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I was lost in the stories that I was working on because I couldn't feel that the stories were going the way I expected them to so to get my mind off things I thought about exerting some of that unchanneled energy and focused it here.

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Chapter 1

Kim continued to pace back and forth inside her room as she struggled with herself on whether to contact Wade or not. The reason for her uneasiness was that Shego had been missing from Drakken's side for more than two missions already and no one seemed to know where she was, not even Drakken for that matter.

"Ugh!" Kim felt the frustration envelope her and without thinking twice she immediately grabbed the Kimmunicator to call the young genius.

It only took a couple of seconds before the screen came to life to show Wade typing away on his keyboard on the other side. Wade immediately stopped what he was doing as soon as he saw Kim on the screen. He quickly gave her a smile and greeted her as he changed his position to face him.

"Hey Kim, how can I help?"

Kim thought for a couple of seconds before responding to the question. She knew that it would sound weird for her to look for her archrival especially if she was missing from action but she just told him she suspected her to be up to something so as not to raise suspicion.

"Wade can you try see if you can track where Shego could be?" Kim told her in the best straight face she could muster. "I smell something fishy with her not being with Drakken for this past heists."

"On it Kim" Wade replied as his fingers quickly typed away on his keyboard. Kim thought that with his skills it would only take a couple of minutes but to her surprise after only a couple of seconds he stopped at what he was doing.

"Uhm, Kim I'll get back to you on this one okay?" Wade told her before he completely cut off the line. Kim was left wondering what was going on but she didn't want to contact Wade again because she didn't want to come off as pushy.

Meanwhile back on Wade's side a message continued to blink on his screen. It had never happened to him that someone was able to trace his hacks back to him but here it was, not only was it a sign that someone out there can but the message also showed that he was being watched.

"Don't you dare nerdlinger!" Was the message he saw that caused him to cut Kim off.

There was only one person who called him that and she was definitely someone no one wanted to piss off. He gulped hard as he saw the said figure appear on his screen in all her green goddess beauty.

"Hey...She...go" Wade stuttered.

"Hey yourself nerdlinger" Shego answered. "Hasn't Momma Load ever thought you never to go into someone's backyard without permission?"

Wade could only nod in reply as his voice somehow seemed to have left him. He didn't dare speak after that but he took in the information he was seeing from her side. She was somewhere that looked warm and from the look of the surrounding it looked like the side of a pool from a mansion of sorts.

"My place Mr. Obvious" Shego told him causing him to snap out of his wondering. "And if you're thinking of trying to trace where I am it won't do you any good." She added as if reading his mind.

Wade was now at a lost, he hadn't really encountered anyone who bettered him at computers but now this was happening. Adding insult to injury here she was confidently telling him that he couldn't find her.

"Why are you looking for me nerd boy?" Shego asked after a couple of seconds of Wade not answering.

"Well you haven't been seen with Drakken this past few missions so Kim asked me to check up on you and see if you were... up to something fishy." Wade nervously explained.

"Hhmm, so pumpkin's looking for me eh? " Shego muttered. "Are you sure that's the truth?"

Wade could only nod in reply at the question as Shego continued to survey him with a piercing gaze. A huge evil grin spread on Shego's lips as an idea hatched in her head.

"You won't go looking for me anymore understood?" Shego ordered Wade which he only answered again with a nod. "If you do I know where you live." She threatened.

"As for Princess, don't worry I'll meet up with her personally." She explained as the evil grin from earlier once again appeared on her lips causing a cold shiver down the young boys spine.

After a couple more instructions the screen finally went dead and nothing but the sound of the computers humming and his heavy breathing could be heard. Wade slumped on his swivel chair panting as one of his hands grasped his chest.

The couple of minutes they were talking seemed to have taken forever and it felt to him like it shaved a couple of his years. Shego had told him that if Kim was simply looking for her then she would meet with the young woman, he had nothing to worry as she won't hurt a hair on the girls head as long as the other would do the same.

In exchange for the meeting she made Wade promise not to tell Kim about their conversation. He couldn't quite get why he made the promise but something about the way they talked about Kim made her look trustworthy and every word that she said felt the truth.

The young genius breathed hard and then distracted himself from his thoughts by double checking his systems security.

The next day Kim went down for breakfast with a very bad headache due to the fact that she wasn't able to get enough sleep last night. Usually she was the second person inside the kitchen after her mom but today she was the last person to sit down for breakfast.

