Chapter 2 is UP! In this chap, Speckles & Jr. make it to the paradise island, & will mark the dawn as he will make some new friends, along with some unwanted new enemies in the near future! Will Father & Son handle the problem? Read more to Find Out!

Chapter 2

Father & Son's Travel

Speckles & Jr. were walking on the marshy, wet sands of the beach, ravaged by the waves of the strong sea. As Speckles traveled with his only child, he began to think about his deceased mate, Blue Eyes, due to Jr.'s shining blue eyes. He began to notice the terrible past when Blue Eyes died in a barren wasteland, caused by an erupting volcano. Soon he began to think of his dead daughters & his family's slaughter by One-Eye. However, as Speckles knew, journeying to the supposed paradise island was not that easy. Speckles knows about the dangers of the Cretaceous Period. He had to stay wary of Torosaurus's & Therizinosaurus's as they are the most territorial herbivores of the Cretaceous World. Speckles also knew about the Velociraptor's & had to keep an extra eye on his son, because Jr. is still a hatchling & he might be a very easy prey item to predators, large & small. However, Speckles still pressed on, trying to reach his destination, with Speckles Junior underneath his legs. Above however, was a large, winged Pterosaur, actually the largest of any of the species there could be. This was Hatzegopteryx, a gigantic, winged monster with a wingspan of 13 meters, a giant Pterosaur Speckles had never seen. Although Speckles looked at the majestic animal soaring above the shining sea, he was also focused on Jr. for his safety, as he knew Pterosaurs all all kinds & sizes will take a fresh meal of any infant dinosaur it could find without protection.

As the Hatzegopteryx flew towards the ocean, Speckles continued to travel with his son, where he found a small, fresh water lake besides a rock. Thirsty, Speckles & Jr. rush to the lake & decide to take some drink on it. Although near the beach, the water tasted delicious for Father & Son. after some sips & drinks, the two Tarbosaurus leave to continue their journey. Along the way, both also stumbled upon some growing seeds & ferns & cycads. Speckles knew that these plants would soon grow into trees & create more room for a forest. As they journeyed towards, Speckles & Junior also came across some species of birds above & reptiles on the sands & seeds. However, not done yet, both dinosaurs walked towards the paradise island again. As they walked, small swarms of Pterosaurs were flying overhead, howling as they soared gracefully. However, these were signs of danger. This wasn't that ordinary. There was a predator, somewhere in the beach. Someone more deadlier & horrible than One-Eye, stalking the marshy shores of the beach, which Speckles & Speckles Junior did not notice.

In the marshy sands of the beach, an enormous arm rose out of the sea as puddles of water splashed back into the depths, landing & slashing into the mushy sand. Sooner, or later, a second arm appeared & revealed itself. A large, fin-like sail rose out of the water & a huge crocodile-like mouth emerged from nowhere. A thin, long tail rose out & finally, a blue striped & grey skinned dinosaur stood up & trampled the marshy sand mud with a loud squish & thud. This wasn't a Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus, but it definitely was something bigger & terrifying. It was indeed in the Spinosauridae family tree on the Tetanurae class. But however, Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus was the last of the Spinosaurs & has been extinct for more than 20 million years. But however, there was another Spinosaur, one that did survive long enough to meet the Tyrannosauridae family tree. This terrifying creature was without a doubt, the Empirosaurus, a new species of Spinosaur known to no one. This dinosaur was a very vicious predator with a savage appetite & brutal nature that will hunt anything on both, land & water. Sadly, this Empirosaurus is now the last of his kind & came all the way from South America. His species were being replaced by the now growing Abelisaurids & he knew that smaller predators like the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex will replace him as the dominant predators. This Empirosaurus was called Streaker, & he was bloodthirsty & very vicious if angered indeed. Streaker, aside from his navy-blue stripes & grayish stone skin, Streaker has two blood-piercing eyes, has numerous battle scars from numerous predators & he had signs of injury from his past like, including dried blood all over the skin. Streaker roared furiously, as he was an apex predator, like other Empirosaurus's before him, before setting off to find prey resources.

Meanwhile, Speckles & Speckles Junior, after a long hour of walk finally make their way into a small natural garden of conifer, cycads & the newest plants to emerge from the Cretaceous: Flowers. Speckles started to look at the jade-green sea, before he heard his son's growls & howls. Speckles then stops looking & turns his head around to face towards a tunnel of trees, which was the entrance to the paradise island. Determined to get to their new home, Speckles & Jr. walk towards the entrance, as Jr. steps a twig on the entrance, entering the tunnel. Jr. growls playfully as he starts racing towards the dirt pathway of the tunnel, passing through thick vegetation & natural flora. Speckles roars loudly before he starts to follow his son into their new home.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Streaker was standing at a rocky shore, arms & snout inside water, waiting for any fish to pass him. However, inside the water, there were lots of fish, some 6 meters long, swimming past Streaker's ferocious jaws, unnoticed. Taking the opportunity, Streaker lashes out with his crocodile jaws & grabs a fish, without even using it's eyes. Streaker then drop the fish to the rocky terrain, flopping helplessly. Streaker then places his foot on the fish & then unleashes his wicked hooked claws inside the fish's body & organs repetitively, killing it instantly. Streaker then removes it's arm off the fish & then nips his jaws into the dead animal's body, tearing it from the inside. Streaker had a feast for about 10 minutes before leaving the fish to be scavenged by small Pterosaurs. Standing on a rock, overlooking the jade-green & the paradise island, Streaker then roared in a vicious manner twice before growling angrily as he was the last Tetanurae alive for now. Streaker then turns his head & then looks at the marshy beach, with one of his foot held onto a rock, roaring again.

Here's Chapter 2! Well, here is a new villain, an Empirosaurus (A fictional Dinosaur), named Streaker who is not only the last of his kind, but also, the last of the Spinosaurs & the Tetanurae class. Only future chapters will show how vicious this dinosaur is! Also, a note: The Empirosaurus is not made by me. It originates from a show named Terra Nova, & I have no rights for this! Anyway, rate, comment & favor me & the story if you liked it. Anyway, thank you to any reader who has read this & good luck. DarkKnights, Signing Off ;)!