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Harry grimaced as he carefully peeled his shirt from his aching back, staring at the shirt that he just pulled off he sighed.

"Dumb bastard ruined another one," he muttered as he tossed the ragged patch of holes that once passed as a shirt aside. The tender mercies of his Father he sneered at the thought as he examined the welts and cuts that littered his back. He sighed and donned a new shirt, long sleeved this time to keep the cuts on the backs of his arms from being infected. He gathered the books he had been reading and beat a quick paced retreat to the Potter family library to gather new reading material. He stalked down the hall quickly and quietly lest he run into his loving family. Harry slipped easily into the hidden corridor that ran between the foyer and the library stopping only to listen when he heard the floo flare to life. He quickly flattened himself against the opposite wall as James's voice drifted through the thin wall separating them.

"Hello Albus," his father greeted the Headmaster genially, then turned as cold as ice to the next visitor.

"Snivellous." He could hear the sneer in James's voice. Harry smiled at the thought of the dour potions master. He respected the man though he had never met him; anybody who would not put up with James Potter's shite was good by him. He turned towards the task he still needed to do catching snippets of conversation on his way, mostly centered on his brother.

Severus Snape was not a happy man, he had been woken early that morning by a ruddy owl who apparently could not wait for a reply, his breakfast had been spoiled by a child trying to play a prank on the administration, and now his afternoon brewing session had been interrupted all because Albus wanted a meeting, and for him to come with him to the bloody Potter's. Could his day not get any worse, he stepped through the floo resigned to his fate however; because what Dumbledore wants Dumbledore got.

After receiving a cold greeting from Potter, he left them behind and made his way to the Potter's library. While Severus was not a total bibliophile that did not mean he did not enjoy perusing different selections every once in a while. The Potter's had certainly accumulated a massive amount of book over the years. They were also known to have an extensive collection of warding texts; maybe he could find something to read.

He walked slowly through the shelves quietly noting that they were arranged in similar fashion to a muggle library. Looking through the section on charms his eyes flickered at a slight movement in his peripheral vision. He turned to see… nothing, furrowing his brow in confusion he turned back only to have to duck a book that came hurtling towards his face. Growling to himself he spun around in time to see the book flick around the corner, following it quickly, he watched it sail down the aisle and down a small flight of stairs to the study area. Hastening after it he muttered in the back of his mind about people summoning books and trying to kill him, and that once he found whom it was he was going to kill them instead.

Descending the steps quickly and quietly with almost feline like grace, Severus watched as the book slowed and finally hovered in the air until it was snatched out of the air by a small hand. He looked at the small child in front of him sitting at the table. The boy was wearing dark blue jeans and a long sleeved turtleneck, something that was hardly fitting in the current weather conditions. Especially now that they were getting into June. He stood there staring unabashed at the sight before him, the boy was bent over a scroll writing with three books open in-front of him and another two levitating open to different pages.

"May I help you Mr. Snape?"

Severus blinked, as the young mans voice cut across his revelry. The child was staring at him with eerie green eyes. He wandered over to the table, gazing down upon the boy. He had to stop and wonder also how the boy knew he was there as he knew he made no sound when approaching, preferring to allow for an element of surprise on his behalf. Schooling his features, he sat down opposite the boy. Harry glanced at the man in front of him then resumed working, only pausing to flick to a different page every once in a while as the silence lasted.

"I was merely wondering who the buffoon was that nearly brained me by summoning a book, since you asked though can you recommend a book on warding?" Severus was rewarded by a pause in the boy's writing.

"Sorry sir." The boy's voice was muted with an air of resignment and concentration.

"What are you working on so intently…?" he trailed off not knowing how to address the boy sitting before him and unable to recall the merest mention of a name.

"Harry, my name is Harry. As for what I'm doing I'm comparing the muggle theories of relativity and laws of science to Gump's magical laws and what holds true between both forms of reality." The child said quietly.

"That's quite a hefty undertaking." Severus acknowledged raising an eyebrow at the boy, interested in spite of himself.

'This must be the other son.' He mused quickly recalling the meetings that he had with the family few as they were.

"I myself find that the subject of potions and chemistry are comparable in the same way."

"I know sir, I wrote an article to that effect last month for the potions journal that goes to the ICW circuit."

"Really, How is it you write for professional journals when you aren't even school age?"

"I write using a pseudonym for payment purposes. My grand father taught me early how to read and write, he would dictate I would record what he said. The goblins helped me set up an alternate identity and voila thus began my employment." Harry replied airly, waving a hand in the air to demonstrate his point.

"Oh, may I ask what the name is and how long you have been writing for."

"Rieh Corvux, I've been writing for about two years now since I was seven." The boy, Harry, replied amiably.

