Hi Austin! yelled ally. Hi ally said Austin disturbed.

Imagine Austin living in la! Said ally. Austin chuckled. You know ally you have the most silliest dreams.

Ally returned a quick glance at Austin. It has been 9 months since they first met thought Austin. He stared into ally's eyes. Austin saw ally looking at him and Austin saw confusion in her eyes. Austin turned away. Rubbing his neck. He felt blood rush up his face. Ally chuckled. Ally is so cute when she laughed. Ally... Oh he would love to be her boyfriend.

Ally's Pov

Why is he looking into my eyes.I thought looking at Austin in confusion. I think Austin notice and he turned quickly. I began to laugh.

Austin's Pov

I was blushing from head to toe

Was this love? I thought l. No it can't be. Me and ally are just friends. I said lightly so ally doesn't hear. I took a good glimpse of ally, she smiled and then I just begin to look at her beautiful lips. Is there something wrong? Asked ally. Uh- no there's nothing w-wrong. I say dramatically. Stupid stupid stupid! There is something wrong I wanted her more than I wanted pancakes.

Oh wonderful delicious pancakes! Not time to drool over pancakes Austin said ally. Wait its like she is reading my mind. In reality Austin any girl can tell when you are thinking about pancakes. I smiled at ally. Thanks I said.

Ally's Pov

Does Austin like me? I thought.

No he doesn't not in a million years! I fought with myself for a while. Ally are you ok? Asked Austin

Oh I am fine. I said. No I'm not get ahold of your self ally! He likes you why don't you get it! I thought. Ugh why does this have to be so hard! Said Austin and I at the same time.

I blushed and so did Austin.

Trishs POV

Both Austin and ally looked at each other. Guess who got a job as a contract manager! Yelled trish. Austin and ally looked at trish,

Austin you are going to be in contest I begged and begged for you to get in and the director said yes. So you and ally are going to be in Hollywood for 12 weeks.

12 weeks? Yelled Austin and ally at the same time again. They both blush.

Trishs POV

I chuckle to myself. Hmmmm I see some romance going on and it isn't no ordinary romance. Austin and ally don't it yet but they both love each other. I smell a diabolical plan going on! I thought to myself.