BellaPOV-"Ahhhhhhhhh" I screamed as Klaus opened the curtains once more to reveal the unfortunately bright sun streaming through the room and burning my back. I was stripped to my undergarments, tied down to a chair in the middle of the Lockwood study. Klaus was trying to torture information out of me about where Damon was hiding the moonstone. I had already passed out twice, once from him snapping my neck and once because of exhaustion. My blood was stained all over the place; on the white carpets, me, the curtains, and Klaus' hands. At first it wasn't too bad. He just drained the vervain out of my system and compelled me stab my stomach with a knife repeatedly. It wasn`t that it wasn`t painful, just that I had experienced much worse, thanks to Lexi, and I healed quickly. But then I started losing too much blood and it started taking minutes rather than seconds to heal. Klaus realized this and moved to more painful instruments. He took off the ring Emily made me and I screamed in protest. He stripped me down and started my least favorite form of torture.

"Please! Stop it! Please!" I screamed. By now tears were streaming freely down my face, as I was long past my breaking point.

"I`m going to ask you one more time Belvino. Where is Damon hiding the moonstone?"

"I don`t know! Damon moves it all the time! Please!" I screamed. Hopefully Mrs. Lockwwod would be home soon and know to call Stefan, or anyone for that matter, to come help me.

"Love, why are you lying to me? It would be so much easier and less painful if you told me. You know I bet Ethan wouldn`t be too proud of his big sister right now. Lying to a superior. Tisk tisk, wasn`t that a crime back in your time?" He said. By now I was done with stray tears and gone straight to bawling. He knew that my brother meant the world to me before he died. He was my life. Klaus` words hit me hard and he knew that.

I was about to say something when the doors swung open and I watched Klaus flee.

ElenaPOV-I was pacing back and forth, taking a swig of alcohol every time a new thought of worry crossed my mind. Damon came over and took the drink out of my hand.

"Elena, calm down. I`m sure she`s fine. She`s probably off with those fairies." He said sitting me down on his bed.

"She isn`t answering her phone, Damon. One second she is texting me and the next she is not answering her phone! What if something is seriously wrong Damon? We have to do something. We can`t just sit here. We have to find her!" I said starting to hyperventilate. Damon rubbed my back and called out for the rest of our family.

"I called her ten times! Where the hell is she?" Caroline said coming into the room and walking into Damon`s bathroom to redo her makeup.

"She probably fell asleep at Tyler`s. I say we just go and check." Bonnie said coming and sitting next to me. Just then the doorbell rang.

"I`ll get it." Stefan said walking down the hall and into the entranceway.

StefanPOV-"I`ll get it." I said opening the door and meeting seven topaz eyes.

"Hello, I don`t believe we have met. My name is Carlisle. I would be correct to say that Bella Swan is staying here, yes?" The tall blonde one said.

"Um, yes, but she isn`t here at the moment. We actually were just going to find her so-" I said.

"OH, so you don't know where she is either?" The bronze haired one asked.

"Um, sorry no, but we do have an idea if you would like to come with us." I offered. I could hear Damon groan from his bedroom. Then I heard Care tell him to 'shut up or get out'. I smiled.

"Alright, I will get the rest of my friends and then you can follow our cars." I told the seven kind of vampires.

"Ok, thank you." The women, who I assumed was the motherly figure, answered. They retreated into their cars and I called everyone to come to the hallway.

"No, no, no! Did I mention no?!" Damon said flashing into the entranceway.

"Damon, don't be a dick." Jeremy said coming into view.

"Let`s get there, grab Bella and go. I don't want the vampires roaming around town without supervision." Bonnie said. Then we hopped into our cars and drove towards The Lockwood Mansion.

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