother's eyes on him.

"Interesting" the teacher mused, his eyes getting an evil glint. "Well, I'm sure I'll hear about it sooner or later anyway, why don't you run along and finish that business? My brother can be rather, impatient, when he wants something" he drawled, looking as if he already knew exactly what was going on, and Naruto was completely mortified.

Face burning and palms sweaty he quickly gathered up his things, not looking at anyone as he walked down the middle aisle, but certain of the fact that everybody looked at him. Making the mistake of glancing up at Sasuke's brother/Mr. Uchiha the teacher he had to use every ounce of self-control to not just high-tail it out of there at the evil amusement in the dark eyes.

Stepping out of the door and closing it behind him, he sighed in utter relief and sank down on the floor, banging the back of his head into the door.

"Well really" Sasuke said, startling the blond into finally releasing that high-pitched squeak that had been building up for a while.

Sasuke squatted in front of him, giving him a look of mixed amusement and annoyance, along with something else that had Naruto's heart skipping a beat. Or maybe three.

"Not only have I been friends with your incredibly annoying cousin for half my life, but you're also in one of Itachi's classes? If I believed in such things I'd say someone was trying to tell me something."

Naruto's mouth fell open, but no sound came out. There were too many things he wanted to say and all of them were stupid. Apparently Sasuke didn't have that kind of problem though since he continued talking, in that way too sexy voice.

"So, was there any particular reason you up and left me to a cold bed yesterday morning? It wasn't a very nice thing to do you know."

Remembering finally that he knew how to speak Naruto managed to produce some unintelligible noises of embarrassment before remembering words.

"I'm sorry! I just didn't know what to do, I panicked okay? And I was late for lunch and you were sleeping and I seriously didn't know what to do and-"

A finger on his lips silenced him, an involuntary shudder moving through his body due to Sasuke moving closer and touching him like that.

"Shower sex" the dark-haired male said. "You were supposed to have shower sex with me."

Eyes widening and blush intensifying Naruto swallowed, all sorts of dirty thoughts rushing through his brain and stirring his lower parts.

"But never mind that" Sasuke continued, and Naruto was suddenly so depressed he didn't know what else to do than look down at his lap and try not to breathe. "We can do that later. As for now, we'll go for lunch."

Naruto's head snapped up, the look of surprise on his face apparently funny enough for Sasuke to chuckle. Narrowing his eyes instantly he smacked the raven that had occupied his thoughts ever since he'd taken a look at him on the subway, pouting and crossing his arms.

"Bastard! What makes you think you can stalk me like this and decide stuff like that on your own?!"

A mouth suddenly pressed against his own, a hand gripping his hair and another gripping his thigh blew all thoughts of anger out of his head. Instead he moaned loudly and took a hold of Sasuke's jacket, pulling his body closer and whimpering in protest when those amazing lips left his.

"Or maybe I should just take you home and have my way with you again" Sasuke mumbled slightly out of breath, smirking at the approving shiver Naruto released.

Standing up he pulled Naruto with him, making sure he ended up falling into his arms.

"But lunch is also fine, if you prefer to get to know me a little better before making any decisions. I'd be rather put out if you dump me after I've gotten addicted to you for real."

Naruto was speechless, staring up into Sasuke's eyes, strong arms secured around his back and pressing him into the warm inviting body.

"Well?" Sasuke urged, and no matter how much Naruto tried he couldn't muster enough of his manliness to answer with anything other than a nod.

"Hn" Sasuke said and let go of him, which Naruto instantly disliked, but then he took his hand and started walking, which instantly made things better again.

While Naruto had to admit that one of the cafés on campus wasn't an ideal dating spot in his opinion, the fact that he was there with the hottest guy ever and everyone was looking at them... no wait that didn't help at all! He just felt incredibly shy and awkward like this, while Sasuke seemed not to have a care in the world. The dark-haired older man was calmly eating his salad, and Naruto found himself unable to look away when he (intentionally?) slid the fork out of his mouth in a very distracting way.

"So you're into game development?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, or well, it seemed really cool but it's pretty hard..."

