"Yes sweetheart?"

Kurt looked up from his toys. This was it. All day he had been trying to build up the courage to tell Daddy what he was thinking and all day he had been psyching himself out. He wouldn't this time, though. This was it and he was going to say what he wanted to say.


Kurt looked up in surprise. "Huh?" Darn! What was he going to ask again?

"Is there something you needed?" Daddy asked. He peered over his book at Kurt, who fidgeted and nervously stacked some of his wooden blocks.

"No…" Kurt mumbled, internally scolding himself again. Why was he such a big 'fraidy cat? It wasn't like Daddy would get mad at him. He was the one who started the game in the first place. There was absolutely positively nothing to be scared of.

"Bath time."

Shoot. Now he'd have to wait even longer to tell Daddy what he wanted. But even then after bath time came story and baba time and then sleepy time. There was no time left to tell Daddy anything!

Daddy carried him into the bathroom and propped him up on the toilet so that he could remove his play clothes. They were dirty, Daddy said, because he had rolled around in the grass while at the park with Trent. That had been fun and even though Sebastian didn't come with them there was still tons to do and they had the whole sandbox to themselves which almost never happens since there's a lot of babies-


What was he going to tell Daddy again?

Daddy smiled at him and removed his shirt in short staccato tugs that gradually sent it over his head and into the laundry pile. Now it was kind of cold, especially the plastic toilet cover that pressed against his bare thighs. Daddy was humming now, but he could barely hear it over the loud rush of water that was filling the tub. Then it started to smell like bubbles as Daddy poured some under the rush and they started growing into big suds.

Daddy untaped his diaper and settled him in the tub once he had checked for messies. Kurt winced at first and fidgeted, the hot water burning into his skin. It was too hot and he didn't really like it when it was too hot. The heat made his face feel all sweaty and gross. He couldn't tell Daddy anything important when his face was gross.

Daddy turned on Pandora, which he loved the absolute most during bath time. Funny Girl started echoing softly in the bathroom and Kurt decided that the bathwater wasn't actually so hot anymore. It was only a little too warm now. Daddy knelt next to him with his favorite Elmo wash cloth and smiled at him. "What do you want to smell like tonight, baby?" He asked.

Kurt hummed a little and turned to view his options. Daddy understood how important hair was. He bought him all kinds of shampoo to try, but his favorite was the L'Oreal which not only made his hair super soft, but smelled like strawberry smoothie. It did not, however, taste like strawberry smoothie, but that was a story for another time.

Daddy washed his hair and then he took baby soap and washed everywhere else, even his feet and his elbows. He also washed his willy and his bottom, but there was a clear absence of any special touching. Unfortunately, Daddy got really wet during bath time because Kurt was super ticklish and couldn't help splashing whenever Daddy tried to touch his tummy or his feet.

"Look at me!" Daddy smiled. "I don't even need to take a bath now! Next time I'll just get in with you."

Kurt wasn't sure if Daddy was making a joke, but it didn't matter. He giggled anyway. He wanted Daddy to take a bath with him. Then he could tell him important stuff…

That's right!

Kurt turned his head so quickly that Daddy jerked back a little in surprise. "Whoa! You alright there, Kurtie?"

Kurt nodded quickly and brought his knees to his chest. "I gotta secret, Daddy." He mumbled shyly.

"Oh?" Daddy raised an eyebrow and leaned in. "And what might this secret be?"

Kurt blushed a little and shrugged as Daddy pulled out the plug. The water around him began to lower and with each passing moment the air around him grew chillier until it had him shivering and reaching out to Daddy. Thankfully a fluffy towel was waiting for him, which he eagerly stepped into. The towel enveloped him and Daddy lifted him out of the tub, setting him down on the soft bathroom rug.

"Now let's get you ready for bed." He smiled. "Do you want honey in your milk tonight?"

Kurt looked up excitedly, all previous thoughts escaping his mind as he nodded. "Yeah!"

Daddy chuckled and kissed his forehead before covering it with a towel so that he could rub his hair dry. "Okay then. You pick out a book while I make your bottle. Sound like a plan?"

"Sounds like a plan!" Kurt replied and giggled. Once he was dried, Daddy scooped him up and carried him back to the nursery for a quick diapering. Then he got to pick out his pajamas: baby blue footies with a penguin on the breast. The second Daddy set him on the ground, he toddled over to his bookcase and took a seat, browsing through every row of books and taking careful consideration with each one.

"Have you picked one, sweetheart?" Daddy asked from the doorway. Kurt turned to see him holding not only a freshly made bottle, but his favorite blanket and kitty as well. He turned back to the shelf and quickly snatched one out before hurrying over to Daddy's and his favorite rocking chair and waiting patiently. Daddy came over and took a seat, setting the bottle down beside the chair so that he could hand over Kurt's kitty and wrap him in his blankie. Then he hoisted the younger boy up onto his lap and reached for the bottle. "Trade?" He smiled, holding up the milk. Kurt giggled and nodded, holding a hand out for the bottle. After exchanging items, Daddy flipped open to the first page and Kurt made himself comfortable, popping the bottle into his mouth.

