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Rewriting My Destiny

A/N: This story is written as a collaboration by both Xo BellaItalia oX and DeathQueen26. We hope that you enjoy the story and look forward to reading your reviews.


(Bella's POV)

'Don't worry...' The voice was low but it was deep and soothing. 'You will be fine and with no pain. Your powers are shields both mental and physical. You can levitate in the air along with move objects with your physical shield. With your mental you can see in others minds however you can turn this and any other power you have on and off at will. Do not be afraid, child. We are all with you...'

I then was pulled back and heard my father speaking to me. I could hear others in the house as well as their scents. One smelled like freshness and sterilization, then another one was of the desert and of dirt & wind. Another smelled like a thunderstorm with a musty scent. However the one that was the closest was of gunpowder and leather. I instantly knew that it was my father, Charlie.

"I'm sorry that I didn't believe you when you told me about your visions." I felt him kiss my knuckles. "I should have since I had those too. Jasper, here, told me that you are his mate and will be here next to you at all times. From what Dr. Cullen told me you had a brain bleed and it was slowly getting worse. It was the only way to save you Bells and I hope that you don't hate me for it because I told them that it was alright. Also, there another vampire here that says that he is your brother from a past life." I then was pulled away and was shown a picture of the tall dark blond haired guy with green eyes standing next to Jasper?

Was the guy that came my brother? And if so, how and why am I human if I was a vampire to being with?

"From what I can remember from what I saw, he was your brother and my son when we were human before." I could hear the wonder in his voice however I felt that Jasper was worrying about me to much. I sent him a wave of love to make sure that he knew I was fine.

I then felt a kiss on my forehead however it did nothing to calm the thoughts that were running through my head. I heard foot steps and also could feel that someone else came into the room. I could tell that there were a few people. There the one that smelled like perfume along with the one that smelled like new shoes, to me at least, were in the room and I could feel that Jasper went out. I could only frown when I felt the pull in my chest started to pull in the direction that he was in, however it was only a slight pull to letting me know that he had left and which direction.

I then heard voices talking to me. "Hey there," The voice was high and it went with the one that smelled like new shoes. "My name is Alice and the other girl with me is Rosalie." Her cool fingers brushed hair out of my face. "Our mother is down the hall getting some water that way we can clean you up. You don't have to be nervous we shooed all the guys out of the room. Of course there is another female that will be coming shortly, but I think you might like her."

I shut out the other things, because I could feel that I needed to concentrate on working on my shields. I didn't understand but I had a feeling that something was coming and I would need to be in top form. I could only pray that I would have all my memories back before what is coming shows up.

Chapter 9

(Jasper's POV)

I couldn't bring myself to leave the room with the rest of them, let alone take my eyes off of Bella's exquisite form.

'My God, she looks just as I remembered her the day that she died,' I thought to myself as she shyly peaked up at me. However, I didn't let that look fool me. She could appear shy and vulnerable, but when it came down to it, she was a viscous little demon!

"So, you're Jasper," her musical voice echoed throughout the room.

"Yes," I nodded, tempting fate by taking a single step forward.

She nodded to herself, biting my bottom lip. "You're just as I remember..." She whispered.

My eyebrows shot up and I anxiously took few steps forward to meet her and took both of her hands into my own. "You remember me?" Hope and love filled my voice for this woman as the same electrical tingling sensation crept up my hands and up my arms the very same way that it did when we would touch before.

"Kind of... you were the one I had all of my flashbacks about, so I guess in a way I remember some things about you." She murmured thoughtfully, though she still had a shyness about her, as well as a bit of nervousness and anxiousness. "So, erm... Charlie tells me we're 'mates'?"

I nodded and released on of her hands before I tentatively brushed her cheek with the back of my knuckles. "Yes, darlin', he's right."

She pursed her lips, nodding as she nuzzled her cheek against my palm, though it seemed to surprise her before she regained her shy composure. "Um, what does that mean, exactly? Does it have anything to do with this feeling, like the electric tingles that run up my body every time you and I touch? Or this intense desire to be near you and have you wrapped around me?" She asked, though her emotions showed that she was scared and slightly fearful of my answers. However, I couldn't blame her. This was all new to her, whereas I had already been through this with her the first time around after I changed her immediately after my newborn year and was able to handle my thirst and felt confident enough to bring my wife into this eternal life with me.

I remembered it all like it was yesterday. She thought that she was seeing things, since she had thought me to be dead...


My Belle looked at me with wide, terrified eyes as she hesitantly reached forward to touch me in order to make sure that I was indeed real.

"J-Jasper? Is it really you?" She choked out as tears filled her eyes.

God, why did it take so long for me to control myself before coming back to her?

