"It is the year 3764. My name is Noah Sapsford and I am a champion duellist, using a deck of duel spirits I myself discovered. Two had already revealed themselves to the world, but the rest had only shown themselves to me.

I and four other duellists have each been given a task. A task that needs to be completed if we wish to save the world.

There are five legendary heroes, each from a different time, each facing a different enemy. Me and my fellow sentinels are about to be sent back in time to make sure history happens the way it should. However, the technology being used has not been tested. We don't know what's going to happen to us.

James is being sent to 1998. He is supposed to safeguard the famous Yugi Mutuo. He is the greatest of us all, using a lockdown deck revolving around 'The Last Survivor from another planet' and using 'Forbidden Chalice' to allow himself to summon powerful monsters such as 'Black Luster Soldier – Envoy to the Beginning' or 'Alexandrite Dragon'.

Wesley is being sent to 2708 to watch over Yusei Fudo. He is the youngest of the five of us, using a dragon synchro deck with cards such as 'Stardust Radiance Dragon', 'Ancient Faerie Dragon' and 'Trident Dragon'.

Simon – who is being sent to 3212 to guide Yuma Tsukumo– is my best friend and not only a better duellist than me, but the one who introduced me to Duel Monsters. He runs many decks, but is signed to his Water deck. This uses cards like 'DNA Transplant' and 'Genex Ally' cards to make monsters Water Attribute and takes advantage of the 'Ice Barrier' synchro monsters for power and removal and XYZ monsters such as 'Bahumet Shark', using his effect for 'Acid Golem' and creature swapping for burn. He is the only one to ever have defeated James, taking advantage of 'Urgent Tuning' on multiple occasions to get stronger monsters than 'Last Warrior' in the turns he uses 'Forbidden Chalice'.

Charlie, who is being sent into the recent past (no-one has told us when exactly), is one of a kind. He uses cards which he collected as a kid, not ones which he has collected since – even though he'd be stronger if he did. His deck uses stall cards to stay on the field (like 'Krebons' and 'Marshmallon') or swarm cards to special summon easily (such as 'Marauding Captain' and 'Quillbolt Hedgehog', and his signature is his favourite card – Splendid Rose – even though he has no other plants in his deck. Despite this his deck revolves mainly around XYZ monsters such as 'Utopia', 'Blade-Armour Ninja' and 'Leviathan Dragon'. Some speculate that he cheats, but I believe he has a stronger bond with his cards than I do. He has seen the duel spirits of my friends and I have seen the spirits of his. He is possibly one of the most similar people to myself that I can know.

I have been sent to the year 2014 to look over Jaden Yuki. He's supposed to have been a great duellist who cared about his friends and the spirits of his cards, but had lost his way. I was told I'm supposed to"

This is what was written in the small book as I sit on the bench in this strange place. It looks like my name is Noah, which seems familiar. I woke up in the hospital, told that I was found unconscious in a storm with a deck of cards, my clothes, a guitar and this book. I was told it was my diary… but I guess I never finished the entry.

It's weird, knowing so much and yet knowing nothing about yourself.


A 16 year old boy had been running through the streets but was now on the floor, along with the spikey-haired man he had run into. I decided to walk over and help them up.

"Take this. Something tells me it belongs with you." The spikey-haired man was giving the young boy a card. Suddenly he notices me. "You're a duellist too aren't you?"

"Erm…" How did I answer that? I guess I'll tell the truth. "I think so. I can't remember anything before waking up in the hospital, but I was found with a deck which has… Two of the cards… I can see them walking around sometimes. Almost like ghosts."

"That sounds AMAZING!" The boy had just spoken up. He seems kind, but a bit too hyper and confident. "I'm Jaden Yuki, what's your name?"

My entire being was instantly on DEFCON 2. This was the kid I was supposed to watch over. How do I react to this!?

"Something wrong?" The spikey-haired man had noticed I was looking off.

"Nothing… I'm just-" I recompose myself. "I'm Noah Sapsford. What's your name?"

Jaden looks like he's about to explode. "ARE YOU SERIOUS!? THIS IS YUGI MUTOU! THE KING OF GAMES!"

Yugi smiles. He seems to enjoy a little attention, but he doesn't seem at all narcissistic. "Yes, that's me. Do you mind if I look at your deck, Noah?"

I oblige and hand over the stack of cards in my pocket.

Yugi has a look through with occasional noises of approval. "This is generally a good deck. I'm confused as to the amount of blank cards in here though."

"Huh? Blank cards?" Jaden peers at my deck too. "He's right! Weird…"

They were right. Most of the cards were as they should be, but about 5 cards in the main deck and 13 in the extra deck were white!

"Maybe they'll show themselves when you get your memories back. In the meantime, you're a few cards short of a deck right now." He was right. With the blank cards, my deck was three cards short of the 40 card limit. "Here. They were asking to join you anyway"

Yugi was offering me three cards. The three Sky Scourge cards. They worked well with my deck and did seem to be calling to me. I took them.

"Thank you." I mean it. He's helped me out.

"Hey Noah." Jaden tries to grab my attention, which results in a window of opportunity for Yugi to leave. He takes it not even saying goodbye. "As you don't have anything else to do, why don't you come to duel academy with me? You look about the right age to enrol. We can take the exam together!"

I don't exactly have anything to do – that I can remember at least. I'm supposed to look over this boy anyway, so maybe this is the best way to do it. "I'm in."

We've just been allowed in the hall. Jaden's psyched, but I've been told that as we're late, our tests will be more difficult. Jaden had to face a 'Dr. Crowler'. He won (just), but now I have to face the head examiner.

"Are you ready for your test?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." I nod and the duel starts.