The first suck is always the best one. It's the beginning of something delicious, warm, and relaxing and as the silky smooth milk washed over his tongue, Kurt couldn't help slumping into bliss. His mouth tingled, sweet, creaminess coating his cheeks, his tongue, and everything in between. He took another suck and rested his head on Daddy's shoulder as he listened to Daddy's voice, which sounded the way his bottle tasted.

"The end." Daddy said. "Wasn't tha-

Blaine paused and glanced down at his shoulder, his mouth stretching into a grin when he found Kurt fast asleep, his half-empty milk bottle hanging loosely from his mouth. Carefully, as to avoid disturbing the baby, he removed the bottle and set it on the ground, dropping the book beside it so that he could carry Kurt to bed.

Once Kurt had been kissed goodnight and was tucked in with the light turned out, Blaine slowly tiptoed out of the room.


"Such a good boy."

"Ohhh Daddy!"

Nick wiped the sweat from his brow and shifted forward on the bed, gripping Sebastian tighter. He fingers pressed into the soft flesh of his ass, thrusting his hips with renewed vigor as Sebastian writhed and moaned beneath him.

"Daddy!" Sebastian cried, his back arching as Nick slammed into his prostate. He legs hooked behind Nick's back, pulling him closer as he gripped the tangled sheets. Nick leaned forward and caught his lips in a heated kiss, nipping at his neck and toying with his nipples.

"You like Daddy's cock?" He growled, heaving into him as their bodies, slick with sweat, rubbed together.

He hit a special spot and Sebastian's body convulsed as if electrified. "Yes Daddy oh please yes yes ye-


"Who…who's at the door?" Nick panted, moving his hips back and forth fervently.

"Who cares, just fuck me!" Sebastian whined, spread his legs even wider.

"But what if it's somebody important?" Nick asked, maintaining the rhythm.

"You're balls deep in me, whoever it is, they can wait." Sebastian grunted.

Nick chuckled. "Feisty one." He teased, picking up speed as Sebastian sat up a little to suck at his neck.

"Guys? You home?"

Nick paused when he heard Blaine's voice outside of their door and sighed, regretting the day he had given Blaine a key to their apartment. "I'm sorry, baby." He said before grapping a blanket and wrapping it around his waist. Sebastian whined in protest and moaned, burying his face in a pillow as his dick throbbed painfully between his legs.

"Hurry! I'm gonna get blue balls!" He moaned.

Nick ignored him and opened the door ajar, peering at Blaine. "What do you need?"

"Where are Trent and Jeff? I thought you guys weren't home at first." Blaine asked.

"They went out. Can I help you with something? I'm sort of in the middle of something." He replied impatiently.

"Huh?" Blaine frowned, his eyes flickering down to the blanket. His eyes widened in recognition and he looked back up. "Oh…oh." He let out a short laugh and grinned. "Sorry. Sorry Sebastian!" He called. "I was just wondering if I could borrow a few baby wipes. Kurt messed and I haven't been able to get to the store to buy more supplies yet."

"Just take the whole pack and let yourself out." Nick said before shutting the door and hurrying back to Sebastian.

"Okay, sweetheart, I'm back. Don't worry honey." Daddy cooed.

Kurt whined uncomfortably and rubbed his eyes, pouting up at him from inside his playpen. "Hurryyyy!"

"I know, I know, I'm sorry baby." Daddy said, scooping him up and hurrying towards the nursery. Once Kurt was on the changing table, he got to work removing his messy diaper wiping him clean. "There." He smiled as he dabbed some butt paste onto his clean bottom. "Isn't that better?"

Kurt nodded, his thumb buried in his mouth as Daddy swaddled him in a fresh diaper and dressed him in some jeggings. He fitted the younger boy in a sweater, then a jacket. "We're going to take a ride to the store to get wipes and some other stuff, okay?" He cooed. "Do you want to bring your kitty with us?"

Kurt nodded as Daddy helped him into his boots and then his buttoned up his coat. "There we go." Daddy smiled, grabbing the diaper bag while Kurt retrieved his kitty from his crib. Daddy then hoisted Kurt onto his hip and locked the door behind them as he stepped out into the hallway. Kurt held on tightly as they made their way down to the lobby, out the door, and into the parking lot where Daddy's car awaited them. Daddy buckled Kurt into his car seat and grabbed his toy steering wheel, placing it in the boy's lap. "Are you going to help Daddy drive today?" He asked him, making Kurt beam and nod excitedly. "Okay, but be careful." He smiled before getting into the front seat and pulling out of the lot.