"Yes, Angel, it's me." I closed my eyes in ecstasy as her warm hand cupped my face and I reached up with my own hand to cover hers with my own and closed my eyes in contentment. It was the first time that I felt those intense, pleasurable electrical tingles that confirmed what I had always thought since we were children. My Belle was my soul mate and now she was my soul mate in my vampire life, as well. I could already feel the bond forming in my chest lassoing me permanently to her.

She shook her head, pulling her hand away but never took her eyes from mine. "I don't understand, Jasper? How are you here? They said you were missing and presumed to be dead? They found your blood smeared all over your things and your satchel..." She paused, a couple tears falling from her eyes, running down her cheeks, not bothering to wipe them in fear that I would disappear if she took her eyes off of me for even a millisecond.

My own eyes filled with venom tears that would never fall as I cupped her face, using my lips to kiss them away before pulling back to look at her."I'm so sorry it took me so long to come back for you, but I couldn't risk your safety."

"My safety?" She slowly shook her head again, completely puzzled as to what I was talking about. "I don't understand, my love? Why would I be in danger from you and your eyes...they're red? And your skin... it's so solid, marble-like, and you're freezing! This is a Texas summer night, you shouldn't be this cold. And you've changed, somehow..." She searched my eyes with slight fear behind them, though not fear of me but for me. "What has happened to you?"

I sighed, looking down in resignation. "Darlin', it's a long story an' I don't have the time ta explain it to ya now, but what I can tell you is that I risked a lot to come here, to see you and I can't live without you. We don't have much time before we are discovered and I can't tell you everything unless you answer these questions correctly and it has to once again do with your safety." I rushed out in the most sensitive way that I could.

Confusion and trust crept behind her eyes as she looked up at me. "Ask me anything and my answers will be which ever ones get to keep me with you."

I swallowed thickly. "Even if it means leaving behind your life here, as you know it?"

She sucked in a breath, holding it for a moment before nodding. "Yes."

I searched her emotions, finding resignation and honesty. My heart swelled at that and I realized that this amazing woman, my true soul mate would enter an unknown world, leaving everything she's ever known behind just to be with me again.

But I wasn't about to question it...

I smiled and pulled her against me and kissed her lips chastely before pulling back to look into her eyes. "This is going to be the most painful experience in your life, but I promise you that it will end and only will last three days. You will be like me when you wake up and I promise that after I get you situated, I will tell you everything that you want to know."

She nodded and rose up on the tips of her toes to heatedly press her lips to mine once more. Eventually, I began to make my way across her jaw and down her neck to her pulse point, surprising her as I sunk my teeth into her pulse point and injected my venom into her blood stream, making her my bonded mate.

She collapsed, moaning in agony as she lay limply in my arms. I turned to make my way out of the barn but stopped dead in my tracks as I spotted her brother, Peter, standing there slack jawed.

But that's a memory for another time. Let's just say that his change wasn't too far behind...


"Ah!" Bella's hand reached up to grasp her throat as she looked up at me in a painful manner before I could answer any of her questions.

I pursed my lips and gently reached forward to remove her hand from her throat as I used my gift to help soothe the blood lust that she was no doubt feeling.

"You know, darlin'," I began as I rubbed her hand soothingly. "Maybe we should save the questions/answer portion of all of this until after we've fed you."

She bit her lip and nodded. "I think you might be right." She nodded.

I led her to the large wall sized window and slid it open and jumped down. I turned and looked up only to see Bella anxiously looking down. I could tell that her vampire instincts were all coming back to her, but they were waring with her human side that didn't know a thing about what it meant to be a vampire.

"It's alright, darlin'." I reassured her. "I'll catch ya if you fall."

She bit her bottom lip in that innocently seductive way that she always does when she's unsure. "Promise?" Her shimmering eyes shone with trust.

"Always," I vowed to her as she jumped down gracefully from the second story and landed gracefully on the balls of her feet in front of me, causing me to grab her elbows as she grabbed my wrists.

She smiled triumph, her liquid gold eyes alight with excitement. Speaking of which, I knew that Peter said that she wouldn't be normal, but how she already had golden eyes confused me to the brink of exhaustion. She never had golden eyes before, so how was this possible?

"I did it!" She boasted happily, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I smiled affectionately and tucked a brown curl behind her ear. "I knew you could."

She looked down shyly and I knew that if it was possible, she would be blushing right now. She, then, cleared her throat. "Um, what are we hunting anyway? And won't we need weapons?"

I could hear chuckles coming from inside as I tried to hide my smile. She looked back toward the house in confusion. It actually just occurred to me that there was still so much that she did not know.


I sighed. "I guess we're going to have to save the questions for later since we need to get you fed. Just remember, we will not be hunting humans, because we have a treaty with the werewolves on the reservation."

Her eyebrows shot up. "Werewolves? Like, real werewolves?" Excitement coated her voice.

