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Chapter 4

Warm wind blew through the windows as the sun started to shine in the horizon. Birds started to chirp as if singing a song of praise as the rays of light flew over the fields. It was a very good morning that matched a very beautiful evening.

Kim slowly opened her eyes to the feeling of someone warm leaning on her with one hand gently placed on her side. She didn't need to turn around anymore to know who it was, as the memory of last night still lingered in her mind.

She didn't move yet but instead just comfortably laid there beside the older woman as she waited for her to wake up. Kim could feel her warm skin gently sliding against hers as she tried to move closer to the other woman.

"You're an early bird." Shego mumbled as she woke up from the red heads action. Kim stopped and apologized as what she did awoken Shego. The older woman simply chuckled and instead pulled the young red head closer into an embrace.

"Good Morning Princess." Shego greeted Kim as she placed a soft kiss behind Kim's ear. Kim only hummed as she savoured the sensation of her kiss.

Kim stretched while still keeping herself inside Shego's embrace. They both stayed that way, watching the clouds roll by outside the window while they tried to muster their energy to get up. They had been battling with themselves mentally as the thought of getting up and moving away from each other seemed a bit too much as of the moment.

"Why don't we sleep through breakfast?" Kim suggested as she kissed the arm she was on. Shego thought about it for a bit but decided against it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for them to miss it would mean they would have to face Gerard's lecture about keeping healthy. That was something she wasn't so keen on happening this early in the morning.

"As much as I like to Princess, Gerard won't have it." Shego explained as she moved her hand to caress the young woman's cheek. Kim grumbled something incomprehensible at what she said.

"I know." Shego replied without needing to understand what she grumbled. "But its best we start to head down."

Shego was just about to stand up when all of a sudden the door to their room burst open. The two quickly sat up and covered themselves with the bed cover when a figure suddenly emerged from behind the door.

"Sheila! You didn't tell me you were home." The figure called out as she moved closer to the bed from the door.

"I'm sorry my Lady but she just wouldn't listen." Angel apologized as she tried to stop the woman from coming closer to the two in the bed.

Kim was surprised as she saw a beautiful petite woman come closer to them while Shego simply raised an eyebrow. She had the same jet black hair crowning her head and the body to die for just like Shego. Not noticing Kim check the other woman out, Shego pulled Kim closer to her as the woman finally stopped in front of them. Angel bowed apologetically but Shego just smiled at her and gestured her to leave them.

"Since I didn't tell you, that means I didn't want you to know." Shego said sarcastically. The woman in front of them simply smiled and placed one hand on her hip.

"Sheila, always with your jokes." The woman told her as she waved a hand dismissively. As if not seeing Kim beside Shego when she entered, the woman faked surprise and then smiled at her before introducing herself.

"Michelle LeBlanc." The woman introduced herself as she extended her hand to Kim. Kim thought it rude not to accept her hand and shake it so she moved her hand to meet the other woman's. Before she could shake Michelle's hand though, Shego had already swatted it away.

"Don't Kimmie." Shego warned her as the older woman pulled her closer. "What do you want Michelle?" Shego asked.

"I came to visit you silly." Michelle replied as she sat on the edge of the bed. "You haven't returned my calls and emails, and then I find out your home already."

The woman gasped as she focused her sights on Shego. "Where you trying to surprise me?"

Shego shook her head in disbelief.

"The nerve of this woman." Shego thought to herself as she slowly stood up from Kim's side. She meaningfully looked at Kim and let her know that she was ok and that she would take care of the unwanted visitor.

Michelle thought that the meaning of Shego standing up was that she was going to welcome her but opposite what she thought, Shego placed a hand on her hip and looked at her threateningly.

"I'll be nice since I have a guest here." Shego told her. "But if you do not leave at once, I will be dragging you out." She added in an ice cold told.

Michelle was taken aback with the threat and thought for a minute if she was going to heed the warning. She knew what Shego was capable of and she didn't want to be on the receiving end in case she does push the woman too much.

"Fine" She finally stated as she gestured to turn and leave. "Get yourself cleaned up while I cook us something for breakfast."

The woman quickly left without waiting for Shego to reply. Both Kim and Shego were left dumbfounded as they watch the silhouette of the woman disappear behind the door. Shego turned back and looked at Kim, she knew that she had a lot to explain and now was probably the best time to do so rather than wait later and risk Michelle ruining their perfect weekend.

Kim sat up straight and crossed her arm in front of her chest as she watched the older woman sit in front of her. She could forgive Michelle just intruding on them but the way she acted in front of Shego was something unacceptable. She wanted to know why things happened the way they did and it seemed to her that the older woman had a lot of explaining to do.

Shego sighed she looked into those big green eyes before finally speaking.

"Michelle is a childhood friend of ours." Shego started. "She grew up with us and actually became sort of family due to the closeness our parents had with hers."

