Chapter 15
May 1 the month after what happened to austin and ally. It was April 1st when austin and ally did something they didn't ever want to talk about ever!

Ally POV
I run to the bathroom and puke in the toilet. Austin walks in and holds up my hair.
Thanks.I Say and hug austin. Your welcome austin says.
Hey I am going to run to the pharmacy and get something okay? I say. And I run off and text Trish.

Ally: hey Trish can you go to a pharmacy and get me a pregnancy test?
Trish: why do you need a pregnancy test?
Ally: cause me and austin had sex last month and my period was late and I have been puking for the past 5 days.
Trish: oh
Ally: yeah, so can you go get me a pregnancy test please?
Trish: sure anything for my friend
Ally: thanks oh do you remember where my moms house is?
Trish: yeah near the Hollywood sign and last the Hollywood sign is the house brown bricks 3 garages a pool in the front and a comfortable Cadillac parked in front of a big brown door with stained glass.
Ally: yep thanks trish for helping me out life has been hell for me.
Trish: sure thing best friend.
Ally: yeah okay bye.
Trish: bye

After that conversation was over Trish was all ready at the door.
Hey Trish come in. I grab the bag and run to the bathroom.
After 2 minutes I look at the pregnancy test. No this cant be happening! I yell.
This can't be right I can't be pregnant I haven't graduated yet! I yell again.
There's another one still then after another 2 minutes I look at the pregnancy test. No my life's over. I yell.
What am I going to do should I tell austin? No I can't he will freak out!