Chapter 1:

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"The first thing you should know about me is that I'm a whore."

The summer that he turned 18, Harry had left his relatives home in Surrey and set out to make his own life in London. After years of abuse and no reprieve he'd left school and runaway. He was tired of slaving away for hours in the summer and being starved and beaten for no reason other than being born. Often he wished they would have just dropped him off at an orphanage because maybe then he would have felt unwanted, but at least not by the hand of his own flesh and blood. He was really appreciative to have had a place to call home and a roof over his head, but you know when you're not wanted, even small children knew when they weren't wanted. It also didn't help when you had a family that felt the need to constantly remind you of such things.

Things weren't all bad though because not long after turning eleven his relatives sent Dudley to Smeltings and Harry just continued on in public school. That was the year he met Ron Weasley, and they became quick friends. His family treated Harry lovely when he got to spend time there. His mother, Mrs. Weasley, was always doting over the state of him and trying to feed him. Later on in the school year the pair made another close friend in Hermione Granger who had just moved to their school. Her parents were dentists and were nice enough, they never really spent much time at Hermione's house. Ron's house was the usual spot they went to spend time, that is when Harry could manage to get away from his relatives.

The summer he turned 18 he was in London working at a shop when a man, named Evan, had approached him and asked him about becoming an escort and if he would be interested in the idea of it. He had brushed off the idea most adamantly when Evan had first proposed it. Then he had lost his job at the shop due to downsizing and he came across the card again and gave Evan a call. A few months later and he was well on his way to becoming a seasoned veteran.

Things that clients asked for usually varied from full blow sex to just playing the date. Sometimes clients would hire him for the entire night which could make things really interesting or really boring. He really enjoyed his work, he got to make his own hours and the money was good, but it wasn't about the money. No, he had come into quite the inheritance about a month after his 18th birthday from his parents. The only problem was having to keep the secrets from his friends. It was hard of course, but things were better this way. London, was a great place for his type of work as well, it was large and always changing and it offered a certain source anonymity that the job required. He didn't know what he would do if Ron or Hermione found out or Ron's family. He feared they wouldn't be as accepting as he hoped they might.

He told everyone that he worked nights stocking shelves in a store it was boring and there was no need for an explanation. It also explained all the times he was busy when his friends managed to have plans he couldn't come along to. And on the rare chance that one of his clients invited him away for a weekend or a holiday he didn't even mention it until he was home. They soon grew used to the idea of him disappearing for a few days at a time and then telling them of his adventures when he came home. It had become part of the routine of their friendship, they didn't ask too many questions and he didn't answer too many.

On New Years Eve he was hired out for the entire night by a posh businessman as a date for a colleague. Things like this could go one of two ways he would be welcomed by his intended recipient or he would sit all night being ignored by said recipient. Either way he was due two thousand pounds in return. Not exactly how he wanted to spend New Years Eve but there was money in it and hopefully someone he would add to his regulars list. His instructions were to dress smartly and to show up on time. Simple enough.

Harry showed up at the St. James and did his best to look as though he was supposed to be there and like he wasn't hired to be there. Male escorts were a lot better at blending than their female counterparts, and if you were charming enough most people forgot any questions they might have had. He took the lift up to the large penthouse style room that he was instructed to show up at and knocked on the door. He was greeted by a cater waiter and then Lucius Malfoy himself.

"Ah, you must be Severus' date," Lucius said shaking his hand.

"Yes, I am Thomas," he said letting his work name slide off his tongue without fault.

"Severus, come your date is here!" Lucius said joyously receiving a scowl, which led Harry to believe he was not invited with his intended date's knowledge.

"Lucius, I cannot believe you," Severus sneered.

"It's was meant with good intentions. Everyone deserves a kiss on New Years."

"It's a silly tradition," Severus scowled darkly.

"So is your self inflicted celibacy," Lucius mocked. "Thomas here is meant to be your date under the highest form of discretion. So enjoy the company."

"If I must, he is half my age."

"Enjoy the view then," Lucius said lightly before heading over to greet more guests.

Harry watched the exchanged with amusement, he was meant to be as a surprise. He wasn't sure how he would be received by his intended seeing as the man seemed to be quite cross with the idea of him. Harry did enjoy a challenge though.

"Come along if you must. We might as well look as though we enjoy each other's company," Severus said sharply.

"No one will believe I'm your date if you behave so coldly to me," Harry pointed out.

"You're half my age, no one will believe anyway. I don't exactly have a lot of dates."

"You could say you're my sugar daddy," Harry teased receiving an indignant look.

Harry spent the first part of the evening being nothing short of ignored by Severus. The man would introduce him as his date if asked by a colleague or a fellow party guest, and Harry would smile and introduce himself, but that was the extent of their relationship. He quickly picked up that it wasn't just him that received the coldness of Severus' nature, but most people in general were wary of him. He was cold and snarky and most people were put off by him and only ventured near to say hello. Although, Harry saw that the more whisky that Severus imbibed the less uptight he became. He caught his biggest break when he followed Severus outside to a surprisingly empty balcony. The man offered him a cigarette and a light without a word in which he accepted.

"I'm surprised you took a cigarette, you've been nursing the same drink all night. I know most people don't notice do they? Or they don't speak up. It's just part of my job to notice things," He blathered on.

"I try not to drink on the job, makes me sloppy," Harry smiled softly.

"How does one become an…escort?" Severus said broaching the topic carefully.

"It doesn't matter what you call me. Escort, hooker, prostitute, whore. I don't care, they're all just semantics in the end," he shrugged. "But to answer your question it kind of found me I guess."

"How so?"

"My manager saw me one day and gave me his card. I wasn't interested at first, but then I lost my job and found his card, and well here we are."

"So you're doing it for the money then?"

"No, I'm doing it because I enjoy sex and money is hardly an issue I have a rather large inheritance from my parents."

"What do they think about your choice of career?"

"They're dead," He said sipping the champagne in his hand.

"I'm sorry," Severus said quietly.

"Don't be I was one, I hardly knew them."

"Nevertheless," he replied throwing back his whisky and gesturing for the waiter to bring him another.

"So, what do you do?"

"Medical research."

Harry wasn't surprised that Severus was talkative with him, more often than not the people who hired him hired him for company rather than sex. A cuddle here, a night out there, he couldn't complain. Severus may not have hired him but the results were consistent enough. There was something different though something about Severus drew him in and he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. He would willingly admit that he was attracted to Severus even if it proved to unprofessional. Not mixing work and play was one of the first rules of becoming an escort. So, naturally he pushed it out of his mind like any other professional in his area would do and turned his attention back to Severus.