She moved closer to Kim and pulled the red head into an embrace before continuing her story.

"We became inseparable as we grew up. Having each other's back, sharing each other's secret but something happened when we were in college." Shego paused as she reminisced.

A couple of seconds passed but Shego didn't continue her story. Kim couldn't help but wonder what had happened, so she tried to see if she could get Shego to tell her more.

"What happened then?" She asked as she squeezed Shego's hand and pulled them close to her chest. Shego simply smiled at the gesture. She hugged Kim tight and kissed her forehead before finally speaking once again.

"She admitted that she love me." Shego told Kim making the red head tilt her head in a questioning manner. Kim couldn't follow why Shego would distance herself with a person that confessed her love for her.

Sensing that she needed to expound on what she said, Shego sighed before continuing.

"She admitted that she love me even thought she already knew that I love someone else badly." She explained. "I tried to gently break it to her that we weren't meant to be but she kept on pushing herself on me up until the point she threatened the person I love."

Kim couldn't say anything as she listened intently to the revelation Shego was telling her. She couldn't believe that the woman that was just with them could do something like that. She leaned her head on Shego's chest and slowly pulled her arms to wrap around her.

"Never mind that now." Shego told her after she kissed Kim's head. "We need to eat something and I need to do something to get rid of her."

Kim only nodded in reply as Shego helped her get out of the bed. The older woman guided her towards the bathroom and together hand-in-hand they entered.

It took a couple of minutes before the two came out feeling refreshed. The bath felt so good that they almost forgot the intrusion that had happened. They were walking side by side down the stairs when a familiar voice called out to them.

"Breakfast is getting cold dear." Michelle told Shego from below the stairs. Shego used two fingers to rub the bridge of her nose as the perseverance of the woman was starting to get to her once again. Kim saw how Michelle's antic was getting to her so she squeezed the older woman's hand and smiled as she faced her.

Shego was starting to lose her patience when an idea hit her. She really couldn't take the presence of the woman anymore so she thought of a plan to spend the day without ever crossing her path again.

"Gerard." Shego called out.

"Yes, my Lady." Gerard answered as he walked out from one of the corridors.

"Help Michelle with what she cooked and bring them on the porch facing the beach." Shego instructed Gerard.

Michelle was ecstatic at what she heard. She was so happy that Shego wanted to try her cooking so she immediately grabbed Gerard's hand and pulled him quickly towards the kitchen. Kim raised an eyebrow as she faced Shego. The older woman gestured her to be quiet and then hurriedly pulled her towards the side entrance of the house.

Kim could see Angel giggle as she watched them tip-toe out of the house away from Michelle. Once they were outside, Shego pulled her towards a small shed near the house. Once inside she pulled a cover off an object to reveal a Harley underneath. Kim whistled as she looked at the motorcycle that has been kept in mint condition.

"Come on." Shego told her as she was gestured to ride behind the older woman.

"Where are we going?" Kim asked as she grabbed hold of Shego's waist.

"Some place to eat." Shego replied as she brought the machine to life. "Hold on tight Pumpkin."

Kim was about to ask about why Shego had Gerard help Michelle with bringing her food towards the back of the mansion when the motorcycle suddenly throttled forward. With Shego's signature speedy driving the motor roared as it sped away from the mansion.

It was only a matter of seconds until the mansion finally faded from sight. The motor cycle continued to roar as it carried them through fields of flowers and tall grass until a familiar sight came into view. Kim remembered the town they passed when they came from the airport and guessed that Shego must be bringing her there.

After a couple of minutes the motorcycle came to a stop in front of an old house that looked like a makeshift bakeshop.

"Aunt Natalie!" Shego called out as they both got off the motorcycle. Kim followed behind Shego as they entered the old house. The scent of sweet bread and pies lingered in the air as they came closer to the back of the house.

"Sheila deary!" A plump old woman replied as she came out of the kitchen. Shego hurriedly closed the gap between them and warmly hugged the old woman. The hug lasted for a full minute before the two finally separated.

"Kimmie this is Aunt Natalie." Shego introduced the old woman as she gestured Kim to come forward. Kim moved beside Shego and smiled warmly at the old woman. Aunt Natalie replied with the same bright smile and then offered them both a seat.

"I'm not really her aunt you know." Aunt Natalie admitted as she sat at the chair in front of the two. "I was actually the maid that watched her as she grew up." Shego waved a hand dismissively before speaking her mind.

"None sense. You were like a mother to me while I was growing up."

Kim just looked at how Shego was freely expressing herself in front of the old woman. The three talked some more until they finally got to the reason of their visit. Shego scratched her head before telling the old woman the reason.

"Michelle showed up." Shego explained.

The old woman simply shook her head at the news before taking a quick glance at Kim. She stood up and then moved to the door leading to the kitchen before finally speaking.

"I guess you haven't eaten yet have you?"