I smirked and nodded. "Yes, though, no, they are not technically real werewolves, since they are not what we call 'Children of the Moon'. Real werewolves are bound by the phases of the moon and cannot phase at will like the ones on the reservation do. They are technically Shape Shifters and their ancestors just happen to have chosen the shape of a giant horse sized wolf. They also look a lot more different than real werewolves and don't act like wild uncontrollable beasts, like the real werewolves do." I explained to her fascination. "But enough of that for now. Let's get going. I will show you the treaty line to where we are not allowed to cross after our hunting trip. You will know when you're close, though, because of the putrid wet dog/earthy smell."

She nodded as I grabbed her hand and took off into the forest at vampire speed. This would be the first time that she would ever hunt an animal.

(Isabella's POV)

Running at vampire speed was the most exhilarating thing that I have ever done in my life... or, well...this life time, at least. It felt familiar, and yet, so new at the same time.

The forest passed me by so fast and yet I could see everything from the beads of dew on a spider's web to each individual piece of bark on the trees, along with the different bugs that lived underneath the bark as they munched on the wood. At first, I was afraid that I would hit a tree, but as I ran, I realized that it was so easy to dodge the branches and swerve out of the way of the trunks in my path, no matter the size.

We suddenly stopped on the top of a rock face that overlooked the Olympic peninsula. Even though it was now dark out, I could still see as perfectly as if the sun was outside and shining brightly.

Jasper came up behind me and placed his hands on my hips, pulling my back flush against him and God, when he touched me...it felt like home. He was so familiar to me, and yet a stranger at the same time, but I felt comfortable enough with him that I could trust him with my life. I knew from my flashbacks of my previous lifetime that I did.

I leaned to the side a bit so that I could look behind me and see his handsome face. I knew the second that I saw him what those crescent shaped marks all over him were, but instead of fearing them like I remember other vampires doing, I thought that they were beautiful and each told a story. However, there were so many more scars and stories that I apparently needed to learn.

"This is beautiful." I said, speaking about the amazing view that lay before us.

He smiled gently. "Yes, it is. The stars up there have always reminded me of your eyes whenever I thought about you." He closed his eyes with what looked like agony. "God, when I lost you..." he shook his head. "No, it doesn't matter. You're here and I have a second chance at this with you. I refuse to dwell on the past."

I was about to object but he placed a kiss on my lips, shushing me. I would have to bring it up later, he wouldn't be let off the hook.

Finally, he pulled back and placed a quick peck on my nose and turned me back around to face the view and his lips ghosted over my ear. "Now, close your eyes." He whispered into my ear, his lips ghosting over my skin.

I followed his instruction, closing my eyes and gasped in shock. You know how they say that when you lose one of your senses, your others are enhanced? Well, for a vampire, it is even more extreme. My sense of touch, hearing and smell were going crazy. It startled me slightly at first in a very familiar way, but it only took a couple of seconds for my advanced brain to catch up with what I was sensing.

"Now, what do you hear?" He asked me, though I was having trouble concentrating on anything but the way his hands felt on my hips or the way his lips brushed against my ear lobe as he spoke, sending a tingling sensation across my skin and down my spine. However, I did my best to push past my distractions and extended my senses of hearing out as far as I could as I processed each individual sound.

"I hear the sound of wings flapping and birds chirping. I hear the 'hoot' of an owl as well as the sound of a small running brook." I responded.

"Good," he praised me, reaching up to pull my hair back off my shoulder before placing a gentle, chaste kiss to my shoulder. "Now, concentrate on the sound of the brook. What do you hear intermingled with the sound?"

I tried my best to focus on the sound of the running water as it rushed over the rocks over the feel of his lips against my skin, but managed just barely found that I could hear the sound of a tongue lapping at the water.

Sensing my alertness, he removed his distracting lips and moved them back to my ear to instruct me. "Now follow that sound further."

I followed his coaching and suddenly could hear what he was talking about...

Ba- Bum...

Ba- Bum...


The thumping o the beating heart only served to draw me to it as if I was hypnotized by the sound alone.

"Excellent..." I could feel his lips turning up into a smile as they slightly floated over the shell of my ear and down to my neck, causing me to shiver, though it had nothing to do with the cold breeze that swiftly rushed at us, carrying a sweet scent that resulting in my throat sporadically bursting into flames. "Use your instincts and take it," he demanded, his fingertips tracing their way down my body until he released me, taking a step back.

My eyes shot open as I sucked in another breath of the alluring fragrance before I let myself drift with the scent, barely aware of my movement as I ghosted down the incline to the narrow meadow where the small stream flowed. My body shifted forward automatically into a low crouch as I hesitated at the fem-fringed edge of the trees. I could see a big buck, two dozen antler points crowning his head at the stream's edge, and the shadow-spotted shapes of four others heading eastward into the forest at a leisurely pace.

I centered myself around the scent of the male, the hot spot in his shaggy neck where the warmth pulsed the strongest. Only thirty yards – two or three bounds – between us. I tensed myself for the first leap and sprung.


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