Sasuke snorted.

"Considering the stories I've heard from my brother, you don't have it easy."

Naruto crossed his arms and pouted.

"Your brother is mean. But, he's like, the awesomest teacher ever! Not to mention the mountains of money he earns as a game designer."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes a little at the shiny eyes glazed over from thinking of Itachi.

"Well it's a shame he's straight."

Naruto came back to earth, a surprised look on his face, before blushing.

"Gah, I wasn't thinking like that at all! I mean, jeez he's my teacher, plus he's old and stuff."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes a little more, and Naruto flinched, suddenly realizing that maybe flattering Sasuke's brother and then bringing up the age thing again was not a smart idea.

"I mean, uhh, he's got nothing against you?"

"Damn right he doesn't" Sasuke said, pointing at Naruto with his fork on which a piece of tomato was impaled. "Besides, I'm the one writing the storylines anyway."


Sasuke gave him a look, clearly saying 'So you know everything about my brother but you've never heard of me huh?'.

"Aah I'm sorry Sasuke! We just haven't gotten to that part yet! And besides my major is design not game writing."

Sasuke sighed, putting the tomato in his mouth and chewing contemplatively.

"No, it's fine. It's just that my brother always gets the spotlight you know? And I'm only an assistant anyway, since I want to become a real author. Honestly, I just work at a bookstore at the moment."

Naruto stared at him for a few seconds in stunned silence.


"That's horrible! Your brother earns all the money and makes you write the storyline and you have to work in a bookstore just to get by! How terrible can he get!?"

"Whoa, no, calm down Naruto. I don't work there for the money, I just go crazy if all I do is sit at home and stare at a computer screen all day trying to write."

"Huh" was all Naruto could say.

Sasuke glanced away, then met Naruto's gaze again.

"So do you like me for my looks or for the money?" he asked, his voice teasing but with a serious glint in his eyes.

"For the sex" Naruto said without thinking, and when his brain caught up to his mouth his face caught fire and he slapped his hands over it, groaning at his inability to think before he talks.

Sasuke, on the other hand, felt a twitch in his pants and couldn't help but mentally cheer at that answer. With a smirk on his lips he nudged Naruto's foot with his own, getting the blond's attention and making him peek out through his fingers.

"So how about we finish the food quickly and go to my place again?"

~Line breaker~

Sasuke barely had enough patience to close the door before attacking Naruto's mouth hungrily, pushing him against it and grinding their bodies harshly together. Naruto gripped his back, releasing muffled groans at the rough treatment. Sasuke's hands were in Naruto's hair, twisting it between his fingers as their tongues danced.

First round was going to be fast and hard.

Leaving the door he led Naruto towards his bedroom, shoes and clothes falling to the floor along the way. Hands roamed chests and backs, and once Sasuke had managed to unbutton the faded ripped jeans Naruto wore he snuck his hand down to squeeze that tight ass, grinding their groins together hard and making them both moan.

They fell onto the bed, crawling further onto it, kissing, sucking, biting, and Naruto's mouth produced wonderful sound after sound.

"Sah-suke, don't bite, nggh, there, aah, why do you still have your pants- oh god your mouth-fuck-yes!"

Sasuke was licking Naruto's v-line, up and down to circle his naval, sucking on the skin and fingertips drawing patterns over his hips and thighs. He could feel Naruto's erection brushing his chest, his own complaining against the restricting fabric of his pants. Sitting up he hurriedly got rid of them, raking his eyes appreciatively over Naruto's flushed form.

He positioned himself over Naruto, nibbling on his parted lips and running his hands through blond hair, lowering for more skin-on-skin contact, swallowing Naruto's moans in a passionate kiss as their lengths experienced fiery friction. He felt blinded by lust, he wanted needed craved the other man, his touch his voice his eyes on Sasuke, and only Sasuke.

He sucked relentlessly on the rapidly beating pulse on Naruto's neck, licking it soothingly once the hickey was to his satisfaction, pressing kisses in a trail down towards his chest. Naruto was holding on to his shoulders, nails momentarily digging into them when Sasuke rolled a pink nub between his teeth.

