BPOV- A the moment my mind was blank. There was just too many things going on like the Volturi and Klaus that I couldn`t do it anymore. I couldn`t deal with the fact that I had been keeping the biggest secret of all time from my boyfriend who told me his secret without a hint of hesitation.

No, I told myself. I was doing this to protect Edward, his family, and my own. I would not tell Edward what I was. He was under the impression that my life problems were only related to him and his family, like James, Laurent, Victoria, and The Volturi, but I had much more problems that he didn`t know about that only existed in my own world.

You see Edward was a vampire that had cold marble skin that nothing could penetrate except the teeth of another vampire. He could only die by being ripped apart and thrown into a fire. The way he fed was similar to one of my best friend`s, Stefan. Edward would feed from animals because killing humans was a dreadful thought. He thought I was just a fragile little human. He didn`t know that I could kill him and this whole town within minutes. He didn`t know that I could control humans with just looking in their eyes and telling them what I want. The worst one that tugged at my soul day and night was that he didn`t know that there was a different kind of species of vampires and that I was one of them.