Opponent's Turn -

"I Draw!" The examiner seems a bit too enthusiastic… "I activate the spell card Ancient Rules to special summon Tri-Horned Dragon!" Suddenly an enormous blue dragon with a red, scaly stomach; three gold horns and large claws is stood in front of me, easily twice my height.

"Then I summon Witch's Apprentice." A small, 3-foot tall girl with white wings; a blue robe and a sinister smile suddenly floats out of the floor. "Due to her effect, all dark-type monsters get a 500 ATK boost and all light monsters lose 400 ATK."

"I place one card face-down and end my turn."

Hand: 3
LP: 4000

My Turn -

I draw a card and look at my options. I haven't got a bad hand, but I don't have anything that can take on his Dragon.

"I play my trap card!" The test examiner spoke up. "If I have two or more attack position monsters, this card stops you attacking the weaker one."

It doesn't matter. I had already decided to try a slightly more… indirect way of getting through his defences…

"I play my spell card. Vanity's Forfeit forces us to send two monsters from our hand or deck to the graveyard." I sent Vanity's Ruler and Vanity's fiend to the graveyard, despite them being some of the stronger monsters in my deck. My opponent sent Zoa and Cosmo Queen.

"Now, by banishing a Light/Fairy monster and a Dark/Fiend monster from my graveyard, I special summon Vanity's Chaos." This isn't the strongest monster in my hand, but I can't summon my Vanity's Soldier without a tribute. On top of that, Chaos is a light monster, so it's attack is reduced, but that won't be a problem for long.

"I activate the field spell Vanity's Chapel. You can't special summon monsters now." This field spell has a nice ATK boosting effect as well, but 600 more attack points only puts me up to 2300 when I factor in the loss from Witch's Apprentice.

"Then I activate Dark Hole! This destroys all monsters on the field." This includes my monster, but…

"When Vanity's Chaos is sent from the field to the graveyard, I can special summon the monsters I banished to summon it."

"You cannot special summon Vanity's Ruler or Vanity's Fiend by their own effects. This move is illegal."

Thankfully, I have one more trick up my sleeve. "By the effect of Vanity's Chapel, any Vanity's monster can be special summoned, regardless of its own effect!" With all of my opponent's monsters gone and two monsters with over 2000 ATK on my field, I've won this duel. After I declare two direct attacks, the game is over and announced as an OTK.

End of Game -

After that duel, something bizarre happened. Time stopped. I looked in the crowd and no-one was moving. I saw a glass of water that had been spilled and the contents frozen in mid-air. It was quite a nice effect.

"Hello Noah."

I turned around to look at the androgynous voice. I saw a man with a white robe and green hair looking me in the eyes. He seemed vaguely regal, as opposed to his shorter; red haired; black-robed accomplice. I recognised them immediately.

"You're the Vanity's Ruler and Fiend."

"That's right." The fiend's voice was very scratched. Almost as if he'd been doing impressions of the rapper 'Pitbull'. "You called?"

This came to be by surprise. "Erm… I did?"

The Vanity's Ruler spoke this time. "Our apologies for being late. Time travel isn't easy in any world. Even the world of duel spirits." So I was indeed from the future. "We're aware that you've lost your memories friend. We'll always be close if you need us."

And time started again. A fat kid in Red Uniform got soaked with the water that had been frozen; a black-haired boy in blue was showing off for his two accomplices and Jaden was rushing towards me followed by a small kid with pale blue hair.

"I saw your duel!" Jaden had wasted no time in rushing over to me. "You were AMAZING! You have to show me your deck properly sometime!" Suddenly, he seemed to remember something. "Oh yeah, this is Syrus by the way." He points to the small boy behind him. I suddenly become aware that everyone here is shorter than me (except a boy in yellow uniform at the far back of the left stand).

"What's up?" I hold my hand out to Syrus, who takes it nervously.

"I… I saw your duel too. Do you think you could help me out when we get to school? I've never been too good with studies…" Why is this kid so shy? I may be tall, but I don't have tattoos, do I?

"And it's not like you're gonna be learning much at the school!" Jaden pipes up once again, with his comment being followed by a short laugh from Syrus.

All students who have passed their exam, please make your way to helipad 6. Your flight to duel academy will be leaving in 10 minutes (PA)

"We'd better get going." I start to leave with Jaden and Syrus, but after 20 steps, I accidentally bump into a blonde girl in blue and white. I quickly hasten an apology, but her friends won't let that slide.

"Watch where you're going! Do you know who this is!?" I say that I don't and say that I had apologised, which is when the girl steps in.

"I heard it. You're the new boy who defeated the examiner in one turn aren't you?"

I confirm her query, which immediately changes here friends' attitudes toward me. I heard apologies from around me, but I didn't care about them. I was interested in this person in front of me. "What's your name?"

"My name is Alexis Rhodes," she answers. It was a nice name and she seemed like a nice person. "What's yours?"

"My name's Noah. Noah Sapsford." Suddenly, the word 'NES' comes to mind, though I can't imagine why. Suddenly, the PA announces that 5 minutes have passed and we half very little time.

"You should get going." I really should, but I'm a little confused about something.

"How are you getting back?" I emphasise the 'you' as this is what I want to know. I can see the aircraft and it doesn't look particularly roomy.

"Obelisk Blue students leave for the academy in an hour, new arrivals do not." She seemed keen for me to leave… I can't be that creepy, can I? "See you at school."

She says this last bit with a smile, which calms me down. I again confirm and leave, overhearing her friends talking about whether or not I was 'cute'. This puts a smile on my face, though this ends up being the subject of many a joke at my expense during the journey to duel academy.