"Ah- nnngh, come on Sasuke, I fucking need it!"

Those words created an explosion of heavy arousal in Sasuke's stomach, and he groaned with his forehead pressed to the tan chest, his own lungs matching Naruto's rapid breathing.

"Shit you're driving me crazy Naruto" he breathed out, raising his head to meet eyes equally filled with pleasure as his own.

Hurriedly finding the lube he pushed two fingers in after coating them, the sight of Naruto squirming and writhing like two days ago forcing a shudder through his body. Seeing that some of the squirming was actually from discomfort, he went down and took the hard dick in his mouth, gripping the wriggling hips to hold them still as he gave long, deep sucks that made Naruto putty in his hands. Naruto seemed to have forgotten his previous embarrassment over being loud, and now he moaned shamelessly, egging Sasuke on.

Three fingers and Naruto lost it, coming in Sasuke's mouth and clenching around his fingers, but that didn't make Sasuke stop moving them. He sat up to watch the blond fall apart, his legs bending to squeeze Sasuke's sides and his head turning from side to side, and there was no way in hell Sasuke could wait any longer. Taking the fingers out he poured the lube over his cock, almost hissing at the feeling of his hand stroking himself when he imagined he was already moving inside Naruto.

Naruto had relaxed and stilled, panting and riding out his orgasm, opening his eyes in surprise when Sasuke turned him over on his stomach. He felt the heat of Sasuke's body against his back, a hand hoisting his hips upwards and something slick and hard brushing his thigh. Taking a hold of the sheets he shuddered in anticipation, the small part of his mind that was still somehow rational interestedly noting that he was now, for the second time in almost as many days, about to get fucked up the ass. The rest of him was screaming incoherently for Sasuke to hurry up.

Suddenly Sasuke's breath tickled his neck, a hand clasping his own and warmth enveloping his entire body.

"Ready?" Sasuke whispered huskily, and Naruto would have come again if he hadn't just managed to barely get half-hard again.

He nodded, and without wasting any time Sasuke plunged into him, filling him up and making him tense at the sudden but expected intrusion.

"Shit" he gasped, because even if this was the second time he was in no way used to it, and the raven hadn't exactly gone easy on him.

"Fuck I can't help it" Sasuke murmured, one hand pumping his dick to hardness soothingly and his mouth still pressed against his neck.

Breathing shakily Naruto tried his best to adjust, knowing it was going to feel much better soon, impatiently telling Sasuke to start moving even if he wasn't ready yet. He hissed when Sasuke immediately thrust deep, burying himself fully and groaning at the tight heat. Thankfully he got a small pause before the real thrusting began, but once it did Sasuke managed to find his spot and soon he was lost in pleasure again.

Sasuke moved his hips in a steady pounding rhythm, his eyes closed and every other sense tuned on Naruto. Saturday night had been amazing, but now he felt as if all restrictions were gone and he could move with Naruto as one, this was not a one night stand; it was the beginning of something important. Something he'd thought he'd felt once or twice before but those times were nothing compared to this, this feeling of losing himself completely in passion with another person. He felt good, but not just because he was having sex and thrusting deep into a tight heat.

He felt good because he knew that Naruto felt good.

"Sasuke, more, I want you more" Naruto panted, and Sasuke sped up, clutching the other and embracing him, wanting every body part as close as possible.

He thought he was going insane with the trembling in his limbs, the flutter in his chest and the rush of blood through his entire body. How was Naruto able to do this to him, so easily, so naturally? Did he even know the effect he had on him? He used to have control during sex, knowing exactly how to play his partners and making them orgasm over and over.

Now he was the one caught in the trap, or maybe they were caught in each other's traps.

Yeah, he liked the sound of that.

Pressing his mouth against Naruto's shoulder, tasting the salt of his sweat, he started pumping him again since neither would be able to hold on for much longer. Abandoning his rhythm he could feel Naruto clenching, his moans louder and his body writhing. And Sasuke wanted to drive him to this point over and over again, falling over the edge with him every time, nothing but pleasure in each other's arms.

