The Mark of Equality

Cian waited patiently having taken time already to duplicate his memories, watching as Severus paced back and forth.

"Restless isn't he." Cian commented quietly to Flitwick who nodded.

"He was against this whole fiasco in the first place, we all were really." Flitwick confided in the remarkable young man at his side. Cian nodded silently as they watched both the prisoner and the door of the classroom they were in carefully. Several minutes later Dumbledore walked in wearily followed by a grim faced McGonogall and an even stonier faced Auror.

"This him then?" the gruff man asked from behind Albus who nodded wearily. The man levitated the prisoner who rose limply into the air. The turban fell off with a thunk revealing a gruesome sight to all present.

"OH MERLIN, WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS MAGIC IS THAT?" McGonogall recoiled her tone taking a shrill quality as she backed away from the face residing on the back of Quirrells head.

"It seems our professor has been the most unfortunate victim of a possession my dear." Albus quipped gravely.

"How the hell did you not notice this Albus?" Severus demanded harshly glaring at the elder wizard. Dumbledore just remained gravely silent as he stared at the frozen face on the back of Quirrell's head.

"Something tells me that the spirit will leave as soon as it's awoken killing the host in the process." Cian said quietly drawing the attention away from Quirrell.

"Quite right, Quite right My boy." Albus quipped earning a glare from said boy.

"Please address me properly sir!" Cian said stiffly earning a raised eyebrow from the Auror.

"Kingsley, what is it you wish to do?" Albus asked the Auror.

"Truth be told Albus I am unsure of what to do really because if its as you say, there is not much we can do to hold the spirit." Kingsley said gravely.

"The only way to do so would be with a ritualistic rune based barrier. Made with water blessed by a Unicorn. The only ones with such capabilities anymore are the Goblins." Cian interjected smoothly earning some raised eyebrows.

"How exactly do you know this Mr…" Kingsley died off realizing he did not know the boys name.

"Peverell, Cian Peverell. As to how I know the answer, I read Mr. Kingsley my family is ancient and I have a duty to uphold. Balance is the purpose of my existence. I also hold good rapport with the ones who hold our money hostage. After all it wouldn't do to anger them lest they seal the doors cutting off access to our economy." Cian said a little snidely he was hungry and getting rather tired damn it!

Fillius stifled a chuckle as his student took the auror to task, it wasn't that he didn't like Shacklebolt but he was too close to Dumbledore for Fillius's comfort. Shacklebolt scowled at Cian's tone but could not refute his case so decided to keep quiet.

"I see." Kingsley said a little un-easily as he was taken to task by the eleven year old.

"As it stands however, I do believe it is getting late, I am growing rather hungry and I still need to pack for departure tomorrow." Cian growled snippily as his stomach gave a loud rumble. He turned and glared at Dumbledore.

"Gakuenchou-sama the memory duplicates are on the table, my Head of House shall accompany you to ensure proper protocol is observed." Cian said daring the man in front of him to voice his displeasure. Dumbledore just nodded resignedly his mind elsewhere as he looked at the downed form of his defense professor. Cian looked at Severus and gave a slight bow before turning to Kingsley again.

"I shall give an official statement tomorrow morning at a reasonable hour when my sponsor is present. Now I am going to go get something to eat." Cian said before going to stalk out of the room. Kingsley watched in surprise as the asian looking boy swept from the room in a decidedly Severus like fashion.

"Well then, I don't think anyone has ever dismissed me like that. Especially not an eleven year old." Kingsley said in slight shock causing Fillius to chuckle.

"Yes young Peverell is quite an opinionated young man, it would not do to underestimate him." the half-goblin stated thoroughly amused. They were distracted from their discussion however as what seemed to be black dust started to coalesce around Quirrell. Voldemort's face sank back into the skin as more and more dust and smoke joined the small cloud floating there. Voldemort opened dark eyes before letting loose a scream of rage and frustration as he was forcibly expelled by the wards. In the room were the teachers and a single Auror who looked on in abject terror!

"What in Merlin's name was that!" Kingsley said in disbelief.

"That was a Wraith of the Dark Lord, one that we just let escape." Fillius said gravely.

"How did it revive so fast?" Kingsley asked in shock.

"Knocking it out must have only incapacitated the skin and host body." Severus interjected his normally snide tone worried.

"Well there is nothing we can do presently, Kingsley bring the corpse to the unspeakables. The rest of us should go eat and get some rest." Dumbledore said smoothly from where he was checking Quirrells pulse. Kingsley nodded and conjured a black bag around the body before muttering.

"Portus" The bag glowed softly for a second before Kingsley reached out and grabbed a corner before they disappeared in a slight swirl of air.

Cian stalked quickly to the Kitchens to grab a bite to eat when he heard a loud wail of anger sound behind him. He only just had time to turn and duck as Voldemort's wraith streaked angrily overhead aiming to possess his body. He dodged quickly to the side in the knick of time as the spectre just barely missed him. He saw the wraiths eyes gleaming a bright red as they glared down at him.