"Good Morning Kimmie-Cub" James greeted her over his morning paper which she only replied with a smile.

Kim still held her head as she sat down on the table. Looking around she saw that the dweebs were awfully quite today. As if a six sense triggered, she immediately surveyed the room and when she found nothing amiss she quickly turned her head towards the two.

"What are you guys up to?" Kim asked with an eyebrow raised. They said nothing but instead clasped their hands together as if in prayer. She could have sworn she saw halos over their heads which usually meant that something bad was about to happen.

She was about to press them with more questions but Ann had already told her to stop.

They all sat down and quietly ate their breakfast until a knock on the door got their attention. Kim was the one to volunteer to stand up and answer the door as she wasn't really hungry at that moment.

"Who is it?" Kim called out as she walked towards the front door.

"I have a message delivery." Answered the voice from the other side.

This was strange as there was rarely any hand delivered messages this day and age. Kim immediately put up her guard as she slowly opened the door but to her surprise standing on the other side was an old man in a black suit.

The man was just an inch or two taller than her and he had grey hair that matched the moustache and beard he wore on his face. He stood straight and proud radiating off an aura that commanded respect.

"Ms. Possible I presume?" The old man asked after he gave her a slight bow.

"Yes, and who might I ask is asking?" Kim asked in reply.

The old man smiled at the question and straightened himself out. He extended his hand and offered it in handshake to the young lady as he introduced himself.

"I'm sorry, where are my manners." The old man apologized. "My name is Gerard, Butler of the Noble House of Godric."

Kim was at a lost as she couldn't piece together why a butler would be standing in their front door delivering a message for her. She tried to think hard of the missions she did the past days but couldn't think of anything that could earn her something like this. Her pondering was cut short when Ann called out from behind her.

"Kimmie, who's at the door?" Ann called out to her.

"It's a message delivery." Kim answered back as she turned to look back at the butler. Kim smiled at him and then asked the butler to come into the house. Once inside she offered him a seat in their living room while she took the other seat in front of it.

"How can I help you Mr. Gerard?" Kim asked the butler as they comforted themselves in their seat.

"Gerard is fine Ms. Possible." Gerard replied with a smile. "I have been asked by my Lady to give you an invitation in person." He added as he pulled out a white letter from his coat. Kim accepted the invitation and quickly examined it, she was in awe as she felt the paper used in the envelope and the craftsmanship of the seal that was on it as well.

The old butler smiled at her reaction to the letter.

"Only the best for my Lady"

Kim smiled in reply to what he had said and then quickly opened the letter. Inside was a finer paper than the envelope and on it was the most beautiful handwriting she had ever seen. It was like a work of art as she examined each stroke and loop that made the letter. Slowly reading its content she learned that it was an invitation for her to stay at the Godric's Mansion in a private island in Europe.

Kim raised an eyebrow at this as she couldn't recall knowing anyone else who owned their private island in Europe except for SeƱor Senior Sr.

"I'm very flattered by the invitation but I must humbly decline." Kim told him as she put down the letter in the table between them.

The smile on the butler's face didn't vanish but she could sense that the old butler was saddened by the news.

"I'm very sorry to hear that, but may I ask the reason for your refusal?"

"Well firstly I really don't know your Lady and second I don't even know why your Lady would invite me over. I don't recall encountering her or anyone associated with your group so why out of a sudden she would invite me." Kim told him frankly.

"What you said is very understandable. I am a stranger to you and you have no reason to fully trust neither me nor my Lady up front but I can assure you that I come from a very respectable House. Also the reason for the invitation is that my Lady has heard a good deal about you and is interested to meet you in person."

While Gerard was talking to Kim, both Ann and James suddenly walked into living room accidentally hearing their conversation.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but did you say House of Godric?" James asked the old butler.

The butler quickly stood up as soon as he noticed the two other Possible that came into the living room and gave them both a courteous bow before answering James with his question.

"Good day Doctors Mr. and Mrs. Possible" He greeted them. "You are correct, I have been asked by my Lady to invite the young Miss to a weekend stay at her mansion. That is if she will accept the invitation and you both will give your consent."

Kim looked at her parents in disbelief as they nonchalantly talked about the invitation that Kim received. She was aghast to hear that they were actually already talking about the things that she was going to bring.

"Ehem" Kim coughed to get their attention. "Why are you talking about things to bring, when we don't even know this Lady that's inviting me over?" James and Ann could only look at one another.