Maybe, just quite possibly, he was falling for Naruto.

And he didn't mind at all.

A few rounds later he lay with Naruto securely in his arms, caressing his yellow locks. Naruto's head was on his chest, both of them simply breathing and enjoying the calm post-sex cuddle.

"Hey, Sasuke?" Naruto said quietly, listening to Sasuke's steady heartbeat.


"This was really nice."

Sasuke tightened his hold, readjusting Naruto into a more comfortable position.

"It is really nice you mean."

Naruto snorted, a smile playing on his lips that Sasuke unfortunately couldn't see.

"Are we doing it again?" he asked, holding his breath while waiting for the answer.

Sasuke had seemed to like him, and he wouldn't go through all the trouble to find him again if it was just for sex right? Even if it was incredible mind-blowing sex.

"Well, if I get to deicide, we'll be doing this every day from now on."

Naruto couldn't help the grin that spread across his face, turning his head to look up at Sasuke.

"In that case, I think I don't mind letting you decide."

Sasuke quirked his lips, turning it into a full-blown smirk making Naruto blush and look down again. Rolling them over to their sides, Sasuke moved his hand down to Naruto's neck, guiding him into a sweet kiss. He ended it with kissing all over Naruto's face, making him chuckle and push his head away.

"So how about a shower?" Sasuke asked, smirking again.

"But I was so comfy here" Naruto pouted.

"Oh, I think I can make you feel all sorts of comfortable in the shower" Sasuke answered suggestively, getting out of bed and stretching his hand out for Naruto.

Feeling his face heat up as always, but also that heat stirring in his stomach even though he'd already come so many times, Naruto took the hand and followed Sasuke.

He did owe him some shower sex after all, right?


Sasuke lay on the couch in his and Naruto's apartment, lazily watching TV while he waited for his boyfriend of quite a few years to come home. And sure enough, five minutes later he heard the key turn in the lock before Naruto entered, shouting his usual 'I'm home!'.

When Naruto entered the living room he practically threw himself on top of Sasuke, snuggling into the space between him and the couch and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"So how was work?" he asked, and Naruto shrugged.

"Itachi only yelled at me once, and that was because you hadn't picked up your phone when he tried to call you."

"Liar, Itachi doesn't yell."

"Not at you he doesn't. But yeah you should check your phone more often."

"I was writing, as if I was going to break my flow for something like that."

Naruto rolled his eyes and watched the screen for a while, but for some reason he kept fidgeting.

"What's wrong?"

"Huh? Nothing's wrong why would you think something's wrong oh my god I confess I found the rings last night when you were out on a walk."

Naruto said all that so fast Sasuke almost didn't catch it, but then he sat up and stared at his guilty-looking blond.

"What do you mean you found them, why would you be looking in an old pair of shoes inside the storage room?!"

"Uuh, I was looking for a cookbook that mom wanted back for some reason and you know, then I started wondering why shoes like those would be there without a box, and since they looked funny I tried them on and yeah..."

Sasuke stared at Naruto with pursed lips. He'd managed to be so sneaky, buying them without Naruto suspecting a thing, planning to propose two days later at their anniversary.

"Well?" he said.

"Well what?" Naruto asked, looking confused.

"Now that you know, is it a yes or no?"

"Ha! You're not getting the answer that easy, I'm expecting a spectacular and loving speech from you so you're just gonna have to wait and put in an effort!"

Staring down at his cheekily grinning almost-but-not-quite-yet fiancé Sasuke sighed in defeat. Lying down again he hugged Naruto, kissing the top of his head and making himself comfortable, attention back on the TV.

"But, you know..." Naruto mumbled, playing with the string on Sasuke's sweat pants. "I wouldn't mind getting a head start on the engagement sex."

Cue way too large and obnoxious perfect grin again, and Sasuke shook his head and pushed the mute button.

"You never get enough do you?" he asked, covering the grin with a kiss.

And well, neither did he.

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