Shego smiled in reply before grabbing Kim's hand and pulling her towards the back of the house. She told Kim how wonderfully tasty Aunt Natalie's cooking was and that it was simply a treat they shouldn't miss. The old woman simply laughed at how Shego boasted her cooking but felt a warm hand touch her heart for the gesture.

Kim and Shego sat in one of the table and quietly tasted each one of the treats that the old woman was cooking. Kim was both happy and surprised to find out that Shego's boasting was in fact true and not exaggerated. It was by far the tastiest delicacies she had ever had the pleasure of tasty.

"Thank you Aunt Natalie." Kim thanked the old woman as she moved herself to sit comfortably on the chair. Shego did the same as they both felt bloated by eating too much.

Aunt Natalie smiled in reply before placing a cup of milk in front of the both of them.

"Sheila!" A voice from outside the house called to Shego. Kim feared that it was Michelle once again but the face Shego made said that it was someone else. Aunt Natalie laughed as Shego scrambled to hide herself under the table.

"Shego!" Kim shouted as she looked quizzical at Shego's antic. Shego gestured her to keep quiet but unfortunately it was already too late.

Immediately after Shego told her to be quiet, the door to the back of the house burst open. Revealing kids from behind it as they tumbled inside the house. Kim couldn't believe what she was seeing. The very dangerous and fearless Shego was now hiding underneath the table because of three little kids.

"You got to be kidding me." Kim told herself as she watched the three dust themselves as they stood. As soon as they were up they quickly scanned the room until they saw Shego hiding underneath the table.

"There you are Sheila!" A girl, the eldest from the group shouted at her. The other two quickly ran for Shego and as soon as they were near enough, jumped to her surprise.

A loud crash echoed through the house as a dust cloud started to lift from the ground. Both Kim and Aunt Natalie laughed their heart out as they saw Shego trampled by the two children.

"Get off." Shego ordered the two children as she tried to stand up. The two children happily obliged and quickly got off her and moved back to the side of the eldest one.

Kim was lost at the things that were happening in front of her. Earlier they were running away from Michelle but this time three kids were hunting Shego down. Aunt Natalie sensed her cluelessness so she explained what was happening as the four happily and lively conversed with one another.

"They are some of the orphans that were rescued by Sheila from one of those abusive orphanages." She explained. "They became real close to her as time passed by so when she left to be a hero, they felt real sad. They promised that when she returned they wouldn't let her leave again."

Kim watched as Shego happily played with the three children. She was smiling all the time and she was lively talking to them as well. The Shego in front of her was completely different from the snarky woman she first met when she fought with Drakken.

Shego gestured Kim to follow as the kids pulled her out of the house and towards the playground at the other side of the town. Kim saw the people happily greet Shego as she passed them by. Each person gave her a genuine smile before asking how she was. Once she passed them, some would call out and pray that she stay safe.

She would simply reply with "You too" or "Stay safe" before proceeding to let the three children pull her away. After a couple more minutes, they finally entered the playground. Kim saw as the children quickly spread around leaving Shego in the middle.

Shego simply smiled at Kim as she walked towards the young red head. Kim looked at her puzzled, unaware of the evil plot running through the older woman's brain. As soon as Shego was beside her, she leaned close so that her face was beside Kim's ear. Kim listened intently as she figured Shego was going to whisper something to her.

"Tag you're it." Shego whispered to Kim as she gently tapped Kim's chest. Kim was both surprised and aghast as she realized what had just happened. Shego quickly ran to hide before Kim exploded because of what she did.

"Shego!" Kim shouted her lungs out as she started to scan the surroundings while looking for the older woman who tricked her. Giggles from the children could be heard but Kim didn't pay them any attention as her main focus was looking for Shego.

She ran around looking for Shego while the kids watched from behind their hiding spot. They watched as Kim the one who won Shego's heart, look at every nook and cranny of the playground for her. After a couple of minutes and making sure that she had checked everywhere, Kim slumped in the middle of the playground in exhaustion. She was about to give up when she noticed the end of Shego's hair poking out from behind a collapsed wall.

Slowly she tiptoed towards the spot while making sure that she wouldn't create any noise that might catch Shego's attention. She had successfully positioned herself behind the older woman and as soon as she was ready, she quickly jumped her.

Shego squealed as she felt Kim crash on top of her. Once the young woman recovered from the crash, she started to tickle Shego senseless. Laughter filled the air as the kids joined the fray and they rolled around in the grass covered earth as they played.

Unknown to them a shadow watched from the distance. With gritted teeth she watched as how they happily played around on the ground. She believed in herself that they would be much more happier with her playing with them than that obnoxious red head. Shego was hers, and that no-good Kim Possible didn't deserve her.

A smirk formed on her lips as an evil plan hatched in her head. She was going to get rid of the red head and she was finally going to get Shego back.

"Soon Sheila... Very Soon..."