"Kimmie-Cub, don't you know that House Godric has been one of Middleton Institute of Technology's biggest donors?" James asked her as he sat beside her.

"And Middleton Medical Center as well." Ann added as she sat on her other side.

"Wait... Wait... Wait..." Kim told them with both hands raised. "So it's ok for you guys that I leave to a place unknown with people I've never met?"

Ann held Kim's hand in hers as she looked her straight in the eyes.

"Kimmie, the House of Godric has been a very known and respected name for many generations now." Ann explained to her. "They are based in Europe but this past few years they have been active here as well."

"Besides my Kimmie-Cub is the world renowned Kim Possible. What's there for us to fear?" James added with a smile as he patted Kim's back. Kim thought more about the current situation. She did need a break and with Shego out of the picture, GJ could take care of the other villains for the weekend.

Her pondering was cut short as the butler who was silently listening to them suddenly spoke.

"So should I now make arrangements for our departure Ms. Possible?" Gerard asked as he gestured to get something from his coat.

"Ok, I need the break anyway." Kim told him. "But are you really sure that you are ok with this?" She asked as she looked at her parents again. The two simply nodded in reply.

Kim told the butler that she just needed to go upstairs to get some things and then she would be ready to go. The butler nodded in understanding and simply excused himself to make a phone call for their departure.

It only took her a couple of minutes to get her things ready and when she got back downstairs she saw the family happily talking with Gerard. It looked kind of weird to her because the way they talked to each other felt like they have known each other longer than the couple of minutes he had been in the house but Kim just shrugged it off as playful thought from her imagination.

Kim felt like a Princess during the whole trip, she was completely pampered by her host as they were fetched by a limousine from the house and once they got to the airport a personal plane was already chartered and waiting for them.

As soon as the limousine stopped men that were waiting for them immediately took their bags and boarded it onto the plane. Kim saw that everyone that she met that was associated with the House of Godric was very professional, they always moved quickly and without fault.

As if reading her mind Gerard smiled and told her why things are like the way they are.

"My Lady is very kind and loving but has a couple of faults." The butler admitted. "One of them is her lack of patience. Lord knows I have always prayed when she was small that she would inherit the Mistress' virtues but unfortunately that would be asking too much." He added as he shook his head when he remembered her childhood.

"From how people react I'm not quite sure I'm excited to meet her." Kim told him in all honesty. The butler replied with an understanding smile.

"Please do not judge my Lady so quickly Ms. Possible." Gerard told her in a pleading tone. "The people that you have met so far are some of the people that the House of Godric have helped. Some they have sent to school with their scholarship, some were picked up from the street which they sheltered and clothed while some of them are orphans who have been brought under the wing of the house." The butler explained as they boarded the plane. Once they were properly seated the butler continued his story. "We owe a lot to the House of Godric that is why we have offered our lives to serve them. They didn't force us into this but instead we have willingly pledge ourselves into service"

Kim could only stare at the old butler as he told her his story and the reason for the things that she have seen. She couldn't say anything but instead she just listened to him the whole trip in awe of the things she learned.

The flight only took a couple of hours as the plane was surprisingly fast for how it looked. Once they got off she did a double look but found no alterations on it but it still took the flight in only half the time.

"As I have said before my Lady is deprived of patience." Gerard told her with a knowing smile as he gestured her inside another limousine that was going to take them back to the mansion.

"This is a very nice place, there are lot of trees and animals and everything seems so fresh and lively." Kim said to the butler as she happily looked outside her window. The butler laughed at her gesture as he remembered the young miss when she was still small.

"My Lady was just like you when she was still small." Gerard told her as he reminisced about the past. Kim saw the shimmer in his eyes as he stared outside the window of the limousine.

It was a very pleasant ride as she was able to see fields and fields of flowers and forest both filled with life that you wouldn't see in the city. It took them about an hour drive from the small airport to a village that was said to be owned by the family.

The scenery was spectacular as each building boasted amazing craftsmanship and engineering that showed the best of Europe's early structures. The village shinned more as she noticed each person in the street happy and healthily living their lives.

"These are the people that are either an employee or is a family member of an employee who works for the House of Godric." Gerard explained to her as they passed through the village. "Some of the earlier employees decided to start a settlement here and that ended up as the town you see now."

"I see." Was all Kim could say as the amazement hasn't fully left her since they got off the plane.

