Be Careful What You Wish For

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Footsteps echoed around the dark corridor of the abandoned hospital, the only source of light a single light bulb swinging gently back and forth in a gentle winter breeze. There was the consistent noise of a faucet, drip drip drip, as its contents joined a small puddle on the floor, creating small ripples as they connected. Then, from around the corner, came several silhouettes, all rushing single file down the corridor. Held out in front of them was assault rifles and they all awkwardly ran in a half crouched position, occasionally turning sharply to point the rifle around any corners before continuing forward. Upon reaching the end of the hallway there was a door that blocked the group's way. The group paused and watched as two silhouettes from behind walked to the front of the group, their guns held loosely in their hands. The two silhouettes, two men, looked at each other before glancing at the door. The younger man was tall and lanky, and wore a sweater vest with a purple tie, brown trousers and brown loathers on his feet. The older man, more or less the same height but more muscular than his partner, wore black, tight fitting jeans, trainers and a black t-shirt. Both men wore bullet-proof vests on top of their clothing. The taller man held up a closed fist to the group behind and made eye contact with the other man, who nodded. The younger man moved till he was plastered to the wall, held his breathe and slowly curled slender fingers around the door handle before roughly twisting and swinging the door open.

"FBI. PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND DON'T MOVE" Morgan cried as he rushed into the room closely followed by SWAT. A white man in his late thirties, wearing a bloody white t-shirt and jeans, looked up startled from the body he was straddling with a standard kitchen knife planted in its abdomen. With a roar of anger, Morgan tackled the unsub, whose name was Martin Collins, off the body and proceeded to punch his repeatedly around the face. "YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH, HOW DARE YOU. I'M GONNA KILL YOU, I'M GONNA RIP YOU TO PIECES…."

"MORGAN, STOP IT. GET OFF OF HIM" Reid shouted as he grabbed a hold of his forearm as he pulled back to give the man another beating. Reid struggled to pull Morgan of the now unconscious man and was soon accompanied by another SWAT member who helped heave Morgan to his feet, still cursing and fighting, as a third SWAT member rolled the man onto his back and cuffed him. Morgan wrenched his arm free and glared at the two who held their hands up in defence. Reid swallowed nervously as Morgan pushed past him with his shoulder and out of the room. Despite that they were friends, Reid couldn't help but be intimidated by this angry Morgan and he turned to look at the reason of his frustration and anger instead of making eye contact. The body that Martin Collins had killed was a young teenage boy who had been kidnapped earlier that month and molested by Collins, just like the other 5 victims that had been discovered recently. Reid closed his eyes in sadness at the painful memories Morgan must be reliving.

He holstered his Glock and pulled out his phone and made a quick call to the San Francisco Police Station.

"We have apprehended Collin's."

"Okay Reid, You and Morgan head back to station. The state police can handle the case from here" ordered the stoic voice of their team supervisor SSA Aaron Hotchner. Reid made an affirmative noise before he closed his phone and turned to make his way back out of the room. The case had finally ended; they had caught the unsub but it still felt like they had lost.

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