"Are you sure your James Potter's son?" Severus asked mild surprise and amusement spilling over his features in a way he hadn't thought possible in many years. He had read Corvux's work it was extremely professional and well written but never would he have guessed it came from such a young mind. Suddenly chips of emerald ice sought his own eyes before hardening further.

"Unfortunately yes!" came the clipped reply. Severus raised a sardonic eyebrow for the fifth time in as many minutes.

'did the boy have problems with James?'

"A question for you, how did you know it was me who approached you?" Severus queried trying to understand the boy in front of him.

"A proximity ward, it reads magical signatures that are keyed to the house wards, it alerts me and records the name on a special parchment." Harry pulled the parchment out to prove his point. "It can also read some intent of the people around." Harry glanced down at the paper.

"You might want to know the Headmaster is looking for you. As for a book on wards take a look at this it's from my personal collection. Some of my charmed parchment is in the back you should be able to key it to what ever you need. If you wish to use my ward." Harry handed Severus a small book, with a wave of his hand gathered his materials and departed swiftly leaving a stunned potions master behind.

'What did he mean his ward?'

"Severus, are you in here?" Snape stood at the headmasters voice and walked towards the library entrance, tucking the book into his cloak pocket. Exiting the room to the foyer he was greeted with the sight of Lily and Antony standing with James, surveying the group he noticed the child was an exact replica of his father.

'Yes, Harry is definitely the more intelligent one.' Severus decided surveying the group in front of him.

"Well now that the training schedule is complete, we have a question to ask you Severus."

The dour man quirked his eyebrow at the jovial headmaster, indicating that yes they may ask but it remains to be seen that he would answer.

"Since Antony is going to be training off and on over the next few years till Hogwarts, We were wondering if you could watch Harry during the duration of time when they are not home." Albus finished with a warm smile on his face.

Inwardly Severus rolled his eyes outwardly, he remained impassive.

"Why aren't you training Harry too? One would think it critical that the entire family gets equal opportunity to learn to defend themselves." He drawled.

Lily scowled, "Harry is a little above a squib in the realm of magical talent, he has shown relatively little to no accidental magic in the seven years he has been alive. All he ever does is read, the only thing he has stated to us is he would like to learn how to make potions."

"Why don't you teach him then, as I recall you were quite a good potions mistress yourself Lily." He watched as her face twisted into a quick distinctive grimace at the thought, and let his own mind wander back to the blatant displays of magic that he saw in the library. If the boy has that much control at seven it's no wonder they didn't see any accidental magic.

"I wish I had the time to teach him Severus but I am currently working on charms with Antony." She smiled down at the boy she was holding close, while Severus pantomimed gagging in his mind. Where in hell's blazes did the girl he knew from school go. Yes Antony was the sodding Boy-Who-Lived, but that didn't mean that the brother was worthless.

"Fine, I do not see problems with this arrangement but during the time he is with me I ask for full parental rights in regards to the boy, this also must be written down in a contract if I am going to do anything at all." He heaved a long-suffering sigh as he finished speaking acting the part of a badgered man. His shrewd mind calculating the possible reasons for this entire charade. Albus smiled again.

"Of course Severus."

With a flick of his wand he summoned a quill and parchment. As Albus drew up the necessary document, Snape glanced over at the Potters.

"So am I going to meet the boy that is going to be my point of ire for the duration of this time, at any point during this meeting." He asked pretending not to know the child he had just met. James frowned.

"Trixie." James called.

A small house elf popped into the room.

"Yes Master James?" she squeaked.

"Go fetch Harry would you, tell him he is needed in the foyer."

Severus picked up a subtle note of disgust in the marauders voice when he mentioned the boy's name.

"Yes Master James, just a moment." The elf popped back out. A few minutes later the stairs creaked slightly signifying the approach of the boy.

Severus looked at the boy standing at the base of the stairs quietly, and for the first time really took in his appearance. The boy was lanky not quite thin and wiry but all and all well proportioned. His hair was unruly but had a softer look than his fathers, he wore his longer than his fathers to as it feathered at his shoulders framing his face. The boys were supposedly twins though Harry seemed to have lucked out and not gotten the subsequent bad eyesight that ran in the Potter family. His eyes were greener than even Lily's were, it was as if comparing Jade to a clear cut emerald. He stood stiffly eyes flickering around noting the exits and warily looked at the crowd his apprehension apparent in his gaze.

Severus turned back to James and nodded.

"His signature is required as well on the document to make it valid. As for what to draw up Albus a standard apprenticeship contract shall do."

"An Apprenticeship contract what for," Lily exclaimed, "He doesn't have that much talent!"