From the village it took a couple more minutes before the limousine reached the gate of a large estate. It was a large gate with the crest of the House of Godric on it and with large walls at both sides. The gate same as the village before it was very well made and the masonry of the wall supporting it was not a bit over shunned by it.

They continued on the pathway towards the house. Each side was adorned by flowers and green grass carpeted the ground. Kim couldn't contain herself anymore so a loud squeal escaped her lips. She couldn't help herself as she jumped up and down her seat as she watched the scenery pass them by.

The limousine finally went to a stop in front of a large mansion. It wasn't the biggest Kim had seen but it was the most beautiful and there was a very homely feel emanating from it. She was snapped out of her pondering when suddenly Gerard appeared in front of the door and in a gentleman fashion he opened the door for her.

"Everything's so beautiful." Kim told him as she twirled around trying to absorb everything that her eyes set upon.

"I'm happy and proud that you feel that way Ms. Possible." Gerard told her as he unloaded her bags from the limousine. Kim suddenly stopped at what she was doing and immediately faced the old butler.

"Please call me Kim." She told him as she tried to get her bags from him. The butler stopped her hand and answered her gesture only with a smile.

"As you wish Kim but please let me do this." Gerard answer with a smile.

He gestured her inside the mansion and into a room that seemed to be the receiving area. It was a very quaint room with a window that showed the garden while its inside was adorned by expensive furniture and displays.

"Please take a seat and rest Kim." Gerard told her as he gestured her to sit. "My Lady will be with you in a minute. While you wait I'll have them bring you something to drink." And with that he turned to leave carrying her things off to her room.

Kim stood up and walked around the room observing each object she laid eyes on. She could tell that everything there was picked and placed by a woman. It didn't have the rough muscular feel that men give when they arranged things but instead it felt feminine.

"Liking what you see Princess?" A voice said from behind her. Kim was caught off guard as she didn't even hear the person approach her. It took her brain a good few seconds before it fully registered who the familiar voice belonged to.

"Shego!" Kim shouted as she quickly did a turn kick. It would have had connected if not for a strong arm that caught it.

"Please Kim fighting is forbidden inside the house." Gerard explained to her with a stern voice. After Kim had recovered from the shock he immediately let go of her leg and introduced the woman beside him.

"I'm pleased to introduce to you Lady Sheila Godric." Gerard said as the woman beside him curtsied.

Kim was well planted in her spot for in front of her stood a beautiful woman that looked exactly like Shego but without the green hue.

"Hello Kim." Sheila greeted her with a smile as she offered her hand in handshake. "It's nice for us to finally meet."

Kim still had her guard up as the shock from seeing someone that look like Shego hasn't worn off yet. Slowly she took the hand that was offered and shook it while still starring at her face mesmerized by the smile that was on it.

"You look like you've seen a ghost." Sheila commented with a smile. She gestured the young red head to follow her as they took a walk through the house.

"I shall get you some refreshment my lady." Gerard told Sheila as he bowed to both of them before disappearing once again.

Sheila took Kim for a short walk until they reached a table at the back of the house. She gestured Kim to sit while she occupied the other chair opposite of her. The two sat quietly for a couple of seconds until Kim couldn't resist the urge to say what was on her mind.

"Are you really not Shego?" Kim asked with a blush as the thought of being possibly wrong made her red in embarrassment.

Sheila could only smile at Kim's gesture as the young red head was so cute in her uneasiness. She leaned forward close enough for them to whisper.

"What do you think pumpkin?" Sheila whispered to her ear causing a cold shiver run down Kim's spine. The mention of the pet name that Shego always used to call her confirmed her suspicion, without reserve Kim immediately jumped of the chair and posed in a fighting stance.

Sheila on the other hand didn't move from her seat but instead just fixed her dress. She smiled at Kim and then raised a hand while waving a finger warningly.

"Nuh-uh, you wouldn't want to do that Princess." Sheila warned her but Kim's body could contain itself anymore. After all the days that she wasn't able to fight with Shego her body just suddenly released all that pent up tension making her charge towards the other woman.

Before her attack could even connect though, Gerard had somehow managed to appear beside his lady blocking of the attack that she sent with one hand easily while the other held a tray of tea and biscuits.

"There will be no fighting inside this house." Gerard told her sternly. Kim gulped as the authoritative aura of the butler overwhelmed her causing her to quickly sit back on the chair opposite Sheila.