When they arrived at the grocery store, Daddy helped Kurt out of his car seat and held his hand tightly as they walked into the store. Daddy grabbed a cart and fastened Kurt into the cart's seat before navigating through the store in search of baby wipes, diapers, and other supplies. Kurt went along peacefully, pointing out products for Daddy to put in the cart and pretending he was riding a grocery truck. It wasn't until they got in the checkout line that things went downhill.

Kurt spotted the bag of M&Ms almost immediately. His eyes widened with desire and he looked over at Daddy. "Can I get candy?" He asked hopefully.

"Not today, baby, we have cookies at home already." Daddy replied as he put stuff on the conveyer belt to be scanned and bagged.

"But not candy." He whined. "I want candy."

"Kurt, I said no." Daddy replied firmly. "Listen to what Daddy says."

Kurt pouted at him and turned back to the packet of M&Ms. Maybe if he could reach them, he could convince Daddy to change his mind. After all, he was always a good boy. Daddy said so. It was decided.

Kurt made sure Daddy wasn't looking before leaning over the cart and down towards the shelf of candy. The thick metal bars pressed into his side, scratching his skin but he ignored it as his fingertips brushed over the shiny, rainbow package. Encouraged by this, Kurt leaned over some more. He was unafraid of falling, since the heavy packages of diapers and wipes kept him anchored, but then Daddy removed the last box of Pampers from the cart and Kurt's eyes widened when he felt the cart begin to tip. His hand slipped, sending dozens and dozens of candy bars spilling to the floor like a shiny, cellophane water fall.

Kurt's eyes widened in surprise and he didn't even notice Daddy righting the cart until he looked up and found himself staring into cold, angry eyes. With a quick excuse me to the cashier, who was clearly trying not to stare as she bagged up the groceries, Daddy snatched Kurt from the cart and took him a few feet away.

"That was very naughty, Kurt Elizabeth." He said in a scary voice that made Kurt's stomach turn. "We're going to go get our groceries and while we wait, you are going to put every single one of those candy bars back where they belong. Then you are going to apologize to the nice lady who is bagging our groceries and you will not put up a fuss on the way home. If you give me a hard time, you will get a spanking this afternoon. Is that what you want?"

Kurt's eyes widened and he quickly shook his head.

"No? Then let's go." Daddy said before taking his hand and leading him back over to the checkout. Kurt quickly got to work reorganizing the chocolate, his hands shaking as he did so. Once the floor was picked up, he obediently took his daddy's hand and sniffled slightly.

"I'm sorry and spilled the candy and made a mess." He said, his voice quivering. The cashier nodded and forgave him, but for some reason he didn't feel any better as Daddy took the bags and led him out to the car. He was buckled into his car seat but this time he didn't get to help Daddy drive. Instead he sat in uncomfortable silence, replaying the whole scene in his mind and going mad with fear of what Daddy would do to him when they got home.

Kurt helped Daddy carry the grocery bags upstairs and once they were inside, Daddy turned his focus back to him.

"Kurt, I want you to go sit in the corner for twenty minutes. Face the wall and I don't want you making any noises. If you leave the corner, your punishment will be worse." Daddy instructed. He watched Kurt hurry to the farthest corner of the living room and take a seat, leaning his head against the wall. "I'm setting a timer and when the bell rings, you can come out and we'll talk about why you're being punished."

Kurt sat and stared at the wall, listening to the sound of rustling bags as Daddy put away the groceries. Daddy left the room to restock the changing table, but Kurt didn't dare make a noise or even look around because Daddy would know and then he'd be in more trouble.

He was a statue and by the time the timer went off, he was so focused on not moving a muscle or making a sound that he barely heard it go off. He looked up and turned his head to find Daddy watching him, but he didn't move until Daddy gestured him to come to the couch. He got up and walked over, standing before Daddy with an apologetic look on his face.

"Do you know why you were punished, Kurt?" Daddy asked. When the boy gave a small nod, he added "why?"

Kurt looked at his hands. "Because I didn't listen to you at the store and made a mess."

"So what are you going to do the next time I say no to something you want?" Daddy asked.

"Listen to Daddy and accept that no means no." Kurt mumbled.

Daddy nodded and pulled him into his lap, giving him a kiss. "I make rules because I care about you, Kurt. I know they may not always make sense or seem fair, but I'm just looking out for you and you need to trust me."

Kurt nodded and accepted the kisses Daddy gave him with a smile.

"Now why don't we watch a movie until lunch time?" Daddy suggested. "I'll make some hot chocolate. Sound good?" Kurt nodded, so Daddy set him on his feet and gave his bottom a pat. "Go pick out a movie while I make the hot chocolate."

"Can I have marshmallows in mine?" He asked hopefully.

"One." Daddy called from the kitchen.

Kurt hesitated for a second before smiling. "Okay. Thank you, Daddy."