Be Careful What You Wish For
A Thunderbirds Movieverse fanfic
by TimeGuardian

Chapter Thirteen

Brains turned around in his chair to face Jeff and Tony. "Asteroids d-d-destroyed."

Tony leaned forward in his chair. "Good. I'll update my people – when do they think that the flares will die down?"

"I-I-In less t-t-than t-t-two hours."

Tony then looked over at Jeff. "I'm overdue for an update to my superiors as is."

Jeff nodded. "Go. I need to stay and can brief you when you get back."

The NASA director gave both of them a grateful glance before he got to his feet and exited the lab.

Jeff turned to Brains. "What's Thunderbird Three's ETA to Zeta 5 and Thunderbird Five?"

"With t-t-their current p-p-position, t-t-they will reach t-t-their orbit in about one p-p-p-oint five h-h-hours."

"That's cutting it fine," Jeff muttered. "With the environmental controls on Five inoperative and the flare activity taking a while to level off, Alan is going to be feeling the heat. Maybe we should contact him again."

"With all due r-r-respect, Jeff," Brains protested, "Thunderbird Five's systems are t-t-t-axed by t-t-this heat. T-T-Things are s-s-stable f-f-or now, and John ordered h-h-him to grab the available s-s-space s-s-suits on b-b-board."

"So what you're saying is that we shouldn't add to this unless Alan communicates with us directly."

When Brains nodded simply in reply, Jeff sat back in his chair. He felt like an armchair quarterback on game day, but he knew that Brains and the rest of his sons had things well in hand.

"There are supplies on Thunderbird Three that can help them treat heat exhaustion, right?"

Brains nodded at Jeff's new question before turning back to the computer in front of him.

Jeff grew silent as he sank back into his chair and reluctantly settled in to wait.

One hour later –

The computer view screen on Thunderbird Three showed their orbital path as they were nearing space station Zeta 5. Scott was tamping down a case of nerves as he worked with the maneuvering thrusters to get them closer. "Okay, we are in position – we just need a way to dock with them."

"So how are we going to dock with the Zeta 5 station?" Gordon asked.

"Good question," John pondered as he looked up at the computer view screen. "Think we're close enough to establish contact, Scott?"

"Our time is tight," Scott declared, "give it a try, John."

Scott watched as John attempted a transmission to the Zeta 5 station. They soon heard a quick reply.

"Zeta 5 here, Thunderbird Three, and you are a very welcome sight indeed. We are ready to vacate this place and get back on Earth away from this heat. Just tell us what you need from us."

"Guide us in for a rendezvous, Zeta 5," Scott requested. "As soon as we dock with you, three of our men will board and help you and your people board our craft."

Their contact provided concise instructions and soon Scott had Thunderbird Three maneuvered right beside one of the innermost modules of the station. Moments later, a tube extended out from the station and touched up against Thunderbird Three.

Scott turned to his brothers. "Go help them evacuate and get them safely on board."

Gordon, Virgil, and John each nodded in turn and left the control room. Scott knew it would take them a few moments a piece to get into space suits and secure the tube from the station to their craft before boarding. He adjusted the communication settings so he could listen in on them through the built in communicators that were in the suits they were putting on.

He listened intently as they confirmed their hookup with the station. In subsequent order, they confirmed their contact with the astronauts and then their return to Thunderbird Three.

Minutes seemed like hours as he waited impatiently for confirmation that everything was secure.

Finally Scott received the confirmation that he was waiting on when he heard a transmission from Virgil. "Control room from medical bay – the Zeta 5 astronauts are now secured and under emergency treatment for dehydration and heat exhaustion. Gordon and John are on their way back up to you now – I'll strap in down here to keep them monitored."

"FAB Virgil," Scott acknowledged as he fed in the coordinates to Thunderbird Five.

Moments later Gordon and John rushed into the control room, quickly taking their seats.

"Step on it," Gordon demanded, "let's get Alan out of there."

Scott glared at him. "I know that tone – what's wrong?"

It was John that answered him. "I tried sending a message to Alan to let him know that we are on our way, but we never got a reply from him. I tried for nearly ten minutes while Gordon and Virgil were getting the astronauts settled in."

Scott turned back to his controls. "Thankfully docking with Thunderbird Five is automatic and computerized. We're on our way then, hold on."

Alan felt like he was floating.

No wait, that didn't sound right, the gravitational controls were operational the last time he checked them. The last thing he remembered was that he got into one of the space suits, made an alteration to the other to jack in the extra power from its environmental controls, and then settled in to hear that his brothers had successfully evacuated the astronauts from Zeta 5. Mission accomplished.

Finally, this nightmare would be over soon and he would be out of this heat.

That wasn't right either – Alan knew the environmental system in the suit was working, he could feel air blowing but he wasn't cooling off at all. I'm in trouble.

He tried to get to his feet - maybe if he could make it back to the shower…

The ground swayed violently under him. Before Alan could react, he found himself face first on the ground. He didn't even feel himself fall, and that was when Alan realized that he couldn't stand up right now even if he wanted to.

Hurry guys, I'm in trouble here.

Alan knows he's in trouble - heat exhaustion/stroke is no joke. There's one last rescue coming up with the last chapter. It's nearly done, folks, and the cold is gone as well. :)

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