"I told you." Sheila teased Kim in a sing sang voice causing her to receive a tongue from the young red head. "Careful Princess I might take that offer." She added causing Kim to hide her tongue immediately.

"Now... now... That's not how a proper lady should act Sheila." Gerard told her with a knowing smile.

Kim was surprised to see Sheila stiffen for a moment at the use of her name. Gerard just smiled at her without explaining the reason but instead busied himself by preparing their snack. After only a couple of seconds their snack was neatly and properly placed in front of them.

"I shall take my leave now my Lady. If you need anything simply call." Gerard said to both Sheila and Kim before leaving.

"Good man." Sheila informed Kim as she notice the red head following the retreating figure of the butler with her eyes. "He became a second father to us when our parent's died." She continued.

Kim turned her gaze at Sheila in surprise of the revelation that she was hearing. Shego was telling her past voluntarily. She focused her gaze in Sheila's eyes and there she saw a mixture of pain and longing. It was only for a moment because the next thing she knew Sheila was smiling back at her.

"So, aren't you going to ask why I invited you over? I bet this revelation of my private life really surprised you right?" Sheila told her in a happy tone.

"I never expected your background to be like this but yeah, why did you invite me over the weekend?" Kim asked as she squirmed in her chair. Sheila moved her chair closer to Kim's before answering the question.

"I heard from a certain nerdlinger that you were looking for me." Sheila told Kim while a mischievous smiled formed on her lips. "So I thought to myself, since my Princess misses me so much that she is obsessedly looking for me why not invite her over to my place..." She inched closer and then leaned forward near Kim's ear before continuing what she was going to say. "and claim her." This caused Kim to blush all shades of red while also instantly moving her chair a couple of feet away from Sheila.

"I am not obsessed." Kim told her in a matter-of-fact tone. Sheila wasn't able to make a comeback from what Kim said as it caught her off guard. Kim herself was surprised she said something like that without thinking.

She mentally kicked herself as her brain finally processed what she had said out loud. Meanwhile a smile was forming on Sheila's lips. It wasn't her usual smirk or evil grin but it was more of a simple smile caused by being happy with Kim's words.

"So you do miss me." Were the words that escaped Sheila's lips. This caused Kim to snap out of her pondering and made her focus on the person in front of her.

"Well... you see... We're rivals and... you were gone..." Kim stuttered as she tried to get out of the sticky situation she had put herself into but no coherent thoughts were being processed in her brain at the moment.

Sheila's smile grew broader as she watched the red head stumble on herself as she tried to hide what she really felt.

"I don't swing that way." Kim finally said out loud as she lied to cover up her embarrassment but Sheila knew better.

"I never said you did Kimmie." Sheila told her with a teasing smile. "I only said you missed me. People do miss people that they are always in close proximity with. Sheesh, what were you thinking?"

If Kim could melt on the spot she would have as Sheila was able to turn the situation on her but before either of them could say anything else Gerard came to her rescue.

"Teasing your guest too much is not a lady like thing to do Sheila." Gerard told her before looking at Kim who was as red as her hair.

"Are you alright Kim?" Gerard asked her to make sure which she only answered with a nod. "I'm sorry for how my lady acts. It's just that you are the first person she had brought home." He explained.

Kim's eyes grew wide as her head snapped to face Sheila. The other just looked away to avoid her gaze but she knew that Sheila knows she was looking at her.

"Ever since that incident my Lady had always spent her time with her brothers and never really socialized much with others."

"She doesn't need to hear that Gerard." Sheila told him as she gestured him to stop talking.

"I'm sorry if I have said too much my Lady." Gerard answered as he bowed apologetically.

Sheila stood up and gestured to leave before facing Kim again.

"Get some rest Princess. I invited you over for a weekend getaway so you'll need to rest for now to get yourself ready for tomorrow's activity." Sheila told her before asking Gerard to guide her to her room.

Kim followed her with her eyes as she walked away from them disappearing in the shadow of the house. Gerard moved to her side and gestured her to follow him.

"There's a lot I don't know about her." Kim said to the wind. Gerard just smiled at the woman beside him who was still looking at the spot where his Lady had disappeared into.

"All in due time Kim." Gerard told her. "You are the first person she has invited home and definitely the first person she has opened up to. Give her some time." He said to reassure her.

"Now come on you need your rest." Gerard told her as he gestured her back into the house.