"I believe since you are asking a favor of me Lily I shall be the one to decide how much time I am willing to devote to this." Severus stated narrowing his eyes.

"Albus if you please, the contract."

Dumbledore nodded and began writing. Severus was pleased to note the quiet hitched breath from the rear of the room. They waited for a few minutes as Albus finished. Finally he turned to them,

"The contract states that the Master in this case Severus has full Parental and Tutorial rights over one Harold James Cyprus Potter for the duration of one year until he enters Hogwarts or such time as Severus releases him from this contract. Let it also be noted that if both parties confer the contract may also be extended upon. Only if both parties agree. The third parental party shall retain unequivocal rights to deny extension of the contract until the apprentice reaches his majority should problems arise. Though the original duration shall not be privy to cancellation by said third party."

"Is this okay with all concerned." Albus glanced around, seeing Severus smirking lightly, Lily and James nodding and Harry gave a sharp nod.

"Harry your apprenticeship starts the day after your birthday that's when Antony's training shall start, after the end of the term Severus shall come to collect you, that way you both have time to get to know each other." Harry nodded again. Quietly he walked over picked up the quill and signed the parchment on the line designated. Severus followed suit, than Lily and James. Dumbledore clapped his hands and smiled. He picked up the parchment rolled it and tucked it into the long sleeves of his robes.

"Well that's that then, Harry. Severus shall be here to pick you up three days after the end of the term, as his apprentice you are allowed to carry a wand, so when your brother goes to get his go along with them or you can wait for Severus to go with you it's up to you."

"I'll wait sir." Harry answered.

"Ok good seeing you again my boy's and Lily. Now Severus we must be going it's getting on towards the time for the evening feast." With that he stooped through the fire place and flooed back to Hogwarts, Snape followed silently after.

~Harry POV~

I watched as Snape and Dumbledore left through the floo, my stomach twisting itself in knots at what just happened, feelings of elation bubbled through me as the implications set in. For years I had wanted to do something of this sort, ever since I told my mother I wanted to study potions. Though I had a feeling this agreement was one of convenience it still made me happy that I was acknowledged by the potions master. Once they were gone I sighed, James made his way over to me.

"Boy this is the last thing I am doing for you, see that you don't screw it up." He hissed at me spittle flying into my face. I grimaced and wiped my face.

"Yes Father." I answered dutifully. Antony leered at me grinning like a loon at the idea that I was going to be gone.

"Guess what I heard loser he hates anything to do with our family, the only reason he's doing this is because Grandpa Dumbledore made him. He was a death eater too, I wonder if he'll torture you for fun. I'd give anything to see that."

"Sure Antony whatever you say." I turned to walk away.

"Harry, don't mess this up you only have one chance. Severus is a busy man, he doesn't need your whinging." I turned to glance at my mother she was holding herself with an air of dismissive disdain.

I nodded and walked back up the stairs to my room, if you could call the small space that. I really didn't understand my relatives disdain for me, I knew they had let Antony's fame go to their heads. They normally don't even notice me. Sometimes I'd get a small acknowledgement but normally they would ignore me or blame me for Antony's wrongdoings. I ran my fingers along the small scar on my forehead the little lightning bolt left their by my encounter with Voldemort, he came after my brother and I when we were but a year old. Sighing I flopped down onto the hard mattress face first, my back still stung badly courtesy of father's belt earlier.

I pulled out my earlier project that I had been researching. I only needed to finish the article I was writing and send it off this evening. The journals editor would place the royalties in my account. I started writing when I was five after spending so much time in the library both in our home and the public muggle one, I was seven when I started professionally. I don't know why but I just can't stop learning maybe it's to make up whatever hole my family has left by ignoring me, maybe it's just a personality quirk I don't really understand myself that well yet. Grandpa Charles always told me that my learning capacity was my strong suit. Merlin I miss him, why he had to die I will never know.

I finished the article and gathered up the papers. Setting them to the side I decided to owl them tonight. I waved my hand and with a muttered incantation disillusioned them, and not a moment to soon.

James opened the door to my bedroom I glanced up at him from the book I was apparently reading.

"Get down to the kitchen and wash the dishes from our dinner boy, once you are done that only then can you eat." He sneered at me. turning he stalked out of the room.

I sighed and made my way downstairs towards the kitchen, wondering if life with Mr. Snape would be better.

~Normal Pov, Hogwarts Castle: Scotland 9:15 pm~

Severus was down in his quarters relaxing for the first time it had seemed all day, he set down the glass of cognac and massaged his head. How the hell and why the hell did he let himself get railroaded into having an apprentice of all things, and to top it off it was James Potter's son. He sighed,

'Well at least I got the intelligent one. Hopefully'