"You will meet your end by my hand young Peverell. §talisssmorde§" The wraith hissed before dissipating before Cian's eyes some of the black smoky dust searing a snake around Cian's wrist. Cian placed a hand over his fluttering heart as he gritted his teeth against the pain in his now marked wrist. He pulled his sleeve down over the mark and continued his trek to get food.

After grabbing two types of sushi rolls from the house elves he retreated to his dorm room to eat and sent off a patronus message to Severus and his head of house. He didn't have long to wait before the two men knocked at the door. Cian dropped the wards he had placed before letting the two in. They stepped into the room worry marring their faces.

"What is so urgent Cian? What happened?" Severus asked straight to the point.

"Voldemort escaped, I gather." Cian said startling the two of them.

"Pardon but how exactly do you know this Cian, as I recall you left the room." Fillius spoke up.

"He found me." Cian said allowing his sleeve to fall back revealing the snake. "He marked me with this." He stated softly. Flitwick gasped and Severus hissed lowly between his teeth.

"This complicates matters drastically." Severus said evenly reigning in heavily on his temper.

"I know, I also know the incantation he used has a very specific meaning behind it." Cian said as Ugajin coiled around him.

"What is the incantation Cian?" Flitwick asked evenly.

"Talismorde, sir and if spoken in Parseltongue it creates the bond of equality. Ugajin my familiar has an instinctive history of parsel magic. It's a genetic memory that they are born with. She told me what it means." Cian said softly his eyes down cast. Severus frowned as his mind raced.

"Cian," Flitwick started as his pupil looked up to him. "we will figure out what to do, for right now why don't you pack up your things so your ready to go for tomorrow. I'm sure between Severus Minerva and I we will be able to find out something concerning that mark."

"Yes'sir." Cian said as the other two swept out of the room to ponder their newest puzzle.

Meanwhile in Dumbledore's office.

"Albus that boy is a menace!" James hissed baring his teeth angrily.

"I am well aware of that James but you saw the memory as well as I did he did nothing wrong!" Dumbledore sighed rubbing his temples. He sat bodily down at his desk to contemplate the problems.

"Seriously! How did the brat manage to down Quirrell where Antony failed to! My son is the Boy-Who-Lived. Not some puissant foreigner! I WON'T STAND FOR THIS!" he shouted at the end red in the face.

"I am unsure James. The whole situation is too horrendously skewed for my comfort. I have a feeling we are missing something blatantly obvious about this whole thing." He sighed rubbing his temples as they ached something fierce. Albus did not like the way his thoughts were headed as his mind pondered the hopelessly complicated situation. He was well aware that Antony was not that strong magically even with the core enhancements he had made. The boy was pitiful in class and even Severus didn't deign to comment to the boy at all since Antony embarrassed himself more often than not. Over in the corner Fawkes let out a soft trill that sounded suspiciously like a chuckle. He frowned at the phoenix before turning his attention back to James who like him was lost in thought.

"James, why don't you take Antony home early with you. It will allow him time to recuperate without the added burden of packing and the hectic-ness of the feast." He suggested to his lieutenant. James nodded solemnly before sweeping from the office leaving Albus alone to his thoughts.

Once alone Albus allowed his weariness to show on his aged face as his mind turned back the clock eleven years. Had he made a mistake? Picked the wrong twin? His brow furrowed in thought. He needed to track Harry down but the boy was well out of even his abnormally long reach. His thoughts eventually turned to the Peverell boy and his frown became more pronounced. While he had nothing in particular against the boy… Well that was a lie the boy had his wand, but to be fair it was a family heirloom. The fact was is that the boy threw a major wrench into his plans. Cian Peverell was a wildcard and if legend was to be believed would not be allowed to play for either team. The boy would be forced to stay neutral which would hinder Albus in many aspects. Especially if he gathered a following of his own, the thought of a gray party rising in the middle of this mess was enough to set his teeth on edge. All of his hard won influence would be for naught if the boy negated him. He had to figure out what to do, first and foremost he had to either sway Cian to his side. Or he had to remove the boy by way of an unfortunate accident.

So alone in his office Albus began to plan…

Cian stepped off the train and made his way over to the floo points quickly wishing to avoid the clamouring of the crowd. He was just about there when someone bowled into him cursing. He groaned as he sat up holding his head where he knocked it. Looking up he found himself staring into a pair of vermillion eyes belonging to a girl with silver hair.

"Ano Gomen." He said as he stood and brushed off the dust.

"Ah, yeah sorry about that, bloody sods shoved me into you when I tried to pass them. Bloody ignorant fucktards." She responded scartching her head nervously.

"They are that." He said eyeing the crowd with distaste clearly evident on his face.

"So yeah my name is Sinclaire. Sinclaire Valeron." She said holding out a hand.

"Peverell Cian." Cian said grasping her hand firmly. His keen eyes caught a flicker of recognition but just as quick it was gone. She smiled warmly at him.

"Well it was nice meeting you, I need to find my mother and brother. See you next year?" she said happily.

"It would honor me if you did lady." He said with a light smirk, she giggled before taking off once more into the crowd, leaving Cian staring back at her with an uncomfortably empty feeling in his chest.

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